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My moments .....
Moments of joy,moments of bliss
Moments of love ,moments of Happiness
Moments of share,moments of care
Moments of hope,moments of despair
Moments of tears ,moments of cheer
Moments of mine,moments of yours
Moments of us, moments of ours
I pack these tiny moments
In my heart
The small treasure house !
My whole life is safe n secure
In these tiny moments,
And I pull them out
When I need them most.
When the road is long
And I am not strong.
When my eyes are blurred
Tears are too  tiered to flow!
I am frightened to look at
Those dark shadows
Advancing rapidly
To unsettle me .
Helplessly when
I watch
Like sand  ,life slip thru,
These tiny moments
My precious ,
My cherished moments
Come to my rescue!
Surround me
Hold my hands
And console me
Lift me up from the lowest of lows
Ever so graciously !
Copyright(C) Bhargavi Ravindra....
My moments .....
Moments of joy,moments of bliss
Moments of love ,moments of Happiness
Moments of share,moments of care
Moments of hope,moments of despair
Moments of tears ,moments of cheer
Moments of mine,moments of yours
Moments of us, moments of ours
I pack these tiny moments
In my heart
The small treasure house !
My whole life is safe n secure
In these tiny moments,
And I pull them out
When I need them most.
When the road is long
And I am not strong.
When my eyes are blurred
Tears are too  tiered to flow!
I am frightened to look at
Those dark shadows
Advancing rapidly
To unsettle me .
Helplessly when
I watch
Like sand  ,life slip thru,
These tiny moments
My precious ,
My cherished moments
Come to my rescue!
Surround me
Hold my hands
And console me
Lift me up from the lowest of lows
Ever so graciously !

(C) Bhargavi Ravindra....May 2018 ..
It's not in the moments where we hold hands and skip
It's not in the moments where we hug and smile
It's not in the moments where we laugh like crazy
It's not in those moments that made me love you.

It's not in the moments where we make faces and wrestle
It's not in the moments where we cook when we can
It's not in the moments where we watch each others' favorite movies
It's not in those moments that made me love you.

It's not in the moments where we share our life stories
It's not in the moments where we get off topic on the phone
It's not in the moments where we miss our curfews
It's not in those moments that made me love you.

It's not in the moments where we call each other nicknames
It's not in the moments where we hold awkward conversations
It's not in the moments where we make plans for the future
It's not in those moments that made me love you.

*It's in those moments where lying together I can feel your heartbeat increase and race with mine, while our breathing matches up.  This lets me know that together we are one and being with me excites you as much as me being with you.
Curtis C Sep 2017
This has been a time of Great moments, aha moments, kind moments, accepting moments, releasing moments, good moments, smiling moments, sad moments, open moments, closed moments, moments of fear, moments of joy, moments of not understanding to moments of understanding. All these moments together, plus many more moments have come together to create Your Glorious Life. Your Being! The Unconditional Love that You are. So, take each moment and know that in each moment the only limits you have are the ones You create!!!
Embrace each moment because...YOU ARE THE MOMENT!!!!
Now lets do this Thing!!!!!
Lexi Smith Apr 2017
In life, we have those moments.
Those moments where,
everything seems to stop.

And the only thing that seems to matter,
is you, and anybody in that moment.

Your heart beats faster than
it ever has before
and everything is now
in slow motion.

The rain even seems to fall slower.
The wind quiets
and in the distance you can hear
a Lynyrd Skynard song
or maybe it's Bob Dylan.

But it's smooth and calming
and you feel like the moment
couldn't possibly end,
but it does.

Like all things it, it too must end sometime.
But you know what's really great?
We can always make more.

I've had a lot of moments,
with you.
They take my breath away
and remind me.

They remind me that no matter
how I'm feeling:
that I'm ALIVE

Mon Cheri
You are the best thing
that has ever happened to me.

I was once petrified
at even the thought
of uttering any sentence
close to that.

To admitting how I feel.
Especially to myself.
I was terrified of getting

But that's apart of life!
To be upset, happy, scared, confused,
Full of love.

And we as people
are not like the broken glass
in the alleys of the cities.

We are humans!
Resilient! Persevering!
Not just surviving but living!

And what do we live for,
if not love?

Mon Cheri,
you have my heart.
My everything.
Everything I have to offer
it's all yours.

You are my one.
I will make no comparisons
of princes and princesses,
or of fairytales and fables.
We are not those things.
Make believe.

