Mike Essig Jun 2015
Your lips
slightly parted;

pure smile
of ancient Greece
seen on endless
broken statues.

Smile of sun
and knowledge.

Smile of Artemis
and Athena.

Smile that smiles
in the endless

smile of
the mysteries.
GfS Jun 2015
em>I could draw everything that comes to my mind
except for your smile. Because I feel that
no one can do your smile better than you.
I want to remember how it looks everytime I close my eyes
But every time I see it, it gets better and better every time.
Amitav Radiance Oct 2014
em>A smile attracts a smile
Two hearts
At a confluence
Holds true
Hand in hand
Moments stroll away
Lips speak volumes
When souls meet
Marolle Oct 2014
------------------------------Smiling                            ­   Smiling-------------------------
                               Smiling  Smiling               Smiling  Smiling
                                      Smiling                   ­          Smiling

                                                        ­    Smiling
       Smiling                                                          ­                              Smiling
           Smiling                                                          ­                      Smiling
               Smiling                                                          ­               Smiling
                        Smiling                          ­                            Smiling
                             ­           Smiling                            Smiling
           ­                                                 Smiling

Kim Mar 2015
em>I come here and see sad smiles mostly,
I see poets and sad, knowing smiles of poetry...
Nigel Finn Mar 2016
I oftentimes recall a boy,
To whom all life was simple joy,
Who never let life get him down,
And reached for the celestial crown.

Although inside his heart was broke,
He'd treat life as just a joke.
Good friends he never seemed without-
To see him smile removed all doubt.

One day he ate a box of pills,
And finished with all earthly thrills,
To think of it brings me a chill,
I wish that he was smiling still...
We don't kill ourselves. We are simply defeated by the long, hard struggle to stay alive. When somebody dies after a long illness, people are apt to say, with a note of approval, "He fought so hard." And they are inclined to think, about a suicide, that no fight was involved, that somebody simply gave up. This is quite wrong.”
― Sally Brampton
             Sweetest creases are
        ­                                                Smiles.
Poets note:

A simple smiling metaphor ((':
Smiles all around.
Potato Smiles May 2015
Potato Smiles, Potato Smiles
How I love thee

Potato Smiles, Potato Smiles
Give me two or three

bluestarfall Feb 2015
strong>Time is in your pockets,

Hurry up and light the rockets,

Put your emptiness in the sockets,

Spread smiles and add jollity to the list of dockets,

Make a wish today, and wear your lucky lockets.
Let'em worry, you don't stop chasing what is yours.
y i k e s Apr 2014
now that you own a paint brush,

i no longer have to paint a smile on my face
berry Jul 2014
sometimes i wonder if god keeps a record
of all the times i have been left,
all the times i have been unable to leave.
i wonder if he thinks to himself,
"when will she learn?"
as if he feels my heartache too.
i picture god with a furrowed brow,
hunched over a typewriter,
beginning me again and again,
a mountain of crumpled paper at his feet.
but somehow -
he always ends up at the same point in the story
where i am all bloody palms
and half-hearted hallelujahs
propped up on bruised knees.
spitting up blood & teeth at his feet screaming,
but he doesn't answer.
and i catch myself wondering if the silence
is his way of punishing me for making a deity out of you.
after all, the bible says he is a jealous god.
i could've sworn there was a verse somewhere
that said you weren't allowed to love anyone other than me.
but now that i think about it,
i probably took it out of context.
if i could add a parable to those already existing,
it would be how your chest
felt like church under my head,
and how i thought to myself,
"this is how it would be if he loved me back."
or how you fled my bedroom like a crime scene.
i am still bleeding.
i won't tell you how many times
i cracked my heart in half
trying to be what you wanted.
how my lips on your skin felt judas.
now i am waiting for god to begin me once more,
hoping he'll leave you out of the plot this time
because i don't think i could stand to lose you again.
see, rumor has it he knew you'd leave
and has been trying to make it up to me
since before we'd even met.
my song is one of repentance.
the wood finish from abandoned pews
rotting under my fingernails.
i made sacrifices you didn't ask for.
i have never known
whether my inability to abandon people
is more a strength or a weakness
but so far everyone i've ever loved
has turned into an exit wound,
and myself into a flickering no vacancy sign.

- m.f.
Dawn Anderson Nov 2014
I know
it sounds bad,
But every time
you smile
it kills me a little.
Sorry for weird topics, just in a weird mood.
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