Graff1980 May 2015
Today it’s
I am obsessed
With red
Or black
Or smothered
With lipstick
It doesn’t matter
Even though
It will pass
But in poetry
Right now
It’s lips lips lips
Techd Feb 2015
I desire to become a person
Full of Health and Wealth
I want to fulfill all my desires
I wish I didn't Fail.

I understood that it was not easy
To become Full of Health and Wealth
I have to work hard
To fulfill the desire I wish.
-D.S.Patel ;)
Tatiana Apr 2015
The desire to be held
The desire to be left alone
The desire to be loved
The desire to be forgotten
The desire to be alive
The desire to be dead
The desire to be talkative
The desire to be silent
The desire to be home
The desire to be away
The desire for things to change

The desire is what makes me decay
because the desire to fall
is the strongest of them all
and it is just one feeling I can not change
© Tatiana
Styles May 2017
silently we basked in our silence
naked we inhaled each others presence
exhausted we lay resting
in the pools of our sweat
the sheets clinching to our tired bodies
dripping wet juices
saturated we are
Styles May 2017
Her eyes the color of seduction
her body speaks in tongues
her fragrance laced with love
intoxicated with desire
and cloaked in beauty
CapsLock Nov 2014
My soul is in angst,
craves writing desperate poerty.
To be ruled by chance,
love is hearts in anarchy.

I lust after a life that's full.
Emotion and mystery.
I'd hate it if it was dull
or ruled by destiny
may my naked desire
rest in You
with delight.
10w "naked desire" is a term from Cloud of Unknowing, a book about divine love and contemplation written by an anonymous author.
June Dec 2015
I don’t want to kiss you.
I want to breathe into you
and fill you with a fire
that burns passion and love
into every part of your body.
Robert Thompson Sep 2014
Not wanting.
No consequences.
Neglecting vows.
On fire.
Seeking release.
Attaining bliss.
It is Desire.

                                                                                                       r thompson
Desire is constant
It feeds, it breeds
Beneath the tough surface
Paying rapt attention to traces of chance
Just have it if you want it....
PrttyBrd Dec 2014
I bet you taste like
the most delicious sin
Sapphire Dec 2014
All consumed by thoughts of you
Tied with chains
my heart in pain
I long for your touch your taste
body begs you to penetrate
It's like you can't hear or see what you do
So effortless yet you have no clue
my physical illnesses stem directly from you
head bangs of desire from chemicals that set my brain on fire
You're the air that feeds the flames
squeezed from my lungs
I'm locked in a haze
Waiting to be saved
Taylor Price Jun 2014
Her beauty doth arouse temptation
So fiercely though I cannot imagine
My struggle to resist laying upon my hand
The fairest strands that sit a top her head.
My hands tremble with delight

I sit in the midst of the worlds greatest disaster.
Yet I am reduced to the simplicities of batting my eyes
For this woman hath stolen my sight
Upon hers I am commanded to view.
Tis simply a fate solely unwished upon by few.
Her unwavering gaze cannot be replaced
By even the finest rewards from the heavens themselves.
The angels permit themselves to admire only afar.
For if too closely they arrive t'would be a prison.
The very same prison I hath myself locked within.
The key resting below where the heart doth reside.
To leave I wish not,
For to remove my eyes requires strength unseen by man.
I am a prisoner to my own Desire
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