We are the realist thing
I have ever had the chance
to be apart of.

We're human.

We make mistakes.
We scream.
We cry.
We get hurt
and we kiss the broken parts
of ourselves.

But, amazingly,

We also help each other.
We laugh.
We love.
We pick each other up
when we fall.
And we kiss the broken parts
of each other.

We have love between us.
It's similar to Kryptonite
for Superman.

It's the source of his strength
which makes him invincible.
but it's also his weakness.

We'll get hurt sometimes.

But together
we are still invincible.
You literally make me feel
like I'm flying.

Like I was saying about moments.

There have been moments where
you're in front of me and
tears are sliding down my face
and I feel as though my heart
is banging on my chest,
trying to escape the pain.

Where we're yelling and I'm
afraid we're going to lose each other.
Where your eyes are full of tears too.
Where I don't think we'll make it through.

But we do.

And then the relief washes over us.
And suddenly, we're clinging to each other
for dear life.

And in those moments, I'm absolutely sure
that I NEVER want to lose you.

Arms, legs, and lips are intertwined.
Hugging, kissing, laughing.
Like we never had before.

I love all of those moments.

I love the moments on a lazy Sunday.
Where we wake up, make love and just
hold each other. Just enjoying the morning.
As the light creeps through the window
dancing on our bare skin
and smiles are stretched across our faces
and our hearts are full
and we whisper to each other and laugh.

I love our adventurous moments,
where you scare me to death
and I shout your name and smack your arm.
But really,
I'm laughing on the inside.

I love the moments spent on the couch,
fighting over what to watch, or
playing video games.

I love the moments we spend in the shower,
it just feels so normal.
So comfortable.

I love the moments when we
go on dates. How you hold
my door, hold my hand,
hold me.

So many moments spent together.
Doing normal everyday things
with you is so much better
than alone.

They just become so full of love.
They become moments.
Things to appreciate.

Even sleeping next to you is better.
You keep the nightmares away.
You keep me safe.

I love you Mon Cheri,
for everything you do,
for every part of you.

From your messy hair
to your toes.

For every piece of you,

From your kind and sweet words
to your ADHD.

I love how loud, how vibrant you are.
I love how excited you get for things,
you could never annoy me.
Everything that makes you who you are,
I love it.
and I love you.

With every part of me.
Even the parts you don't particularly like,
but I know that you still love.
Oh darling,
even with all these words,
they still don't come close at all
to how much I love and care for you.

Oh, my darling.
Mon Cheri.
Monisha Jul 2019
Moments of life,
Moments to explore,
Moments when I go crazy,
Moments when I need more.

Moments that are mine,
Moments that I do not own,
Moments that are heightened,
Through thoughts and no thoughts alone.

Moments penning poetry,
Moments by the sea,
Moments smelling  flowers,
And the thorns pricking me.

Exquisite Joy
and Exquisite pain,
Moments with another,
feeling his grasp on my mane.

Moments where my thoughts are in knots,
Moments of release where I see just stars and dots.

And then sweet oblivion,
And floating gently above the  tree,
Moments where I open my body and soul,
And am bound and totally free!
Jason Cheney Feb 2021
There are moments of unbearable anguish
There are moments of unspeakable joy
There are moments when I can't even breathe
There are moments of quiet despair
There are moments of smoldering anger
There are moments of hopelessness
There are moments of effortless laughter
There are moments of solemn prayer
There are moments of trusting in Him who is greater than us all
There are moments of deep abiding love
There are moments when I call upon His tender mercies
There are moments of excruciating pain
There are moments of seeing light at the end of the tunnel
There are moments of knowing that He has not forgotten me
There are moments of redeeming hope
There are moments when I sing with my whole soul
And these are the moments when I turn back to Him, who is the greatest of them all.

