Rafal 7m
How low can we go down the rabbit hole?
I’ll take you to a place where the time never flows
The stars always glow, the sky is always blue
The grass is always green, and it’s all for you
But there’s a certain madness to this fantasy
So follow me as I measure every step carefully
You see this perfect planet is a theatre play
Either way, all we are is a bunch of NPCs

There’s a melody coming from the other side
As we stroll along the beach, by the ocean tide
And I show you smiles hidden in the crimson skies
Every perfect tale doesn’t show you the demise
But I made this world for you, you don’t have to deal with it
When you feel down, you can come and sink in it
Like a blanket on a winter evening, protect your heat
When the inside of your head gets too bleak
And when all you desire is a bit of sleep
So let your legs run, turn your head to stand by
And we’ll play the spectacle until you get by.

— The End —