Richard j Heby Apr 2014
reality does not exist
in the mirror
sweetestdownfall Mar 2015
If love does not exist in this world,

We will make a new world
Furnish it with
Surprisingly vibrant red walls
and flamboyant interiors.

If love will exist in the other world
Love me back
So we can hear
Our voices to resonate
In unity
In clarity

If love will never exist
Let me still love you
Because love exists
Within me.
Jasmin Jul 2015
She wanders,
guided by her lost soul.
She spills arts,
coming from her pure heart;
She writes words no one can understand,
yet she speaks it like it was kept in her mind
for so long, just waiting for someone to find it.
She is a masterpiece of her own,
but she has a heart of stone.
Christopher Lowe Oct 2014
Let these words
Be an extension
Of my soul
Because I'm over committed  
To Being
An Existentialist
And my existence
Is far beyond
Just existing
Damien Frost Jan 2015
Existence is not life. Existence is not 'to be'. Existence is not something we could derive. By itself, Existence does not mean anything. Existence does not exist.
H W Erellson Jun 2014
You down there in the depths
In the dark and lifeless ends,
Stop fantasizing over those non-existents,
Over those perpetual angles and starlit kisses.
Crawl out of the abyss, fingers bloody, and
Embrace a human.
Leave those non-existents far behind your wake.

I can’t.
They’re all I have.

Meek and powerless
Human kind stops breeding,
Stops loving.
there is no substitute for real flesh, for conversation, for smiles and human warmth.

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Paul Butters Sep 2014
Nothing is not black
It has no colour.
The blackness of space is black
But nothing is nothing.
No light or dark,
No taste or smell
Or touch.

Nothing cannot know it is nothing
No more than we can know
When we are gone.

Our transient existence is a blessing
Here on Earth, beneath the Sun.
Sunshine shining, blindingly bright
Upon the foliage
Of Paradise bathed in light.

Paul Butters
I am moving with the stream
not worrying about the destiny even where they are going
or what they think

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
Marley Jane Jun 2014
It is cruel to love the pieces of this world
With all the pieces of you
That fit
Into its existence and yours.....
But flow into mediocrity
Nadine Swain Dec 2014
I am a fleeting existence
In this world
Of constant change

Where everyone you love
Seems to disintegrate
Just when they start loving you back
LN Oct 2014
You exist to be written and
spoken about in poetry.
Paramount Pawn Apr 2015
Your being here
Is a testimony of fate.
That your existence alone
Is the reason for my existence.
Joshua Haines May 2017
I approach most desires
like a competition; can I
fuck better than him;
can I be famous at twenty-
-three since he was famous at
twenty-four -- I must be able
to sink better than him.

God, it is exhausting. I
feel like I'm dancing with
a machine; a phantom that
I can never catch, for it runs
on my blood; my insecurities;
my passion -- and, boy, oh boy,
can I attest to having plenty of
  that stuff, ladies and germs.

I think, truly, that I am
encompassing the American Dream
I think is utterly flawed; that I think
is futile in nature; that I am sure of
is the closest thing to Hell, in this
Godless, spiritually motherless
dark shoebox of sudden collisions;
this space of useful and useless
results, splayed onto and into
our hearts, asking for reverence.

There is nothing  I want more
than to be sure that my importance
is not illusory. I am not sure if
I am real.
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