Written by:
Jason Cheney
Date: April 2, 2020
Michael DeVoe Nov 2009
Like ordering two mochas
Just to watch you make them
Forgetting your name five times
Before getting your phone number
Wiping chocolate off your shirt
Trying unsuccessfully to flirt my way
Out of spilling on you
Little moments
Like finally having the guts to ask you out
Running to the coffee shop full speed
Just to find out it was your day off
Sulking my way through my third cup of tea
Cursing the fates for their insolence
Right until you walked in to cover someone else's shift
And running out too scared again
Little moments like those
Remind me why I fight through
Big times like these
Little moments
Like driving over the mountains
To get to the first big storm
Just to be the first ones to kiss in the rain
After the summer sun chapped our lips so long
We forgot the taste of our kiss
Little moments
Like the first time I took you out in heels
And you spent the whole night
Whispering to yourself about not falling
Right up until I fell twice
Down a flight of stairs
And for you
Little moments
Like you running over to pick my head up
Off the concrete
Staring at me with this look
That made me want to ask you if you were okay
Little moments
Like that remind me
That the big times like these
Are worth fighting for
That the big fights like these
Are worth ending
If only for the shot to have one more
Little moment
A movie perfect scene in the snow
With snow ball fights, snow angels
And a snow man with coal for buttons
Eyes, mouth, sticks for arms and a scarf
But we didn't have a carrot
So you ran upstairs, broke off one of your heels
And called him Stalleto-face for a week
Little moments
Burning three attempts at chicken cord en bleu
And begging the old woman on the phone
To put in one more order before they closed
And tipping $100 just to have the chance
To eat midnight fried rice on the living room floor
Because the table was full of
Foiled attempts at cooking
Little moments
Like those
So dear to me
Remind me there is no fight too big
To give up little moments with you
A collection of poems by me is available on Amazon
Where She Left Me - Michael DeVoe
Casey Jan 2015
Moments of 'I can do this',
or I can't,
or I will,
or I won't?
Moments of uncertainty,
where its just you,
and its just me.
Moments of temporary bliss,
because I know it doesn't last,
and I know this doesn't stay like this.
Moments of seeing the good in the bad,
matched with the bad in the good.
Moments where I think I'm okay.
Moments where I think its that day.
Moments of desire,
when I desire the wrong person,
and that desire can't seem so desirable anymore.
But I wrongly desire it anyways.
Moments of stop! (red light),
and GO (green light),
and 'I don't even know what I'm doing.' (yellow light?).
Take the moments as they are and run.
Run for your life.
Lazlo Mehl Sep 2014
My moments with you
Have been undeniable true
Moments of pure pleasure
Moment of pure pain
Hurt beyond measure
But love beyond treasure
Sweet moments off loving
Unhappy moments of tears
We have shared all these moments
Throughout our years
We both treasure these moments
Each and every day
Moments are our memories
Those moments are our hearts
We've had many moments
And still do each year
These little moments we treasure
And will always cherish
For many years to come







when it's late at night i want you; i crave you
and your beautiful smile and the way you joke
and how when you laugh your whole body moves
with it.

i crave those moments when you're most vulnerable
and sincere, the moments when it's so early in the
morning you can no longer pick out the ugly
thoughts from the pretty ones; the moment
when everything just gets thrown down onto
the screen like a huge pile of confusion and thoughts.

i crave those moments when you look at me for
a split second and seem to care about me more than
just as that person always there for you. the moments
when you look at me and seem to want me too, under
all the confusion and pain.

i crave those moments when you two are away, and
i don't have to be reminded that the moments we have are
mediocre in comparison. completely and utterly mediocre.

i crave those moments when i can go to sleep and enter my
own reality, where i can just forget it all and not have to pretend
any longer about anything.

i crave those moments when your eyes form gentle creases
on the side of your face when you finally are not smiling to
please, but because you are actually happy.

i crave those moments when i write and i am not forced
to cry; those moments when i can write about 1am and
almost 1am and talking to you and being happy, those
moments when i have hopes for the future.

but i also crave those moments when i cannot crave anymore,
because the pain seems to be too much for me to handle
Jamie Nov 2016
Its these moments I am thankful for,
these small moments that to anyone else
might seem insignificant

Theses small moments with
your head resting on my shoulder
love caressing your smile
like a gentle wind

It is these moments that I live for
these small moments that to anyone else
might seem insignificant

These small moments where
our eyes meet and
I see the same person I met
on that very first day so long ago

These small moments where
I feel your hand in mine
rough and weary but still
holding on to me like you did in the

These small moments when
I smile at our picture beside our bed
when you nestle beside me
drawing my body back into yours

These small moments when
you look at me and I know
just like I did that day
You are mine, I am yours

These small moments that
I will treasure forever
keep them locked inside a tiny box
in my heart

