KathleenAMaloney Dec 2015
On your Marc, Get Set,  GO!!

3 Marks, in 2 days
A sign...
Obvious in fact.

First there was the Mark of the Cathedral
Perfect in It"s Reverence,
Baptism of Creativity.

Then, there was the Racehorse.
Faster than a speeding Bullet,
able to leap tall buildings with a single ping

And then finally,
the one whose name means Beautiful...
Artist, Creativity, Perfection..
the only one who matters...

Three Marks, one Anointing.
A confirmation of Love
An Ordination of Willingness

God's pen upon the paper.
the true Mark of Humanity

In all circumstances
Peace, Holy Spirit.

And So It Is.
Poieinbroidery Jul 2015
Dreams are 99% sweat
I am not ready to swim for that
Magregor Hyde Nov 2012
I can't shake the feeling of being lost
My mind ponders future dreams
But none have come to fruition

What do I have to pay, what is the cost?
I don't want to create elaborate schemes
But I don't want to lose my ambition

Every opportunity, I seem to exhaust
It has become a common theme
An almost permanent condition

Every line has been crossed
My life is breaking at the seams
I'm ready for a new transition

A different disposition
A lasting vision
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2014
I am ready,
So let me know when you are.

Arcassin B May 2014
by Arcassin Burnham

Videotapes and casetes
i had a heart attack
i stepped in right at the end
it was out of whack
im ready to watch
now im ready to watch
hoping your alright
how is your mom
ya'll ok
im worried like the other side of the rivers way,
but im ready to watch
now im ready to watch
too many flaws,
to count,
how are you doing ,
have no doubt,
who are you presuing,
on the mission of your doing the horizon,
now im ready to watch.
Raphael Cheong Sep 2015
I am tired of writing love songs about you

Because they do not work
Because I cannot bring myself to summarise the hurt
When it's greater than just words

I traced your lips with my fingertips
As you held my neck and drowned me

I tried to keep the bubbles in my hands
For the day you'd come drown me again
Funny how a heart so small
Could wreck such treacherous trouble

Will you hold me closer?

When you say 'sing me a song'
And I think it's because you love it

But you were right all along
You were in love with my need
A need for something more than greed
And I could not play along

So the songs sounded the same
Because all we had was a blank page
Blander than a desert tongue
Will you hold me closer?

And still I begged
Because it is all I know to do
I crashed walls through
Just to get to you
A fool a fool a fool
I played for you

I turned tipsy as the world went spinning round and round in psychedelic swabs
Liquor after liquor
Only brings out pain
I gave in
Because it is all I know to do
In a dark place full of wastrels waiting for love

Will you hold me closer?

I came here
Ready to regret
A little revelry to rock the bland away

Yet how far could I run with your clutches round my neck?

I tore up the pieces of paper
That I wasted all on you
Happier times
Haughtier lies
I tore up all the words I gave to you

No more poetry for the first time your lips touched mine
Or how you playfully pushed me by the seaside
The days before you showed your wicked side

No more circles with endless lines
Here I'm staring at the blank page right before my eyes
Ready to rewrite

What was life like
Before you?

Your eyes meet mine amd smile

One last time
Will you hold me closer?
Jamie Feb 2015
It's taken a long time
But I'm finally there.
I wanted to find another you,
But I know it's better that I don't

I know that we might happen one day,
But I am not going to wait anymore.
I can't be patient for any longer,
However I will forever adore you.
blythe Feb 2015
I'm ready to fall

But will you be there to catch me
Or will I just hit the ground
And shatter into pieces as I fall?

I'm ready to fly

But will you fly with me
And soar up high in the sky
Or you'll just let me fly away?

I'm ready to give us a try

But will you still let me,
See if we are meant to be
Or have you already been tired of waiting for me?

I'm ready to live

But will it be happiness that you'll bring
And let me feel loved
Or will you let me live while dying from a broken heart?

I'm ready to learn

But what will you teach me?
Will it be how to love with all my heart
Or how to move on and forget the love of my life?

I'm ready to lose it all*

But would you be there to complete me again
And let me feel like I haven't lost at all
Or will you be the one that I will lose?
The ones in bold are lyrics from the song "Ready to Fall"
Danielle Shorr Feb 2015
Love will come to you when it's ready,
Not necessarily when you are.
AndSoOn Jan 2014
Who knows what it means
To feel lonely ?
Who knows what it is,
In the mystery,
Being left apart
With your broken soul ?

My unsaved mind
Is nothing more
Than an unsaved man
During a cruel war.
And if you were the one,
Can you make me smile ?

Look around dear !
I suffered enough.
What you see here:
Is it safe enough
For my weak body
And my lonely soul ?

I know you like me
But are you ready
To take care of me:
A wrecked body
With special needs
And a lack of love ?
Leah Grave Apr 2013
I don’t want to be afraid…
I don’t want to not be with you…
I don’t want to back away…
I’m just not ready yet…

I know I come off playing hard ball…
I know I come off like I want to rip your clothes off…
I know I come off like I know what I’m doing…
I’m just not ready yet…

There’s only so much you can have of me…
There’s only so much I can change…
There’s only so much of a burden I can carry…
I’m just not ready yet…

I want to be tethered to you…
I want to be by your side…
I want to be your perfection and passion…
I’m just not ready yet…

I’m sorry I can’t be everything you need…
I’m sorry I can’t be flawless…
I’m sorry I can’t be a rule breaker…
I’m sorry, but I’m just not ready yet…
Moored to the same ring:
The hour, the darkness and I,
Our compasses hooded like falcons.

Now the memory of you comes aching in
With a wash of broken bits which never left port
In which once we planned voyages,
They come knocking like hearts asking:
What departures on this tide?

Breath of land, warm breath,
You tighten the cold around the navel,
Though all shores but the first have been foreign,
And the first was not home until left behind.

Our choice is ours but we have not made it,
Containing as it does, our destination
Circled with loss as with coral, and
A destination only until attained.

I have left you my hope to remember me by,
Though now there is little resemblance.
At this moment I could believe in no change,
The mast perpetually
Vacillating between the same constellations,
The night never withdrawing its dark virtue
>From the harbor shaped as a heart,
The sea pulsing as a heart,
The sky vaulted as a heart,
Where I know the light will shatter like a cry
Above a discovery:
Emptiness!  Look!"
Look.  This is the morning.
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