B Nov 2014
A paper boat to an open sea
A world still separating you and me
I wish you could join me here
And sit with me on this pier
We don't have to talk or think
Just watch the sun as it sinks
To where all good must one day go
To a place nobody seems to know
That's where I go, I hope you do too
Until then, I will sit and wait for you
Asha Jun 2015
She barely existed in the world of people;
those faces, masks of lies and deceit,
she concealed her joys and tears,
for her companions - the pen and the paper
Jamie Rose Nov 2017
I didn't want to send you pictures of my body
Naked and vulnerable
I told you no
You say please
I say no
You get angry
How dare I not fold like paper under your command
"You're just a little slut" you say
You called me a slut for not wanting to strip for you
You called me a slut because I did not let you control me
I am not a slut
I am not your puppet
Don't whisper these lies into my ear after tearing me apart with just your words
Don't tell me you're sorry
You meant what you said
el Aug 2014
i am a sheet of white paper
very light and sacred
and you are the pen
full of some untold stories
you know that paper and pen are meant to be together
so i gave you all my body and soul
for you
even we're not meant to be as a lover, we can still be friend, right?
Poetic T Apr 2015
I am a paper boat floating down a
Stream, imagination made me from
Yesterdays sport page, read now
Turned in to this boat floating down
This stream.

Calm waters as I float as I pass a fisherman
On the shore, a hat over his eyes as he
Is sleeping not much biting as no fish
In this river that I can see.

I pass a pub only slightly damp as the
Stones thrown by those drinking at the
Shore, I hear a pint to sinks the boat,
But to tipsy are they to throw straight
Lucky for me.

I float bobbing up an down, a fold slips
And up a sail shoots me forward at speed.
But the faster I go the more splashing on
Me. I get wetter down the stream and
I start to unfold more, till there is no boat
Just soggy news paper floating down the

It was fun being a boat, as I wash up on
The side of the river, I was once part of a
Tree then a news paper, I became a boat
With imagination, what will I be used for,
Or we I decompose be one with the
Earth I will have to wait and see.
WJ Niemand Jun 2014
Never would I have thought
What this piece of paper had brought
Inked in its first days
It uplifted us into a golden age

but as its letters faded and disappeared
the king and his madmen reappeared
with his forged steel and crude command
The paper was soon banned

now the ink has evaporated
and the paper has lost its grace
our future is ill-fated
tomorrow comes the stone age
This short poem is just the perception I have on how easy laws and rights meant to protect us are forgotten or destroyed.
Liv Sep 2014
Someone asked me one day why I wrote so much.
I told them to be quiet because I was listening to what the pen said to the paper.
I was trying to hear their love story.
The one unspoken.
Bianca Reyes Jul 2016
I swear ink runs through my veins
A piece of paper passes as my heart
I hold your hand like a pen
Press it against my chest to feel
Every beat leaves a word written upon it
Endless poems and prose
You inspire even when you're gone
Shared  on Hello Poetry on July 14, 2016
Copyright © 2016 Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
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Wow!!!  Getting the opportunity to have this poem be recognized as a Daily really means so much to me.  Thank you to everyone who has shown some love.   You're all amazing. Love is amazing and more of it should be spread  throughout the world!
Sally A Bayan Jun 2015
The porch is all wet
Heaven's wrath bellows, falls wet
Pours like mad...i'm wet!

Rain, pain...keep eyes wet
Pen is fueled, drenched...too wet
Ink blots....paper's wet

Moist wind makes head wet
Wounded heart speaks... mind's soaked wet
My muse, dripping wet...


Copyright May 18, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
***...some lines to cool the mind...the past days have been soooo
      uncomfortably hot....***
Myriah Feb 2015
My skin isn't paper
But that hasn't stop me
From cutting it burns,
It stings, it hurts
everyone says your so beautiful
But beauty is only skin deep
I feel low like penny on the ground that's
Been kick around.
Carre noir Jun 2014
Tracing paper beauty queen

Always looks frayed around the seams
Joseph D May 2015
What a sight to see
Your perfection shining through my flaws
A reflection so pure the universe comes to a stop
Pauses in applause
She declaws the frightened dog that learned to act one with the wolves
It pulls me
Yet pushes me greater
For my soul it is the knower of all
The wisest translator
The pen
And paper
Midnight Rain Mar 2016
You've been running along the
High grounds
And I've been swimming deep
In the ocean.

You can't hear
A word I've said,
No not even the faintest
Whisper of love
Reaches your lips.

You don't see the
Waves crashing
Against the shorelines,
Crying out
For you.

You don't hear the
Ocean calling,
Calling out your name
In its storm.

My love, when
Will you notice
My paper-boat
Letters flooding up
Your dry lands?
When will you notice
All the love I had
Hidden in the
Lines of my hands?
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