And I will give you the key
Stacy Mills Mar 2017
I'm a mom
I have two jobs
It seems I'm working
all the time
If not on the job
on my family
I wouldn't say I'm beautiful
But I have my moments
I wouldn't say I'm smart
But I have my moments
I wouldn't say I'm talented
But I have my moments
I despise drama
But it can't be avoided
I yearn for my soul mate
But that can't b found
Some days I'm depressed
And most days I'm not
I wouldn't say I'm a *****
But I have my moments
I wouldn't say I'm unkind
But I have my moments
I wouldn't say I'm a pushover
But I have my moments
I think everyone is a little of everything
With flecks of nothing
Smeared in greys and blacks
Speckled with rainbows and sun
A little lost
A little found
A best friend
A worst enemy
I wouldn't say I make sense
But I have my moments
I wouldn't say I'm an idiot
But I have my moments
I wouldn't say I know what I'm doing
But I have my moments
Maybe I'm too bossy
Maybe I'm a bad mom
Maybe I'm  A natural born leader
Maybe I'll fail at everything
Maybe one day I'll get it together
Maybe I am doing everything right
I wouldn't say ..........
but I have my moments
Melanie Kate Nov 2010
Moments like these racing through me:
Looking out the bus window,
stacks of lights
in square, blinded blocks of cement.
Golden trees
turning brown and barren.
But moments like these,
I'm miles away, I'm someplace else.

Moments like these passing me by:
As I wonder through streets,
alleyways wafting in dark sewerage;
Seafood bistros glaring at me.
My hips sway, my feet sink
into exotic sand, sunshine warm.
Floating effortlessly along the dead concrete,
opening my tiny door; this nutshell abode.

And I can’t breathe here
without moments like these.
They are the broken pieces
of my longing heart.
Slowly keeping me together
in these moments’ reality.

Moments like these, slipping, speeding away:
Like endless traffic in angry madness,
in cities that awaken in darkening hours.
The tranquil silence in my heart
guides me to your faces.
One by one I dream for each;
For all the things we want, the good things we need;
For happiness, love, success.
Each thought embedded, embroidered
into moments like these:
Sitting on a bed, millions of miles away,
a cold, rainy day –
A heart beating for moments not these.

(c) Mel D.  Ltd. 2010
(C) MKD 2010
LP S May 2014
It's such a strange thing,
falling in love,
and the way the things you fall in love with,
change with the seasons,
or as various lovers even strangers,
enter and exit our existence,
as time passes.
And it's extraordinary how love
seems to warp time.
How it moves too slowly
when love is sad,
but far too quickly
when the love is good,
how you fall in and out of love
faster than you can say the words,
or the tears can form
on the inside corners of the eyes.
The tears that don't ever fall,
but linger just long enough
to melt the mascara on the fine lashes,
that only seem to be evident
during moments like these.
The moments when people look most like themselves.
Moments of weakness.
The same moments when you realize
that the movies are liars,
and songs are rarely written from truth.
Because people don't find their soulmates
in the spontaneous moments of passing,
but in the everyday moments.
Real people don't fall in love
during the dramatic, desperate, lonely moments
but the quiet
simple moments.
For I once fell in love with a beautifully ordinary boy
as he slept soundly
on the other side of my mattress at 4am.
Because he'd never shown me
any of the private memories he had survived
and that night he'd told me everything,
and whispered that without me
he always slept, but couldn't dream.
And once during a quiet evening
on a couch,
in a small town in Connecticut,
in front of Lord of the Rings,
while we'd laughed about all the things,
we'd somehow forgotten to laugh about
over the course of growing older.
And then a third time in your car,
on a rainy afternoon
while we had danced horrendously and sang off key
to an old mix you had burned back in
God knows when.
Where you knew every line,
and I'd rolled down the windows
despite the rain,
to hold my arm out like I was flying,
like we had when we were kids,
and you had smiled at me like I was magic..
These have been the moments in which
I have fallen in love.
Never during the movie-esque moments,
but in the ordinary moments.
The moments in which,
I never expected to fall in love at all.
there are moments when i think i want you more than i want hot chocolate on a cold winters day or a nice book to read and warm tea when its raining out. moments i think i want you more than seeing my favourite band live, moments that seem so tangible i could almost grab them out of my mind and form them into something real. there are moments that i feel like i need you or your comfort more than i need the clothes on my back, more than i need the shelter on my head. there are moments when my chest begins to tighten and my lungs begin to close, moments where i think that i can't breath, moments where i wonder how i havent died yet. there are moments when i begin to fill my head with dreams higher in the clouds than the airplane we flew on goes, moments when i feel like i need him more than the soil needs water. there are moments where i realize how lonely i am and how sad i am because of it, moments where i realize that everything i want is too elaborate in my own mind, that the plot line of this fails every time because it is already written in my head and erased in yours.

