Bo Burnham Mar 2015
I'll have a cheeseburger.
Hold the cheese.

Hold it in your hand until it melts---
until it bears the shape of that voluptuous palm of yours.

Then put it on my burger.
Andrew Switzer Jun 2015
Opia. Noun. The ambiguous intensity of looking into someone's eyes, which can fell simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

As you lie in my arms, watching the television, you don't notice that my undivided attention is focused on you. Something I've been dreaming of for weeks, and it's finally come true. Even better, from your angle, you can't see me staring into your eyes, so I don't feel the nervous compulsion to turn away. Whether directly or not, I could drink in your eyes with mine, for hours, and they would be among the best hours of my life.
Then there's the other hand, held tightly by trepidation. I love the prospect of your eyes staring into mine, but it's not without its fears. I'm afraid you'll see all the pain and fears that I've spent the past seven years working to overcome. I'm afraid you'll see all the insecurity and doubts I have about myself. I'm afraid you'll see all the words that I long to whisper in your ear, but can't, because I'm terrified of scaring you away. I'm afraid you won't like the fact that, behind these eyes lies only pictures and thoughts of you. But most of all, I'm afraid that, unlike me, who loves every detail, and lives for moments like these, you won't love the things you see. I long for the day when you stare happily into my eyes, but I'm frightened that you won't enjoy the secrets they reveal.
Madisen Kuhn Jun 2013
you get to a point where it starts to feel okay to
feel again, and the midnight aire doesn't suffocate
you, and the sky doesn't seem to hang so low
anymore, and if i would've told myself this a
month ago, that it'd all be okay, i wouldn't have
believed dit, but here i am, standing in the middle of
a forest with no one around for miles and a miles,
and i do not feel alone.
JR Potts Sep 2013
We were misfits
the neglected bastards
of a backwards world
that rejected us
not because we were sick
demented or dangerous
but because we didn't prescribe
to a preconceived notion
of what a functioning citizen was.

Not rotten enough to spoil
behind the bars of a prison
just competent enough
to work menial jobs
and drown our sorrows
at the corner pub.

We swallowed this hard truth
the same way we drank our shots
with no chaser
and at times it burnt
maybe even made us tear up
but we never let it beat us
(too strong for that)

We were beautiful
resilient beasts
that could carry the weight
of the world upon our shoulders
and it was heavy
but we would tell ourselves
"doesn't every world need an atlas?"
so we went on holding up the sky
when no one asked it of us.
Pink Hat Apr 2014
Gentle is the heart that weeps
Mournful is the soul that yearns
Gorgeous is the memory that lingers
Joyful were the hands that held
Grace Mar 2014
My feet are disgusting and horrendous
Crooked toes and calluses tell my stories
the pitter patter of them on the kitchen floor, trying to be quit and not wake up my parents in the mornings when I was little
Always wishing they were bigger so I could get new shoes

Years wearing on my feet, scars from running into sharp corners

And yet they still hold me up

smushing them into my skates, getting calluses every week for eight years

running from one place another and are learning why every type of ground feels like between my toes

From the frozen pavement to the searing sand they have been through the harshest conditions

And yet they will never fail me
My mind speaks to me
In incomprehensible urgency
Because it knows better;
Unlike the rest of me
That forbids my hands
To loosen their grip
On the things I find
Comfort in.
I can't fucking let go.
Wyatt Jun 2016
A love begins,
a new chapter unfolds.
Hugs and long nights bonding.
A person who means the world to me,
a hand to hold.
Sadly not from real life experiences, but it's what I hope real love is like. Night everyone!
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
I think one thing about love at first sight, Is you do not truly see the whole person, but the beauty their soul holds. and if you both feel the same way, you long to become the greatness you see in each other
Lunar Oct 2014
He was calm
But he was drowning
And i was panicking
Trying to save him
He thought he could swim away
From all his problems
But he only ended up
Diving deeper into them

And i'm losing my breath for you
But i dont think that i could save us

Dont let go of me
But hold on
At least one of us wont drown alone
Sometimes i feel like drowning myself in... sleep
Colette May 2014
hold me,
never let me sink.

hold me,
don't let me drift.

hold me,
I'm drowning.

hold me,
I'm slowly fading in surreality.

hold me,
I just need someone to assure me.

hold me,
I'm forgetting more and more of my existence.
I need someone to hold me, assure me that things will be alright.
Arcassin B Sep 2014
By Arcassin Burnham

Loving you,
Would take an eternity,
Bury me in chains,
Turn my heart to stone,
See this young boy for who he really is,
With this stronger love,
Lady its apparent I won't leave you alone,
By your side 24/7 when you need me,
Tell emotions to each other like kids at home on the phone,
If you want to meet in person,
Just know that I want you only,
It would be astonishing to wrap my arms around you,

But at the end of the day,
Its you I wanna hold tight,
But at the end of the day,
Its you I wanna hold tight.
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