leena Jun 2014
you're in your bed
i'm in my bed
one of us is in the wrong bed
Tom Leveille Mar 2015
so you're disappointed
that you're disappointed
and maybe that's to be expected
some folks make beds
out of their catharsis
differently than others
it's this list
of things you lost in the fire
or how jealous you are
of people
who never came back up for air
you're crying
so the faucets leak out of solidarity
& someone asks you
why the floor is wet
so you tell them
"we've been weeping here forever"
then they want to give you
a mouth full of presupposition
by saying
"are you going down with the ship?"
& you look them in the mouth
like Leo is handcuffed to a pipe
five decks down
you look at them
like you just woke up
from that dream everyone has
where all their teeth fall out
maybe it's an intervention
a hearse vs station wagon origin story
a clearance sale
& everything's gotta go
or maybe it's the dream
where you're at the docks
from your childhood
and there's a little girl
unmooring all the ships
because she thinks
they'll float away
but every time
she unties them
they just sink

                                          they just sink
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
Ever find yourself
    in   a   time   or   place
where you didn't
     b e l o n g?

Has there ever been an
   instance   of   insanity
brought on by ill
     i n f i n i t i e s?

Ever wake up just to feel so

Have you ever been
     between your

Blacksilhouettes Jan 2015
"Why does he drink so much?" They asked

He answered: "To drive away the pain of uselessness. To numb the feeling my world could come crashing any minute with the next wrong decision I make"
And after that ,he drinks another one and does the exact same thing he just said he shouldn't do:make another bad decision
Erin Hankemeier Apr 2014
The pain hurts,  
But it feels good as well,
I want to be be accepted
Even if I have to walk through hell

I am not "Cool"
I am not "Skinny"
I am 93 pounds
Hoping I will soon be "Mini"

Yesterday I did not eat,
I will not eat today,
I will not eat tomorrow
Or even the next day

I want to be skinny,
I want to be cool
I exercise everyday
and swim in the pool

I know this is not healthy,
I know I could die
But being accepted is all I want
I want that gap between my thigh

My friend tells me
"Have a slice of pie".
I have never told her
Of my new life.

Doctor told me today,
That I will die
He gave me three weeks
So I guess this is good-bye

Do not hurt yourself,
Please do not make the same mistake
It is not worth the pain
It is  not worth the heartache

I wanted to be accepted
I was mislead
Society is wrong
Now I am dead

There is not turning back
There is no second chance
I want to feel the sun again,
And learn how to dance

I was anorexic
I made a wrong choice
So promise me one thing:
Tell my story, be the heard voice
This is a poem about an anorexic teenager. In the beginning, she describes how she will do anything to be accepted into society. Then, she stated that she hasn't eaten in a long time, and exercises aggressively everyday. She knows the dangers, but she is willing to take the risk. Later, her doctor tells her that she took it too far, and she will die. During the end, she describes how after she died, she realizes and has made a mistake and society mislead her to killing herself. She requests to the readers that they should tell her story to prevent others from making the same mistake she did.
Yoni Sav May 2014
It took me a while,
but now I'm certain
I fell in love
with the wrong person
Goodbye, EBN, it was fun while it lasted. Sort of.
Craig Harrison Aug 2014
From a distance they looked like shooting stars
but to us we knew what they really were
some enemy decided to attack
launching bombs from their fortresses while we are left to burn
all around us explosions
destroying schools, hospitals and homes
we've never done anything to this enemy
yet they try to end our lives.

Morning had come with a horrible smell
burning buildings for miles
thousands had died last night
more will die tonight
we're pleading for help
but no one is listening
we did nothing wrong to this enemy
why are we the ones left to die
Written from the point of view of a person that is in a war torn country
Sombro Jan 2015
My mother used to tell me
That bullies are just jealous.
They're not,
They're just wrong.
This is my philosophy in regards to negativity. There's no jealousy involved, only being wrong. A right person is a good person.
ja Sep 2014
twisted clown, metal chains
video games

getting old, dying life
quiet animals

water goddess, she’s a mistress
she’s abnormal

still alive, they gonna eat us… kill us
I hate it when everyone else is oh
Josiah Wilson Oct 2013
I never believed before
For so very long
That karma was real
But I guess I was wrong

'Cause some of the things
I did in the past
Came right back around
And bit me in the ass

And all of the lies
And the things that I said
Are making me wish
That I could just be dead

All the things that she knows
And the shit that I did
Knocked me down flat
And sent me through a skid

I left blood on the pavement
I hit hard and fast
Because karma's a bitch
And I'm caught in the blast

So I'm lying here broken
Scraped, bleeding, and bruised
Crying on the ground
Feeling so abused
Liam Sep 2015
there are times you say the right things in a wrong time.
sudden quote, my life.
Iris Nyx Feb 2015
everything is wrong
I should be happy
I should be strong

But nothing is right
Even though nothing is wrong
Everything Is Wrong
Oh Everything Is Wrong
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
There are pretty flowers and wild roses                                                                         Coming from within those pretty cracks of                                                                   That Rock of Suicide with many places of                                                                       Wild and green grass ......................                                                                                   That rock was never for those who like take                                                                   Their lives by their own hands anytime .................                                                          I feel as life is over there and when there is                                                                           Life in a certain life ,then                                                                                                  Committing suicide becomes banned ...........................                                                              Committing suicide never solves any ordeal                                                                   Simply because there are ways to invest life well ...........                                              That Rock of Suicide is only for love ,life ,and even more ................                        ___________________­__
I am against anyone who commits suicide simply because we all need you .
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