there are moments where i sway from love to hate, from happiness to tears. but i read somewhere that means that you really love someone; someone who makes you experience that. and i think about that a lot.
Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
these were wonderful moments
moments when the sun is in summer
these were the moments when
I found the first love in my life

this summer I will remember forever
because that's where my happiness was
This summer will be my main source
of great great inspiration

these were wonderful moments
moments when the sun is in summer
these were the moments when
I found the first love in my life

I met her beautiful red-haired
a girl with blue bright eyes
and we met summer together
and we parted with him

these were wonderful moments
moments when the sun is in summer
these were the moments when
I found the first love in my life

her will always remain in me
in my eyes and in my soul
and when suffering will overwhelms me
I remember her and the fire will come again
that will save me

Kayla Wozniak Nov 2010
Moments are what capture life's greatest achievements
They are photographs worth 1000 words
Thoughts in your head too good to be put on paper
Moments are what last a lifetime
Emotions captured forever
Life changers or happy endings
Moments are captured anywhere or anyplace
Everyday creates a lifetime of moments
A look, a glance
Moments are created by everyone
They can help you set your destiny or pick your future
Moments help you remember the finer things of life
As life passes by you will always have your favorite moments worth remembering
Good and bad times remembered
Moments are what capture life's greatest achievements.
I'm open  for suggestions on this poem. I'm not really sure if i like it
HOOPS11 Mar 2015
In moments like these you need a shoulder to cry on,
but nobody's around so you try to sleep on it till dawn.

In moments like these you just don't care what happens to you,
people around you act like they already knew.

In moments like these depression is eating you away,
you don't see colour in the world all you see is black and grey.

In moments like these you need someone to talk to,
but you cant bring yourself to say it so you try to break through.

In moments like these you think your not good enough,
you put yourself down because you know it's too tough.

In moments like these you just don't want to live,
because there is no other way because they won't forgive.

In moments like these you need determination and strength,
because you don't know if you will hold up till the end.

In moments like these you stare at the sky,
you think what it would be like,so this is my goodbye.
The word 'you' is referring to me,sometimes i like to refer to myself in second person.
Destre' Sep 2016
I have moments
I have moments where things fall away
Where the world is fuzzy
I have moments where things fade to grey
Where the world becomes dark
I have these moments where I can't think
Where I want to scream
I have these moments I can't explain
And yet, I have moments
I have moments where everything seems clear
Where things start to become light
These moments when the world flushes back to color
And I start to write
I have moments where I get lost
Ameer Pather May 2018
My life has been moulded by mere moments.
Simple moments, that when I look back,
Seem insignificant at most.
Yet the weight of these moments are immense!

Simple and minute moments that I
It is within these moments I have found solitude.
Within these moments, I have found peace or happiness.
Within these moments, deciding factors that has lead me to live!

These are moments that may seem tiny!
Meeting someone and becoming family!
Experiencing a car accident and learning to live more!
A sports injury, that taught me to relax more.

There is one moment, that I did not see coming.
A moment, that has not only redefined my future,
But has shown me to build my future around it.
That moment? Meeting her!
it is at moments after i have dreamed
of the rare entertainment of your eyes,
when(being fool to fancy)i have deemed

with your peculiar mouth my heart made wise;
at moments when the glassy darkness holds

the genuine apparition of your smile
(it was through tears always)and silence moulds
such strangeness as was mine a little while;

moments when my once more illustrious arms
are filled with fascination, when my breast
wears the intolerant brightness of your charms:

