Ashley Nicole Nov 2014
I've always hated winter
But the beauty of this snowfall
Made me love this winter wonderland
Mira Lamb Jul 2014
The grass, like green hair, stands up on end with
rising through the snow that has fallen
    like dove feathers.
Leo will be coming soon.
Crystal diamonds
beautifully displayed

Dancing darlings
dissolves with touch

Delicate details
Gracefully descend

Divine diamonds
Dazzilingly fall
Meaghan Dec 2014
Snow is falling outside my window
Snowflake by snowflake
I'm sitting in my room,
Looking out
Wishing I too was a snowflake
Falling and quickly melting away.
I imagine that maybe that is what love feels like
falling, melting, and then its gone.
It's short lived, but beautiful
While it lasts.
Anastasia Webb Sep 2014
just   hands.   just   skin.  just   tissue.   just  atoms.
just kids. just hormones. just chemicals. just atoms.
just mouths.  just  water.  just elements. just atoms.
just        young.       just     exploring.      just    open.
Rj Sep 2014
Nothing in this world compares to the feeling
Of gliding through a Rocky Mountain snowy forest
Powder gliding under the skis, silently
And feeling like you're, for once, at peace
Allen Wilbert Jan 2014
Snow Mountain

I walk alone these darkened hills,
can see my breath and getting chills.
My party left me long ago,
they didn't like my altered ego.
Snow blowing in my face,
they said they needed space.
Feet and hands becoming numb,
never have I felt so damn dumb.
Found a cave and there they were,
me freezing, them wearing fur.
Never has a fire felt so good,
not sure where they got the wood.
Then I noticed a very distinct odor,
they were burning our guide, Schroeder.
On the cave wall, I see four more dead,
eating the brains from their very head.
I yelled, What the fuck are you doing,
couldn't believe what I was viewing.
They said, Shut up or you're next,
I got on my knees and paid my last respects.
Spinning the body just like a pig roast,
I'd be happy with just a bite of toast.
As I watched them eat the bodies,
if I had a camera, I'd make copies.
Days went by and I got hungry,
the human body tastes so chunky.
Finally something that didn't taste like chicken,
my body was getting stronger and beginning to thicken.
We never did get discovered,
ended up in hell, getting eaten by an evil buzzard.
Sky Mar 2016
above a layer of
cotton clouds, woven white lining clear blue
It looks like a snow-coated hill,
punctured by snowdrifts and gaps
where that blue, clear clear blue
peeks through
Don’t fall through
I was on a plane to Florida when I wrote this...I am officially on VACATION!! :D
Ezra Apr 2015
Fox in the Snow, what do you do?
Through what resourcefulness can you escape the chilling winter cold?
Can you lend me some and help me escape my destructive relationship?


Keep playing, Fox in the Snow.
Destructive relationships are the least of your concern.
mja Feb 2015
I often envisage love
as snowflakes-

Each of us have it different
but it’s really just the same
with its imperfectly etched beauty
only few can comprehend

Its beauty can never be
expressed in words
or even a sliver
of what it’s worth

The snowflakes are piling up
and the shivers are ethereal
we don’t even realize
that it drives us delirious

The snowflakes keep piling up
but it doesn’t end here
it’ll drown us in its avalanche
and leave us gasping for air.

there's quiet on the wind
(no longer a breeze)
as though this whole curve
of the Earth
is holding its breath
for snow
frog splashing in pond

Peacock dances in snow valley

monsoon knocking at
Monsoon Reaches (Haiku Poem)
Radi Dec 2015
A single snowflake in the snow. A single snowflake that could start an avalanche.
You can be the change, you can be somebody.
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