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Blake Nov 15
It all made sense
I felt so safe
Now it’s a mess
And I’m so afraid

What’s happened to me who am I now
I used to smile wide now I all I do is look down
As the tears fall from my face
It’s hard to believe that I once had grace

But it’s true
The world did once make sense
I was relaxed and carefree
I wasn’t always so tense

My eyes were full of wonder
Open wide so I could see
The beauty I would ponder
My heart was full of glee

I’m not the girl that I was a time ago
I have changed a lot, I’m scared of what I don’t know
I don’t keep my eyes open
For fear of what I’ll see
I never view the world as golden
It’s all black as black can be

What’s happened to me who am I now
I used to smile wide now all I do is look down
As the tears fall from my face
Because I’m so afraid

I opened my eyes for I thought I’d find
A world full of people who were righteous and kind
When instead I got tricked by those I loved most
I thought I knew them but now they’re just a ghost

I thought I was seeing the light in the dark
When really all I saw was what I wanted to be
I thought they were my saviour, my animals for their Ark
But they were only lying, my true saviour is me

But what’s there to save
Who am I now that all I am is afraid
What’s there to bring back
From the dark where so long in silence I sat

For if I’m looking to save who I used to be
I should give up now for I don’t have the key
To the coffin that she’s in, deep underground
Where she’s stiff and still, and never makes a sound

Who I used to be is gone and dead
So should I try to save the new me instead?
Is the new one a person who I want to save?
To save from the dark and a permanent grave?
For if the me that I used to be,
Is dead and gone how different must I be
And is different good, do I like who I am
Enough to try and fight away the dark land
And live with in light for the rest of my life?
I’m not really sure if that’s worth such a fight.

What’s happened to me who am I now
I used to smile wide now all I do is look down
As the tears fall from my face
All I can do now is sit and contemplate
The question of if and when
I will cry again and again
I will die. But if and when?

What happened to me
Who I am now
There is no more glee
All I do is look down
The world took my wonder
There’s nothing in my eye
I became a goner
And now I want to die
Ehhhhh not the best but, it got out some of my emotions soooo yay go me? I guess?
Ww Sep 13
: we grew tired, I guess
  puffed the last smoke
  from from our burnt down cigarettes.
I don't remember the exact year
But the huge news was that a teacher was going into space
Our whole school watched the launch
In the auditorium
(Or Maybe the cafeteria...it was on television screens, and it wasn't dark)
It was a huge deal
Everyone was excited
And then
It exploded
That is the weirdest moment
I've ever experienced

In that auditorium
Watching all those  teachers
Figure out what they were
Gonna say next
And the worst part about it was that the big deal about it was a school teacher, Christa MCauliff (i probably spelled her name wrong, my aoplogies for that) was so awesome and excited and likable.  She was sooooooo excited to be going into soace, and it was clear for all to see.  It was heartbreaking for everyone when it blew up on the launch.  She didn't even get to go into space.
I know a guy who lives a happy life
in a comfortable home.
He showed me a photo
of all his good friends.
Hopefully, someday I'll
become his best friend.
I need to know that
I matter in his life.
That's selfish,
but I need to know
that I made a difference
in somebody's life
for the better,
I'll take a photo of us together
and from then on
we'll always be best friends,
Feedback welcomed!
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