one pierced moment whiter than the rest

—turning from the tremendous lie of sleep
i watch the roses of the day grow deep.
CLStewart Sep 2015
Just a few moments away-
In just a few moments I will embark on a journey to start over- In just a few short moments I will leave behind a residue of times forever caught- In just a few moments I will seek her lips on mine as a weather vane meets the rain...and the  gulls fly overhead bringing that familiar sea salt presence-
Just a few moments away-
Our very existence is comprised of one moment replacing the next. After its role in the greatly debated, but as yet unknown grand scheme, each moment is replaced by yet another, just as it has from whatever beginning there may have been to whatever end may come.
        The earliest moments of eons ago are lost to us as if they never existed at all, and came to pass despite our knowledge of such, just as eons from now, every moment we experience will be lost, just as if it had never been at all, to whatever conscious entities may dwell in such impending recesses of time...just as the moments each one of us have not found to be significant enough to remember in our own personal conscious awareness have already been lost to us, both individually and as a collective whole, despite having been. The tragedy of this is that far more moments are forgotten than will ever be remembered, despite every single moment having an impact on the next, even if it appears that it does not.
        Why, then, do the moments remembered seem to have so much more of an impact upon us and the moments to come than the moments we have forgotten? Because they are the moments that create and destroy. They are the moments that bring sorrow and joy. They are the moments that matter most, for whatever significance they hold. They are the moments that make the greatly debated, but as yet unknown grand scheme so grand.
        This moment…this very moment…this is the moment for each of us to make every remaining moment in our conscious awareness a moment to remember, for all too soon, our moment will be gone, and the only thing that will ever matter is what we made of each moment in our own moment of existence.
The first line is supposed to be tabbed, but whether I tab or space, it posts it with no indention. I know that for some, paragraphs are not considered poetry, but for me, it is, because it is still my thoughts bleeding out just as if the layout were otherwise.
Billie Marie May 2020
The mind collects moments
bad ones and weepy ones
moments to spark fires
and ignite engines
moments to roast the heart upon a spit
to watch the ****** sizzling juices of love
drip down and burn off into smoke
the mind is a storehouse
though vast isn’t spacious
its compartments crammed
full to popping
under the strain
of all the moments in time it collects
to make the body recall
and you gawk at the wreckage
in wondrous amazement

moments in bubbles
floating past on repeat
mind digs in the toy chest
throwing up dreams
more moments of nothing
to hold you away from me
two nations at war for my soul
and all three are me
what mind fudgery
and horrific intent
the whole point is you
just you, nothing else
think what that reality means
whatever you like
life isn’t a playbook of rules
some other person can write
real life is lived
and what can that mean?
other than whatever life looks like
when you’re living through me

each time you can’t see the forest in the leaves
the moments you seem to pull back out of me
are only a specter of what isn’t true
only a reminder to remember your Truth
and turn once again to the Self that is real
and is one with the whole of all life that is living
can you gain joy from rehearsing old stories?
of worries and woes and doubtful discoveries
of fake images and faulty dreamscapes
then go on, by all means, let mind keep collecting
and storing away
for some other fake day
you can’t really be living
if you keep letting mind
give you moments to see
instead of real life
living in your True Self
and you truly seeing
Then, words come slowly;
nothing behind them but space.
Alissa Rogers Mar 2012
In moments of my life
I lie, I do admit.
I try and guard my heart
with my rancor and my wit.

In moments of my life
I gave a piece of myself,
for nothing in turn.
There's always another woman
for whom a man's heart will yearn.

In moments of my life
I doubt I will have a one and all;
one who understands me
when I cut and when I crawl.

In moments of my life
I try and run from my fate.
Yet as I've found,
with growing dread,
I'm already too late.
This is for all the lonely souls like me.
Zoe Dec 2014
I know things are alright
and that they will actually get better
and if not better
they will get worse
but only for a moment
Only for a moment will the happiness last
the sadness
All life is
is moments
Moments on top of moments
Lessons on top of lessons
Hardships on top of ****** hardships
All for the big moment
which is life
I have come to despise moments
good or bad
I find no reason
I find it repetitive
I find the hardships especially a waste of time,
because why in all of these little moments
adding up to just one singular big moment
would there be pain in hardships?
I find there is no reason
why have them, if the lesson itself is temporary
why endure pain when all this is
is a
DElizabeth Mar 2021
I just want to
hold your hand
when you experience
your best moments
sad moments
successful moments
dark moments
imperfect moments
exciting moments
sleepy and bored moments
lost moments
authentic moments
adventurous moments
lowest of the lows
& your sensitive moments.
Something as simple as
being there for you
when you need me to be.
I want you to want me to be.
I want to make sure
we are in this together.
meg Jan 2017
These moments - cold,
in the bathroom,
naked except for the blister plasters
and the indent across my ribs
from the new bra.

Before the eyeliner is scrubbed away.
Before I’m back to that flushed girl
with big dreams.

These moments - fresher
than the rest.

And in the end, always,
I’m churning everything inside me,
making pretty songs. But especially moments
like this.

Moments with clothes curled
on the tiles, with blue clarity,
the moments wondering if it matters
that my **** are lopsided.

Always poetry.

