Ugo Feb 2013
Funny how we woke up in the morning
and pretended that tomorrow never happened—
strutted naked in mirrors celebrating our youth,
laughing, knowing suns and moons couldn’t do the same.

We borrowed our arms from the fridge
and peddled bicycles with bad breath—
trading war stories ‘cause we knew
if we came back alive
life would still be the death of us.
Dallas Allen Jul 2013
if you do not want to talk to someone
you used to have the balls to say it,
if i am annoying or bothering, then tell me and i will leave you the hell alone
but do not be a cowardly pathetic pleb and get your boyfriend to
tell me you want left alone on facebook
what happened to you, and what happened to society

me and you used to be close, i was there when
everyone else turned there back and made fun of you
i stayed there and took the crap everyone gave me for it
and didn't give a single sh*t, and then you get a new boyfriend
as well as three friends with benefits and you want me to leave you alone
well i'm glad you don't have time to be my friend when i
broke up with three girls, got in a fight and took a lecture from my entire family
and still stayed at your back,
i am tired of this, when do you get friends that are as loyal to you as you are to them
It once happened
that a child was spared punishment
through earnest solicitation.
Love Jan 2014
What happened to the love I used to show?
To that one girl,
or boy,
that I used to like?
What happened to my love for them?
Now I just flirt.
And its not a loving flirt,
its an empty,
and soul less flirt.
I've turned into a whore.
chris iannotti Jun 2014
I got AT&T; not Virgin Mobile,
but I’m a mobile virgin, with an STD:
Stupid Talent, Dude.
Haven’t even gotten my first nude
yet, or my noodle wet.
This is a very brief beat poem that I created by speaking aloud to myself during the last 2 minutes of a car ride just moments ago and right before I pulled into my driveway. Enjoy! :P
Emily Dunigan Mar 2016
happened to think of the time i was happy
when chills came down my spine every time we touched
we didn’t sleep so i brewed my tea with the bags under your eyes
and nothing could stop us from being us.

happened to think of the time i was sad
when i saw you i felt like i was going to throw up my breakfast
we didn’t speak so i didn’t speak
and nothing could bring me back to me

happened to think of the time i tried again
when i thought it would all be the same
we didn’t sleep in fear of breaking again
and nothing could make us speak

happened to think of the time i realized that this isn’t it
when you were sitting in front of me
we said our goodbyes
and nothing could ever be the same

happened to think of the time i found me
when i was finally happy again
we were nothing
and we will never be anything
Middy Oct 2017
You can't take it
You can't live with it
The pain is too much
The kids at school
They keep hurting you
Or maybe it was your father
Maybe your mother
Maybe they're both dead
Like how you will be soon
Maybe you're in love with abusers
Maybe you are simply sad
But either way
You can't take it anymore

You take a rope from the attic
You grab a gun from the cuboard
You steal a knife from the kitchen
You're at the bridge over the river
You're on a railway with a train
Wherever you are
Whatever you have
It doesn't matter now

You take a rope from the attic
The kids at school
They taunt you and laugh
They say they wish you were dead
Well their wish is coming true
You're suffocating
You're silent
You're gone

You grab a gun from the cuboard
Safety is off
You're in your room
You whisper a goodbye
To the father who hurt you
To the brother who loves you
The shot can be heard for miles
You're gone

You steal a knife from the kitchen
Your mother's prying eyes
Who breaks your heart
With hateful words
You're in your bathroom
You hold the knife to your wrist
Your lifeline is bleeding out
The blood is on the white floor
You're gone

You're on a bridge
There's a cold and fast flowing
River of tears and sorrow
Your mother is gone
Your father is gone
Time for you to go
You leave your other family
Who are grieving with you
You jump
You fall
You're gone

You're at a railway with a train
Ready to hit you with pain
It wouldn't be the driver's fault
It was the abuser
You thought loved you
But you were wrong
You are hit by the train
It stops with your broken heart
You're gone

Where is the rope burn?
It burns your parents
They weep and wail
They lost their child
They're sunk into a sea of sadness
They read the note
They beg dear god above
" why were we not enough? "

Who did you shoot?
Your brother's chest
He's staring silently
At his sibling's dead body
As he stutters and sobs
He wonders
" why was I not enough? "

Who was stabbed?
Why your sister
She doesn't know who to talk to
She doesn't know who can help
As she screams for the neighbors
As your heartbeat stops
" why was I not enough? "

Who drowned?
The family you left behind
Your uncle is silent
Your aunt is shocked
Your cousins, your grandparents
They cant believe it
" why were we not enough? "

Where is the wound?
It bleeds in your friends' hearts
No matter how many you have
Or rather had
They can't stop crying
They can't stop thinking
" why were we not enough? "

