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Mahrumiyan rahengi sada kuchh bat ke
Mukrehuve kuchh faisle-o-jazbat ke
Daur ko jana tha wah berukh nikal gaya,
Baqee rahengi us ki jhalak ehsasat ke
Aawam ki bari hai ab ye mujhpe hansega,
Bakhshi huwi lamhon ke sauggat ke
Nigahon men basa karta tha jo ummeedon
ka jahan,
Sare simat chuke hain ab nuzlat ke
Sunna hai mujhe sirf ab sunna hai sabhon
Taaib hai apne bas men khahishat ke
Laut jata *** fir se kabhi us ujre chaman
Kawish bhari zindgi-o-tasarrufat ke
Sharmsar sajiwan jiye kab talak koi,
Par jina hi parta hai, hayat ke chalte,
Ab jauon kahan door is halat  se ai PALAK,
Uljha huwa sa rahta *** is halat ke
Urdu poem in Roman fonts
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
Have you ever felt like a child in the dark?
Where the whispers become thunder and the gods pound in your heart?
There's no sense in trying to quiet the storm
All that can be done is to embrace it with both arms

I feel like a traveller stumbling on a chest
Filled with something familiar but I can't quite place it yet
I found a picture lying in the dirt
As my mind was turned on by the velvet colored shirt

Some time ago, when my hair reached my eyes
I recall a quick visit that seemed to disappear and die
No matter how hard I try to remember
I can't come up with reasons I gave up that cold September

Now, as time's gone by, and things have changed
Like the inflections of my voice and memories estranged
I hear a voice from many Septembers ago
Like a harmony so rich that I can't wait to know
Jivan ke rangraliyon men kho jayenge,
Aankhon se ojhal sare hojayenge,
Ye apne, ye mausam, ye rut pyare,
Hoke juda ye phir kabhi na aayenge
Phir na aayenge, ye phir na aayenge,
Aankhon men, rut ki huliya rah jayengi,
Ye jayengi, suni galiyan rah jayengi,
Phir Isme basengi yadon ki ve saughaten,
Jo jati huvi lamhen de jayengi,
Chhaye hain jo rang, ye phir na
Phir na aayenge, ye phir na aayenge,
Tujhko niharon, ya dekhun teri surat,
Aankhon men guzre pal ki parchhaie hai,
In viranen rahon men, fizaon men,
Sang hain yaden, phir bhi ik tanhaie hai,
Guzre pal dil ko dukhayenge,
Phir na aayenge, ve phir na aayenge,
Basti rahe, har bar khyalon ki Duniya,
Chalti-chale har bar ummeedon ki duniya,
Mit-te huve sanshar ke sang mit jayenge,
Phir na aayenge ye phir na aayenge,
Urdu poem in Roman fonts
Even though we are not together anymore
Even though we don't want to talk to each other anymore
Even though we don't want to see each other's face anymore

Somewhere I still hope that you remember my birthday like i remember yours.
Ashari Ty Jul 20

It was a great relief to realize
That your anxieties are just cute lies
But only if I had strength to tell you
That the things you said are the things I do

Every time I remember you.
"the title says it all,"
she says, breaking the fourth wall.
"i was with a guy,
i know i know, so cliche,
but he really took my breath away."
the audience laughs,
she continued on,
"he told me all these enhancing things,
and at first i didn't know what to think.
the first date was a disaster,
i spilt wine all over my dress,
and the second went a little better,
but the third one was the best."
the audience anticipated the rest,
"on the 29th of September,
he got sick,"
her breath hitched,
"he told me not to worry,
as he layed in that hospital bed,
hooked up to so many tubes,
he'd say anything to get these thoughts out of my head.
he told me he knew all along,
that he had one month left to live,
i broke to a million pieces,
'but it was so worth it,'
he said lovingly as he coughed his last cough.
i thought of nothing else but the way he looked
hooked up like some middle school kid's science project,
and now here i am,
at this amazing poetry slam,
telling you all my story,
because it could be days, weeks, or even years until you discover your forever,
but for me,
mine was simply a month to remember."
babe, stay
it was almost desperate,
how bad i wanted to hear from you tonight –
but one message was all it took,
for me to remember the good,
and how we used to be:

you called me beautiful again,
like you did in the beginning;
my heart is light,
my mind is clear,
and i am at peace.

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