There are boys swimming in my head,
boys I once knew,
boys I might know,
girls I want to find. All

Suds down the drain. Sponge on skin.
Every moment in every bathroom -
every grimy, cold bathroom,
stacks of them, in my head.

Holy baths and sloppy showers,
moments for renewal,
moments of ***** thoughts.
Underwear kicked off, inside out,
door locked so only
this moment
exists - here - in front
of the mirror, the same crooked
grimace, the same curious brows.

Moments of steam and condensation,
bed socks twisted together.
Cold weight of wet hair, always
the same cycle. Water
rolling down my back.

I am my own ******, in all these moments.
Claire Elizabeth May 2014
What if things were as they used to be?
The idea of never speaking again makes me feel sad.
Remember the late night talks until 2 in the morning?
The first conversation we had was about murderous cows
And how much you loved me for those moments.
The last one we had over the phone was about my father not taking pride in me
And I started crying, hoping you couldn't hear it through the vast space of emptiness in my voice.
But I think you did and I remember feeling ashamed
Because you didn't deserve to hear me sound that way when you had bigger problems.
It was moments like those that I wanted nothing more than to wake up in the early dawn of the mornings
With the pale sunlight washing over the bed sheets and your mussed hair.
It was in those moments that I wanted to go to parties with you and get drunk
And say things I would never say sober
Secrets about myself that I didn't think I had
It was moments like those that I forgot about my family issues
Or my own issues and your issues
It was moments like those that I loved you too much to physically feel.
I couldn't express the fullness I felt in the dead of night when it felt like we were the only two alive.
It was in moments like those that I started thinking about the possibility of not staying together forever
And it was those moments that I got out your proclamation of love that I had written down
I would stare at it and smile and giggle and think about what I did right to be with you
I wasn't sure if I was good enough to stay
Stella Matutina Feb 2017
It’s tough to write a happy poem.
The poems about the nasty,
Gut wrenching stuff-
I got it down.
But a happy poem?
That’s gonna be weird.

I think it’s because growing up,
In the home and life I did,
I learned not to hold on to the happy stuff.
To not feel the good feelings for too long.
The happy moments were far and few in between,
And when I had them I was scared to enjoy them,
For fear that enjoyment would be taken advantage of,
When I felt happy moments,
I did my best to hide and push them away.

There were moments though,
Where amidst all the pain and suffering,
There were moments I was brought comfort.
There were moments that made me want to live,
Want to go on,
Search for something better.
These moments were brought by two furry ears,
Eyes with the closest shade to my own,
And a long furry tail.
Yea, I’m talking about my cat.

And now the poem has taken a sharp turn from meaningful,
To just absurd.
That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it?
Dude, this chick wrote a poem about her cat.
Her ******* cat.

These moments aren’t when my cat was being funny,
Or playful.
There are a lot of those memories that I enjoy.

These moments are the ones where I’m sitting on the stairs,
My hand pressed to my mouth,
Suppressed sobs shuddering through my body.

She’s selfish,
She hates us,
She hates me.
She doesn’t deserve any ounce of pity from me,
I meant every word I said.

You know that’s not true,
She is your daughter,
You should care.
You can’t just freeze her out,
She isn’t one of your old college friends,
She needs you.

She doesn’t need me,
She doesn’t want me,
And I don’t want her.

You know what,
Fine whatever.

I can only hold on to the hope that she was lying.
But even in those darkest moments,
Listening to my Dad try to defend me,
Just to give up and walk away.
Listening to my Mom,
Throw my name around in the mud,
And stomp all over it in her New Balance Sneakers,
Canni was there.

Animals have a queer way of being there right when you need them,
And Canni is one of the best.
She’d sit there patiently,
While I willowed away into nothing,
The sharp,
Biting feelings of pain,
Echoing in my head.
Those feelings took me down,
To a deep, dark place,
Where there was no feeling.
No feeling happy,
No feeling sad,
No feeling hurt.
There was no feeling at all-
It was safe.
But she brought me back.
She’d rub against me,
Nudge her head under my hand,
Nip at my arm if I didn’t pay attention to her,
Or even just sit there next to me.
She’d listen with me,
Her tail flicking back and forth,
Like she couldn’t believe what was going on either.

Maybe she was trying to distract me,
Maybe she just wanted attention.
Either way,
She made me care when I had nothing left to care for.
She gave me something to hope better for,
Gave me something to work harder for,
Something to get me moving out of the dark,
Hopeless place that had become my heart.
If not for me,
Then for the small animal,
That cared enough to know when I was happy,
And when I was sad.

