Rebekah James Oct 2014
I look at you
Then quickly away
The fire draws me in
I get more warmth
From his flame
Firzaana Mohamed Jan 2015
Shivering to the cold
Still no effort in search of warmth
Is there anything like warmth anymore...
It's just cold,
Blue Flakes Surrounded,
The velvet box,
The one that holds my heart captive,

x'D It is a cold night.
Michelle M Diaz May 2014
fire, blankets, your arms
they all bring warmth
to my cold self
fire too hot to touch
blankets wrap me up, comfy, cozy
your arms, home
ji Apr 2014
Let me stifled by your scent
And drown in your sweet bitterness;
I'll let my heavy lids lay flat
As you take away my spirit
To where you call tranquil and calm.

As my tired shoulders fall gently,
I am filled with your warm caress
Along with nostalgic portraits
Frame by frame running in my head -
Ever vivid and enthralling.

The consoling embrace you give
Alleviates grief and its pang
Even just for a little while.

As I savor your poignant sting,
I can hear my heart as it sings,
"Sorry, but I just can't grow wings."
Nadine Swain Dec 2014
Leave me to bask
In the warmth of this peace
Even for the smallest while

For the cold will consume me
And it all equals out
blythe Mar 2015
There was never a night
That I slept without thinking of you
Wishing your were right here with me -
It is the warmth you offer
That I always yearn for.

Now that you are finally here
No words can express
How happy I am
Wrapped in your warm presence -
A true good night rest.
Sounds romantic, isn't it?
But the truth is, it is not. This is dedicated to my thick fury pink blanket. :D I missed my blanket that much! Haha.
JWolfeB Nov 2014
Todays sun felt lonely
Drenched in isolation
Melting for acceptance
Draping light upon empty carcasses
Feeling the gravity of the space between

An embrace no one can fulfill
Without the proper tools
The days will be spent empty
Full of giving solar flares of its former self
Begging for a better understanding
feeling altruism at the core
The sun always give without ever receiving
When you're not here to keep me warm
I'm always cold
I can't get warm
Without your touch
The feel of your arms around me
It's impossible
Impossible for me to get warm without you

You bring all the warmth and goodness to my life

I need you here
I've gotten so cold
Fill me with your warmth
You're the only thing that works
Peter Tanner Jan 2015
What a great feeling.
The same sensation of those sweet orange rays of the sun.
When the sun rises is brings warmth to all its searching beams touch.
Warmth is the subtle heat from a campfire.
When you and  friends are roasting mallows.
Warmth is not only physical
Is it also emotional
Warmth is when somebody is kind to you.
Like giving you a hug on a bad day.
Warmth may come from a significant other.
Maybe when they hold your hand
Maybe when they say the three magic words "I love you."
Warmth is also when you do the same kindness for others.
Not only will you be the warmth in someone else life.
You might add a little sunshine to yours as well in return.
This warmth physical and mental keeps us toasty
in this otherwise bleak and cold world.
May your day be full of sunshine and happiness.
I had to go free-verse on this one. There are words that rhyme with warmth but I couldn't think of any at the time. :)
Curtis Apr 2014
Oh sun you shine so bright
On my face and into my life
Spring is here and is a friend so dear
Until winter comes and chills my beard

Fuck winter.
Shazz Manji May 2014
Who could I thank
for this serenity
and the warmth that floods through me
each day when you’re all I see
I have no one to blame
and no one to hate
when you’re so good to me
I know when the day is done
and it gets harder
the warmth will be mine
and yours
to remember
Kerrigan Reyes May 2014
The cold
is too close for comfort
The hot
is too far away for love.
The warmth
is never there
despite how hot
I turn the shower on
I'll always be frozen
from the outside in.
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
It is the smile in your eyes
Not the curve of your lips
The truth of that smile never lies
It is like light after an eclipse
It brings life to my bones
It awakens my hormones
That smile in your eyes
The smile that never lies
The smile that is tender
Its charms to which I surrender
As it draws you close to my heart
Like magnet to metal, glue to art
Your smile taught me how to smile
Your smile; I hope it stays for a while
The kind of smile that comes from deep within.
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