Serenity Marine Jan 2015
You are my star,
the star that shines brightly in the night sky,
you are the star that will shine forever in my eyes,
You are my star to keep and admire.
*I wish upon a star you'll forever be mine
Xavier Dec 2014
In crowds of shade,
In the place near the start.
There is only one face.

And she said with her last ounces of blood dripping from her face, with the last gasps of air she will ever know…

“There is a moon, there is a sun, and there are the stars. You were the moon among stars, I was the sun chasing you around the world.”

The words poured out like my tears as I held her closer turning her chin so I can stare into her fading eyes...

“I may have been with all those stars, but they’re all the same. They burn out fast, so it won’t last. You were the star of stars, and I was chasing you around the world.”

I watched the glow from her face leave as it walked off with my sanity. I pulled her in closer, tightly, with all my might.
I was hoping I would be able to hold her so tight that she would become apart of me.
OmgShe Sep 2014
A blinking light in the sky
I close my eyes I wonder why
Take a deep breath and wish upon
I pray to myself that everyone can see

Wishes and dreams  you lighten up
People and everyone you cheer them up
Darkness in the night, the cold wind
Glittering shine of the moon, happiness in their mind

Shooting star I believe in you
Tell me  that your are true
Or its just an imagination
To become an inspiration
Not-So-Superman Mar 2014
Being a star is hard work.

As I shine all through the night,
keeping up my brilliant light,
and struggling to be a pleasant sight.

I realize,

there are so many others
that are

Being a star, is hard work.
Sumina Thapaliya Aug 2015
I am ready to be your star
who can fall for you
to make your wish come true !!

# your star
Debbie Lees Mar 2015
Your the star I wanna wake up to
You're my star
The star no one can take from me
The bright star that guides me through the dark
The one that lightens my night
The star that shows me what true beauty is
B Nov 2014
Star so high, star so bright
Guide me by your light
Star so proud, of the night
Show me what is right
Star so gold, star so white
Direct now my inner sight
Star so sweet, of my plight
'Tween dusk and dawn, eternal fight
Star so wise, star of might
Help me know what to write
Star so aged, in your height
Reduce the sting of life's harsh bite
Star so far, be my kite
'Til sleep again doth unite
Madzq Feb 2015
Approaching the end of night
I woke with stars in the sky
and your skin kissed by moonlight.

In this quiet time,
quite some time goes by
as my universe comes to life

It is you,
Precious you
Resolving to
Revolve to.
It is you.
This, I can't undo.

Couldn't break this bond.
Energy So strong
Tugs at my core
And keeps me in your orb.

Always watching you,
Ever falling into you.
When you find this kinda love there's no way to let go.
Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
"Look, a star", I said
He replied, "I know, it's beautiful"

I was looking at the sky and he was looking at me
Solaces Mar 2015
Without shadow she is..
Because she is the source of this light..
She is the shine, the luster, the last star in my sky..
She is without shadow..
When you find true light
Mackenzie Feb 2015
Your commitment to me
will always be  
Competing against that of Lucas

While I stand in the buff,
you want space stuff
You want sabres and jedis a’clashing

If you loved me,
as much as wookies
We’d fly just as smooth as pod racers

While I give you my heart
you’re  busy hating the 1st part
I know, the prequels were shitty

300 odd days
till the force’s new phase
And Solo returns in the falcon

By then I’ll be brain fried,
I’ll have gone to the dark side
I’ll be just as done as poor Greedo

Solo may have shot first
But man its the worst
always coming second to that nerf herder

Even when I’m gone
just like Alderaan
You’ll dream of Leia’s bikini

Just make like R2,
Say you love me too
And I won’t have to force choke my darling
A hyperbolic love poem
Ormond Aug 2012
Little sea,
Cast me in waters most surrounding
And ring me in kaleidoscope of reef,
Gently waving me home, promising
Deep underwater lands.

Little star,
Guide me in my mission of light,
Turn me toward the green valleys,
The blood streams, the noble orchard
And fruitions of dream.
SøułSurvivør Jul 2016
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