all by leigh Mar 2015
And I had to walk away
I was just hoping at least he noticed I didn't run
the title is a thought for after the poem
ryan Oct 2015
Better than sex cake
Is a lie,
Because nothing is better
Than sex
Besides you.
Forrunately, I can have
That cake and eat
It too.
They say women can't fight
Can't write good poetry
Can't create good paintings
Can't play sports
Can't work good jobs
Or do what a man does
I think they're afraid
Afraid that women might be better than them or equal in skill
Silly sexists
The world is changing
Changing for the better
I think women can influence history and the world like men can.
Samantha Homann Jan 2013
My innocence is gone
I am alone...but not broken.

I was thrown into the darkest place imaginable
when you betrayed me.
At first I was empty...
but you leaving has given me a second chance at the happiness i deserve.

I am alive again
and I am stronger than before.

I don't have to pretend anymore
or be afraid of what you think.
I am better off without you,
though it took long enough for me to realize it

The dawn of my life is here,
and I am happy again.....

I finally have a choice.
I have no wit, I have no words, no tears;
My heart within me like a stone
Is numbed too much for hopes or fears;
Look right, look left, I dwell alone;
A lift mine eyes, but dimmed with grief
No everlasting hills I see;
My life is like the falling leaf;
O Jesus, quicken me.
Frances Aug 2015
When you moan my name its better than

Jonah Lavigne Dec 2013
I don't deserve you
Your to good for me
Your a great mom
And a great person
You deserve better than me
I'm not good enough
I never was
I still love you
And if you still choose
To stay with me
I'm the luckiest man alive
Because I couldn't ask
For a better person
If someone spurns you,
The Rejection might cause you to feel angry at first,
But, ultimately,
Fantasies can be Better than Reality
Because they come Without Expectations.
nobody Nov 2014
And I'm sorry about ever knocking on his door.
You deserve better,
Better than me.
And I'm aching for you.
You deserve better,
Better than this.
And I'm trying not to cry in your arms.
You deserve better,
Better than us.
ray Jun 2014
He tells me
You are my perfume
and I will wear you around
So that I will seem better
to other people
And when you run out
or simply bore me
I will toss you aside
and find something better
then lavender and
this sadness
That wafts around me
like the scent of smoke in fabric
and pulls me down
like a lazy sunday morning
This summer is going to be amazing.
After the terrible year I've had,
The terrible mistakes I've made,
The money wasted and the guilt
Earned. It's going to be something
To remember forever.
Giacomo May 2016
Today is world, it is so corrupted.
But he future is decide on our children's.
Teach them humbleness,
And their future will be better,
Than our sadness times..
Dani Jun 2013
because i know.
you're better than drunken weekdays,
and cocaine lines on the bathroom counter,
because you can can flourish faster
than the marijuana plant in the corner.
but what is live fast
die young
if your summer nights aren't filled with dreams
because the alcohol clouds your vision.

you're worth more than one night stands
and that cigarette between your teeth
but satisfaction is an inadequate mask for need,

and desire just gets us into trouble.
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