If you were happy with the wrong person, imagine how happy you’ll be with the right one.
schadenfreude May 2014
The only time,

I feel happy..

Is the time

When I feel *lonely..
Harley Hucof Aug 2014
because im happy i dropped my insecurities
because im happy i love everybody
because im happy im full of energy
because im happy i lost my fear
because im happy im free
because im happy i dont care
because im happy im aware
Ruthie Jun 2014
I get happy sometimes.
Right now I'm happy.
I like it.
It's refreshing.
The happiness fills me.
Right to the top.
I love it.
I'm just happy tonight
lost girl May 2014
I should be happy.

I woke up alive and well,
I should be happy.

I have new books to read,
I should be happy.

I have 490 songs on my iPod,
I should be happy.

I have good grades in school,
I should be happy.

I have friends who I can talk to and fangirl with,
I should be happy.

I'm young, I have my whole life ahead of me,
I should be happy.

I should be happy,
I'm not happy.

cursed Dec 2014
You're my source of happiness.
I can't be happy if my happiness is not happy.
Craig Harrison Jun 2014
Wind blowing, leaves falling
In the woods I am walking
Birds chirping, squirrels digging
Not stopping my mind from wandering

Fashion walks, beach resorts
Nice weather, beautiful people
City breaks, country retreats
Exotic animals, spiders and snakes

Mona Lisa, The last supper
Beautiful art, beautiful mind
Excellent artists are hard to find

Beautiful things everywhere
open your eyes, happiness is right their
Now, today has been a shit day in every single way.
Today was the start of my holiday in Spain, until French strikes,
caused me pain. We were not flying.
Now, I did not weep, wail or flail my skin, instead, I said c'est la vie.
They are so very French.
Reminded myself that the French are cheese eating surrender monkeys,
awful at football (soccer) dreadful at tennis, middling in rugby,
and tend to suffer delusions of grandeur (damn a French word!)
They lost at Agincourt, Waterloo, WW2, think snails are a delicacy,and  allowed Mr. Hitler in to rub their bellies.
But, I am H.A.P.P.Y.
Because­ I'm eating strawberries and cream, whilst watching Wimbledon.
How very British!
Dark clouds roll over, rain fall's down. Lighting strikes perfectly and hits the ground, clouds clear up rain settles down.sun comes out and wipes away the frowns.
The clouds will clear up eventually XD.
Styles Jun 2016
Let me slide my velvet tongue
up and down
the insides of your milky way
until I find my path
that leads the way
to yours heavens
bet you moan the whole way
One soft touch
and your ambisions slipe away
your body trembles
as my fingers play;
high notes, low on your body
silent screams slowly slip away
our bodies
press their luck
like human nature,
its in our nature,
to play that way.
Our bodies colliding
deep inside, I'm subsiding
my hips bucking,
yours riding mine,
my fantasy
you and me
in Ecstasy.
Maria Villalta Aug 2014
isn't it ironic that happiness is
something humans need?
We spend our life
looking for it.

The definition of happiness
is different for each of us.
For some people being happy
means love themselves.

For other people being happy
means being rich.
And for other people death
is their only happiness.

Drake Taylor Jun 2014
A deep happy comes from love.
It's better than a shallow happy,
Which is fleeting furiously.

A deep happy makes you smile,
And it makes the world peaceful,
This happy breathes life into you.

A deep happy fixes the pain,
That the shallow happy leaves behind.

A deep happy is what life is all about.
Live music makes me deep happy and I feel good.
Styles Sep 2016
Text me your words
let them flash across my screen
picture them I may
imagining what they mean
wishful thinking coming true
is yet to be seen
the thoughts implied
paint a beautiful scene
these letters make you smile
in person they would make you scream
all these teasing you doing now may be funny
but, when karma comes around it will be in the from of me
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