My cat is the reason that I know love today,
The reason I have feeling today.
And for that,
I can’t thank her enough.
A Poem for my Best Friend
nabi 나비 Jun 2018
as the kind of person i am, i don't regret any of my decisions
because I've made my decisions and there is nothing i can do now
they've occurred and i can feel bad about making them
but i never regret them, because there's no use wishing i could change them
this aspect of me becomes prominent after a loss
recently it feels as though there's been a lot of loss
and it's terrible, i hate the feeling of it
but loss shows me a lot of things
loss has shown me that sometimes it's not the losing that hurts
it's the lost effort and feelings and time
it's the lost emotion that hurts me most
people walk in and out of our lives and we have no control over that fact
but they take moments and little pieces of us along with them
but we take a little bit of them as well
and sometimes what we take hurts
loss teaches us how valuable our moments are
that every little moment is worth something
regardless of how small we think it is
because one day we or somebody else might not see it as miniscule
but as a miraculous moment that is impacting on their life
loss doesn't erase these impacts and hurts on us though
it might even enunciate them
and loss doesn't make the sadness of losing that person go away
time does
and even though time takes away that pain we have those moments
you should never regret those moments
whether they be good moments or bad moments
you took them with you for a reason
i think me as the person i am
certain moments shine light on certain aspects of myself
and loss shines light on my inability to regret moments
although some may see that as a bed things and call me emotionless
i view it as a tool to view moments a little differently than others
to view them as valuable and worth remembering
Mark Lecuona Feb 2012
Sometimes I think I can avoid the problems of life
I act like it’s not going to happen to me
That stuff only happens to other people
I don’t have to pay because I want it for free

If feels like I’m living in a war
There are casualties all around
I get nicked every now and then
But not enough to make a sound

I don’t have a bad life
I just have bad moments
I see the bitterness in others
As they breathe between torments

Success seems so random at times
Every day I wake up in the same place
My work has become my life
But still I wear an anonymous face

The extremists are taking over
Most of us have nothing to say
The politicians take us all for granted
They say spend your money and then go away

I don’t have a bad life
I just have bad moments
I see the fear in others
As they await life’s judgments

It’s a strange thing watching the news
I see our heroes dying every day
Nothing ever changes
Yet another baby will be led away

The more I think the less I believe
The less I believe the more I see
The more I see the less I need
The less I need the more I am free

I don’t have a bad life
I just have bad moments
I see the hopelessness in others
As they accept their punishments

They say what doesn’t **** you makes you stronger
I’m so strong now that I have lost the thrill
I don’t need any more near death experiences
One more and my heart will soon be still

I spend so much time doing nothing
Like waiting at a light or being stuck in traffic
I wish I could gather it all up
And relive the hours I’ll never get back

I don’t have a bad life
I just have bad moments
I see the pain in others
As they endure their disappointments

I think about *** all the time
But I want to live alone
I don’t want to explain myself
My mind will always be my own

There is an oasis where we all exist
But sometimes it’s only as we sleep
As soon as it passes you know you missed it
So we wait even as we weep

I don’t have a bad life
I just have bad moments
I see the struggles of others
As they can’t make their payments

My daughter couldn’t wait for Christmas
She still believes and was so impatient
I wonder if a woman could love me
Like a child opening a present

I need your love just as you need mine
I know you want me to settle down
I see it in your eyes and hear it in the songs
That float around this lonely town

I don’t have a bad life
I just have bad moments
I see the heartache of others
As she tries to understand my resistance
Nightingale74 Sep 2015
Life is made up of moments.
Happy ones,
Sad ones,
And in-between ones.
Our task is to recognize these moments,
And then fill them.
What’s the point of living in future moments,
That we still have yet to experience?
Why let our thoughts dwell on past moments,
When what’s most important
Is the moment right now?
Live each day,
Soaking in the moments,
Don’t let them pass you by.
Cherish what’s important to you—
Never let it go.
Find those moments,
And live them.
Michael Murphy Jan 2017
Fleeting moments
Slipping through time

Moments spent
Looking back

Moments spent dreaming
Of future joy

Moments wasted
Looking nowhere

Only in these moments

Holding you

Kissing you

Loving you

Am I living

In the eternal
In the absence of time

My heaven
Is in the moments
Spent with you

— The End —