Your name is in the papers
You're on the front covers
The world is full of tears
The news reporter is upset
There's a book with your name
There's bloody roses on your grave
Marked with your name

You stop
You think
You put away the rope
You put the gun back
You replace the knife
You walk away from the bridge
You run off the railway
You hide your tears in the rain
But you think
Think, think.
Maybe you can live one more day
Or two days, three days,
Four days, five days, six days
A week or two
A month or more
A year or so
Maybe forever
You won't take away the pain by killing yourself. All you'll do is pass it on
People care, I promise they do.
If no one does, I do.
What's happening to all of us? The so-called generation of tomorrow?
Don't you remember how we used to be?
Before we all grew up, swearing that when we're "big" we're never going to smoke or drink?
That boys were yucky and girls had Germs?
Remember how carefree we all used to be? It didn't matter to us what people said or even what they thought. We didn't care if our hair got wet or a stain got on to our clothes.

Now we've turned everything around, never meaning the words that we said. Its as if every memory of who we were, has shattered, into tiny bits of pieces.
Remember the dreams we had when we were young? The morals and virtues we swore we'd never rid of, holding on to these for dear life, yes still we threw them away.

The people we are, the children we used to be, now a totally new adolescent. A conjunction of minuscule parts of both  our past and present.

Remember the days we all were friends, no backstabbing, no lies, and complete honestly.

Sharing the humour, not hiding the facts, lived life freely, what happened to us? What happened to the people we used to be?

The all grew up that's what happened I guess, but now barely recognisable. The little child still somewhere deep in the interior of the hard outside we've formed.

Making ourselves to seem like we're stubborn, matured adults, when that's really what we're not.
We're a mixture of what we all used to be and a huge part made up of what we've been through.
All our experiences, both good and bad. All our dreams, some nourished since we were young, and others newly spurted. Our decisions to give in to peer pressure, or resist temptation. Our choices. Our friends, the ones that uplift is and the ones that have torn us down. Our family, the ones who loved us and the ones who have hurt us. Our education, tons of learning experiences. Our relationships, that all formed our inner beings more intricate than all of the above. Our emotions leading us and misleading us to where we might or might not end up . Look, i'm not saying all these things determine where we end up but they sure do influence it.

And that's what happened to us.

That is what we've become and that's what we are. That's made up all the parts of who we really are.

What's happened to us, I repeatedly ask , though the answer, it seems so clear.

Hard to accept, what we've become and who we strive to be.
Morgan Hillhouse Sep 2012
A lost dream- story untold
Tears shed,
     Scars that need mending.
Blood runs cold - a bruise here or there
Fire burns, lost intentions
A scream in the distance,
     Nothing to gain.
Sorrow becomes the song for this maiden.

A silver lining tangles in the clouds.
A heart is pure and soft,
Challenges ahead - sorrow runs deep
The sea of love is one unknown
Appetite for someone's touch,
     Depth of passion

No map to follow,
     Journey can be harsh.
No urgency to finish the adventure.
There must be a golden light at the end...
It might be painful
It might be disdainful
It might be lightning
It is so frightening
Could be the thunder
That has my number
It could be Jesus knocking
concerned about my mocking
It could be my future
or my lack of culture
It could be those fried reasons
maybe it's Jackie Gleason
It could be the hollow
that always seems to follow
me into the night
so black without any sight
It could be a light
from my star at height
tumbling through the heavens
or bread that is unleavened . . .

All I know is it just happened
while I was here just napping
Have you ever suddenly realized a truth that just comes out of the blue .
megan catcher Jun 2014
I dont get why reading a book is 'being nerdy' nowadays.
I dont get why kissing and fucking everybody is great nowadays. Only if you're a girl you'll get projected as a slut.

What happened to respecting others and respecting yourself.
What happened to saying hello, or smiling to a stranger.
What happened to feeling great on a cloudy day.

Everyone is putting you in a place where you should feel a certain way.
For example: Mondays.
Everyone hates Mondays. And most people are so grumpy on Mondays, which is understandable, but still.
People think I am weird for feeling great on a Monday.

Therefore I am weird, I am weird because I am happy on most Mondays.

It makes no sense.

What happened to humanity.
Madhurima Mar 2015
We grew up with our hearts on our sleeves
I wonder what went wrong?
What happened that made us stop

Adding melodies to our song?

When did the pessimism bulldoze its way

over our shining wanderlust?
Did we close our eyes to beauty and wonder

because we were afraid of the dust?

Perhaps the answer lies in our palms
We just never look at them.
Busy trying to grow our soul from the roots
But cut ourselves off at the stem.
Procrastinating studying for exams. Eek.
Hope you like it.
Daniel Arocho Dec 2014
I happened upon eternity,
But I did not drink from her cool waters.
For a lifetime in this skin,
Is long enough for my brittle soul.
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