Swells Apr 2015
I emerge at the calm before the storm
where they can't reach me by the quake
Before the plunge I am unwithered and unworn
calling Mother at the folds where it was torn.

Cast as foetus and bag of stone
I am pulled down into a blend of effulgence
and the lungs linger in my mouth
before settling for breath between the bones;
marked by nascence and polished.

Held in an agitation of hands I am lifted
onto the summit of all things,
and she cries at the final separation
of our veins,
of our beings.
Johan Nel Jul 5
How beautiful a phenomenon to behold, the act of learning without thinking.
The nature of living things.
I do think upon what the effect of making my bed every morning may be.

I do think about the ending of a sentence, the pause and effect.

But can I know every such thing about my biology?
Can I know more about my every atom in the space of being?
A terifically ungraspable question to ask.

What do words do, to the firing of each synapse, in every language that has been?
Even the machine literature.
I speak to the god of life within reason, cause and effect.

I speak of collisions.
I speak of patterns that are too perfect in a beehive.

How fascinating it is to ask this in so many cryptic ways.
© Johan Nel 2018.07.06
nim May 3
Lately, I've been more depressed
Than ever, this feeling
of destruction has been
getting visible over the day,
instead of just at night

Lately, this black hole
Has been swallowing me,
slowly tearing me apart
and I don't know how do deal with it.

I don't feel real
Time passes slowly yet vastly fast
and lately, the thunder's
been scaring me
instead of giving me warm comfort
in the dead silence of my room

the colors don't seem very alive anymore
nothing feels important, to me
...and I don't know
how much longer will it take
before the abyss swallows me whole.

And I mean every single
word that I tell you,
and my every emotion is tangled
and all I'm left with is this mess in wires
so light in my hands,
So easy to throw away

Lately I've been more scared
About death, about existence
And this familiar feeling
Is slowly writing the melody;

A perfect harmony,
Yet so monochrome and monotonous
So devastating, subdoing hope
and lately,

I don't know
What to do
Lately, the things that once
Gave me joy,
Gently swiping though
Pages and pages of books
bring nothing
Desi Mar 8
there are so many people in this world.
Approximately 7.6 billion people
humans are phonomal because there's no other creature like us.
However, there are so many of us.
so many,
I feel suffocated.
There's so many like me,
yet I am the only me.
but why do I matter?
why does anybody matter?

If someone died, people cry, grieve, then forget.
their tears fades as do they.
their memory only lives on to those who knew them.
when they go, we all do.

nobodies death really matters.
people will be sad for a week then go back to life.
live as they did.
the world must spin,
even when it feels like it isn't
KM Hanslik Jun 25
We were laying down our lives
from the beginning, but we didn't know
how cold the nights could be
or how heavy our feet would sound
on wooden floors, we didn't know we were built
for more than coughing up new ways
to pass time, no we were only
practicing for this,
we were only fighting for our lives,
we were only cutting out new patterns & fitting ourselves with
our wrung-out hopes & dreams,
but those fell limp & we didn't realize
there was anything else
I didn't realize these shards in my lungs were leftover
from the first time learning how to crash & burn, the fall left bruises printed
up and down my arms,
under my ribs, but I thought that was
a good thing, I thought
we're supposed to fight for what we love
we're supposed to feel the pain
we are only a billion lonely strangers
laying down our lives here, I'm hoping
you'll pick mine up before it gets trampled on again
although we really do make the finest doormats
for feet heavier than ours, maybe
we will remain in the dust & the sand until
we are buried, or our throats are filled so that we can't ask whose deadweight
we carry today;
so come lie to me,
tell me that this all goes away
I'm tired of playing in the shade by myself, I need fresher dreams
bigger things than childhood fantasies
they tell me I am only make believe
I am only a lonely star, I am only pretending
they don't see the ribbons I cut or the nightmares I chase,
the graves I dig just to survive, just to bury
the rot of older skins I shed on the daily,
we don't like the way the gas in the atmosphere
hides the stars so we seek
open spaces & we lay our hearts in felt-lined boxes thinking
they'll be safer there than in our chests, because our chests might be
caving in tomorrow
compressed under the weight of passerby, if you need me I'll be here
(we didn't know how cold the nights could be)
I'll be laying down my life over here.
Your roots is your foundation
Don't droop
Stand onto your roots
Believe in your your self, get rid of boundaries... Try to stand onto yourself and your knowledge, as I am also trying to.
Tøast 5d
I'm sorry to anyone who's got close to me
Felt my feeling and tried to help.
I'm a sinking ship, a broken tool that no one can fix
An unfixable annomaly without a reason.
High all the time to ignore the fact I was never going to die of old age.

Well it will all be for nothing,
But I never achieved much
Never had a plan anyway
So there isn't much to loose.

So if I can push the people around me,
Ensure they never have to face a hurricane alone,
Give them a feeling of existence, happiness and life,
Then atleast my efforts will not be for nothing.
R Red moon came to soon the red "Viper" love spoon

E Energy trembles hearts race eluding like the Dodge Viper

D Devil red bloody moons demolition Dodge of technology

M The moon of darkness dissolves like lava "Hot Male"
O Orderly overindulgence the moon at a comfortable rhythm
O Out of touch slowly getting back to your outstanding body
N New Age High noon time Eqyptian Nile moon neverending

S Shift of energy simplicity strengthens your existence
T Truly love for the family the moons makes a celebration
A- Able so articulate touch the moon lover fate
R Robin bird flies manifest the ruler the rider risque delighter
S Sensible and a seductive moon she is superstitious

C Circle of light sacred chalice not to be malice
An Amorous depth of feeling delicious Moon love key luxury
R Rituals turns to purity racing minds of sanity ♥ Car Vipers ♥

V Vampires blood moon lessons to be learned
I Ingenious Free yourself from anger all love inked
P Patience is a virtue Moon true Periwinkle blue
E Ecstasy the moon turns on the celebration of love
R Recollection of moon poems time to be Reborn
S Sensational Venus Soulmate of cars Sultry Valentine moon

I can't wait to come home soon that was a trip to my moon.

°• Dodge Viper •°”˜. zoomed off to the Red Moon
Red Moon is mighty tricky but the Viper Valentine red is her light of the higher force she feels like the Aphrodite its s rhyme of pleasurable reason  lets find a new drive full moon got her in love like her first time
This is it you believe it
Journey was so long and boring
Yes, your face again and again
Emerged in cigarette' smoking rings
You similed, but went lost immediately
I knew what is the existence
Neither you as body nor your love
All this remains alive only in thoughts
Trouble it with,
Thoughts are changed too
Same like pages of my  diary
With faded ink they can not say yet anything
To that I want to listen now.

Tapan Susheel
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