the lady has me temporarily off the bottle
and now the pecker stands up
however, things change overnight--
instead of listening to Shostakovich and
Mozart through a smeared haze of smoke
the nights change, new
we drive to Baskin-Robbins,
31 flavors:
Rocky Road, Bubble Gum, Apricot Ice, Strawberry
Cheesecake, Chocolate Mint...

we park outside and look at icecream
a very healthy and satisfied people,
nary a potential suicide in sight
(they probably even vote)
and I tell her
"what if the boys saw me go in there? suppose they
find out I'm going in for a walnut peach sundae?"
"come on, chicken," she laughs and we go in
and stand with the icecream people.
none of them are cursing or threatening
the clerks.
there seem to be no hangovers or
I am alarmed at the placid and calm wave
that flows about. I feel like a leper in a
beauty contest. we finally get our sundaes and
sit in the car and eat them.

I must admit they are quite good. a curious new
world. (all my friends tell me I am looking
better. "you're looking good, man, we thought you
were going to die there for a while...")
--those 4,500 dark nights, the jails, the

and later that night
there is use for the pecker, use for
love, and it is glorious,
long and true,
and afterwards we speak of easy things;
our heads by the open window with the moonlight
looking through, we sleep in each other's

the icecream people make me feel good,
inside and out.
Bad Jokes Inc Jun 2014
I hate white people
who stop me from stealing their stuff
and bring in the po po
who put me in hand cuff.

Now I'm in jail
cannot post bail
eating out of a metal bowl
while being fucked in my bunghole.

Then it occurred to me
what I am supposed to be
so I became a basketball player
and changed my name to Lebron James.

Chris Bosh wants to be more than homies
ever since I was drunk and he groped me
he wanted my dick
i think he was sick.

Spoelstra is an ass
I fuckin hate him.
he needs to die
before I cram a basketball in his wife.
Eric Spoelstra is my love.
PrttyBrd Jun 2014
love generates kindness
trust generates peace
open hearts breed understanding
some people never go crazy.
me, sometimes I'll lie down behind the couch
for 3 or 4 days.
they'll find me there.
it's Cherub, they'll say, and
they pour wine down my throat
rub my chest
sprinkle me with oils.
then, I'll rise with a roar,
rant, rage -
curse them and the universe
as I send them scattering over the
I'll feel much better,
sit down to toast and eggs,
hum a little tune,
suddenly become as lovable as a
overfed whale.
some people never go crazy.
what truly horrible lives
they must lead.
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Some people are like stars,
so close yet so far away.

Some people are like the moon,
Shining so bright, but rarely noticed.

Some people are like comets,
They burn so bright and so fast that they don't last.

Some people are like constellations,
They look so put together when really everything is far from it.

Some people are like the night sky,
They look so dark far away, but really are filled with light.
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2015
We can either hate or admire
the people who have the talent we don't.

S O P H I E Apr 2016
something i believe with all of my heart
the exact moment you are hurt, you hurt
without warning you are torn apart
you hurt yourself and those around you
darkness isn't something you can easily outsmart
but i will say piece by piece and day by day
you will learn to heal and your life will restart
((people who are hurt, hurt other people
= "hurt people hurt people"))
Joann Apr 2015
Society: You're so ugly
Girl: But I'm happy
Society: You're too fat
Girl: But I'm happy
Society; You're not pretty enough
Girl: But I'm hap-
Society: Stop trying nobody likes you
Girl: But I'm h-
Society: Nobody cares about you
Girl: But-
Society: Go away why are you talking to me? Loser
Society: Wait where did you go?
Society: Come back!
Society: Why would she kill herself?
Society: She was so pretty and nice and everybody liked her why would she go?!
Society: We will miss you
It hurts people
Dominic Latino Jul 2014
I've been wearing a mask for so long
Hindering my ability to let people see me for who I really am
It's hard to breathe behind this mask
It's getting hot
K603 Mar 2014
Every person you meet, see, talk to, give a single thought to is going to affect you.  So don't give thought to those who are not worth it.  But keep the ones you give thought to close, hold them tight, cherish them.  Because they think about you to.
I'm a lonely person at heart, searching for my other
Styles May 2014
Never let someone else decide how good you are. And never make an exception to that rule.

Your words, and your unique we of expressing them, are a gift given to you. If someone else doesn't appreciate them, then good for them. It's not their gift, so it has nothing to do with them. Its your responsibility to respect your gifts and to protect them from negativity; typical of these lower life forms, called Haters; annoying little creatures that feed off of other people's energy and hard work - they spawn fairly quickly and dewl in the depths of social media, hidden behind computer and smartphone screens. Usually over-weight, bad breath, single and filthy broke. Hindered by limited hand-eye coordination; they simply suck at every thing. They are pretty pathetic, in person. I mean they look human, but have no spinal cord, so they don't stand up straight. Their habitats similar to that of a large roach, just messier with and more filth. I hear they are contagious, so be careful. Don't let their negativity rub off on you, or you will end up like one of them. A soulless zombie, paroling posts looking for a something stupid to say.
chuckae Nov 2014
(my decisions)

In this world,

We don't get to decide

What we deserve.

When the sun wakes up,

We, the stars,

Will die
Hi there! I hope you liked this short little poem. If so, do share? This was inspired by the story "The Fault In Our Stars" and if you haven't read it yet (which is highly unlikely) then do so. That story, I think, could pass as a poetry because of those beautiful quotes in there. Bye now!
~ Fiona
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