Sydney Ann Nov 2014
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I copied your exam,
*And I failed too.
Also from my best friend Krystal  XD
Sydney Ann Nov 2014
Mu chocolate milk has been removed
My parents are so hard to fool!
They saw my mostly chocolate milk
The bottom caked in choco-silt
And now my happy wants to wilt
Goodbye my tasty chocolate milk!
Paraluman Sep 2015
Ríete de la noche,
Pagtawanan mo ang gabi,
Laugh at the night,
del día, de la luna,
ang araw, ang buwan,
at the day, at the moon,
ríete de las calles
torcidas de la isla,
pagtawanan mo ang liku-likong
landas sa isla,

laugh at the twisted
streets of the island,

ríete de este torpe
muchacho que te quiere,
pagtawanan mo ang torpeng
lalaking ito na nagmamahal sa iyo,

laugh at this clumsy
boy who loves you,

pero cuando yo abro
los ojos y los cierro,
ngunit kapag bubuksan at
isasara ko ang aking mga mata,

but when I open
my eyes and close them,

cuando mis pasos van,
kapag ako ay umalis,
when my steps go,
cuando vuelven mis pasos,
kapag ako ay muling bumalik,
when my steps return,
niégame el pan, el aire,
la luz, la primavera
ipagkait mo na sa akin ang tinapay, ang hangin, ang liwanag at ang tagsibol,
deny me bread, air,
light, spring,

pero tu risa nunca
porque me moriría.
wag lamang ang iyong mga ngiti
dahil ito ay aking ikasasawi.

**but never your laughter
for I would die.
I find this so romantic and beautiful.
(This is only a part of the poem.)
s o r i e a n o May 2014
it’s what i strive for.
what there is now
is not what i fight for.
i never thought that visibility
would mean so much to us
that it would drive us away from
the cause we suffer to love.

we suffer to love
bc rewards dont mean a thing
not until our freedom is won
until all equality is achieved

you can throw me bouquets
chant my name and flair
but i pray to my siblings
they’d pull me out of there
distractions are temptations
to get lost in temporary pleasures
only to come back to reality after
i’ll start to forget the fading laughter
written in 2012
Graff1980 Dec 2014
Man I got years of practice
At making ‘em laugh at this
And that shit
Gas out my ass
Shakespeare references
Comic book characters
Foreign accents
Effeminate behavior
Always a loving labor
Smiles and chuckles
To ease or eliminate
The distance and uncertainty
Between those I appreciate
Lotus Apr 2012
Shallow fathoms of echoing laughter,
Evolving to limitless growth,
Shuning jealousy,
Embracing simplicity.
Tom Leveille Feb 2014
you are inches
measured by miles away
bulldozing oriental food
you don't intend on eating
around your plate
and i am imagining
the translation of asking
for a broom in a foreign language
for when you shatter over small talk
or the first sentence to start with "so"
breaks you into shaking
that i can feel from across the table
and i am thinking now
about tectonics and how you must be daydreaming of being submerged in a book
back home or gripping tightly
to bedsheets begging for familiar warmth
i can tell by the way you are looking at me
that you are feigning our salutation embrace
seconds drowned in ankle deep water and i wonder if you see my hands
as jackhammers and if the reason
why you hug so hard
but only for a moment
is to be as sharp as possible
so that i do not smell your perfume
or notice that you aren't wearing any and why
there are few suprises
in the safe you claim is a mouth
where shades of plush pink
hide a sickly pallor
and i continue to look over
brick & mortar borders
and think how maybe
she is thinking of kissing
but certainly not me
not these apologies nailed to my face
i give myself a moment
of benefitted doubt that you sometimes
picture your frame under mine
and if your clavicles would crack
if i were to touch them
i am sorry that i am a victim of imagination
but i swear i chalk it up
as the forgotten feeling
for when you look up
and the person you are looking
at is gazing directly at you
you have painted yourself
as a mosaic in my mind
as a mess of dust & incoherent words
that all sound like please in my ears
but that doesn't explain why
my hands are the ones that are shaking
when i imagine you
imagining me
in the spaces of yourself
where you've forgotten
you could put someone
Meg B Sep 2014
It's funny how
I cannot seem
to find a care
or worry
in the world
as soon as
the sound of
your lighthearted laughter,
your gleeful giggling
reverberates against
my eardrums,
implanting all of its
melodious magic
deep within my soul.
Dark n Beautiful Nov 2014
The End of Desire
It over it far from over
Satisfaction is not the end of desire
Sunday night sex
Can leave you speechless
When he said
“sorry honey"
I have a headache
What a way to kill the moment
Nekia Thomson Mar 2016
They found a little courage
That simmered in the sun
They blended it with patience
And just a little spice of fun
They poured in hope and laughter
Then with a sudden twist
They stirred it all together
And made an **optimist
Who said I always had to be depressing?
y i k e s May 2014
"please swipe your extra care card"


we all laughed

"help is on the way"


we all laughed

"please stand by, assistance is coming"


we all laughed

and all I'd like to say is,

thank you for the laughter.
Sammie Feb 2015
I watch and turn and feel what's real inside
its nothing but gray
no black or white
only numb thoughts as I fade away
while the laughter surrounds me
The Duckling Aug 2016
I remember the day you told me your job.
I was over joyed at the fact that I can have pink grass,
A colour that represented me so perfectly.
I was a princess and that is the colour to represent me.
You laughed at the thought as I continued going on about glitter and lights in twined between each blade.
I smiled as I imaged you and your crew working on my yard and I lean against the house admiring the movement of the muscles on your back.
I remember the first time we called,
We had just met the day before as I was enthralled with your imagination and I wanted to play.
I was nervous but you didn't know.
I don't remember what we spoke, but I remember your laugh,
I remember the teasing and I remember your infatuation with my breast.
No, I wasn't offended.
I am a whore and I appreciate the flattery,
Can you get in my pants?
Yes with a price of your daily attention.
It has been months since the mention of pink grass,
My grass welts now and dirt scatters my yard.
My skirt is pulled up and I stare at a screen,
Waiting... waiting...
How is your grass? How are your needs? How are you and me?
I never hear from you anymore and I come to my conclusion,
I will never get my pink grass.
A thought to a Sir.
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