Nobody Sep 2017
Slap me daddy, abuse me.
Bite my neck, spank me hard.
Pull my hair, make me scream,
show me who’s in charge.

Tie me up, pound me deep,
again and again;
violate me, you own me.
Smother me in sin.

Choke me, defile me.
Turn me over,
take me how you like.
If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.  

Now finish me,
I’ll have no escape.
Baby take what you crave,
I’m all yours to break.
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
Pain brings out the best in people
And somewhere in between
In the middle of good and evil
Is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen
She radiates on golden airwaves
Among the valleys of time
And halfway down heaven's stairway
She blows your doubtful mind

There's dishonesty in honest men
Somewhere beyond the grave
And when they get lost in it
There's no woman they can save
If falling for you is wrong
Then I don't want to be right
Sing with me, uncertainty
And stay with me tonight
Am I wrong to want it different
Is it selfish
To divulge in things that I know will lead to heartache
To give myself the relief of a friend for a while, even though I know it will hurt them
I know I cannot excuse this behavior
But Is it not for my health
For my well being
It only causes pain, again and again
It is not necessary
It is selfish
I want to work on more scene based things for a while, descriptive writing, atmospheres, I'm really passionate about that type, and it links closely with my art, I like making people feel things, and just thinking about the opportunities exites me
Madison Jul 24
My heart has a shield
I don’t let people in
I’m afraid of what they’ll do
But you’ve seemed to have gotten through
And I can’t help wanting you to stay
It’s not easy for me
I don’t let many in
I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong
And I think I already have
I messed up and I’m sorry
I want to fix it
But I don’t know how
I want you to stay
But you’re ready to leave
Tristan Brown Dec 2017
There they were
Just the two of them
Surronded by many
Yet in their own world
She laid her head on his shoulder
And he held her tight
Because he wanted her forever
She drifted into the happiest sleep of her life
He saw her and he just smiled
Because he knew
She was happy

Is it wrong to be happy for others
To smile when I see others happy
I saw them
I was happy for them
Maybe because I want to be happy

Is it wrong to want to be happy
I want to be so happy
I feel high
Because I'm so low
Hell seems like a high

Is it wrong to want to be happy
Even after everything I've done
Something in me wants to be happy
But I don't deserve it
So I deny myself the experience of happiness

Instead I intrude on others happiness
Because all I want in life
Is to know how happy feels
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