LeaveThisLife Nov 2014
I never really liked
My name
Until I found out
What it tastes like
When you write it in frosting
On top of a cake
I found this on Tumblr and needed to share it with you!
Judypatooote Mar 2015

Back in my day, children wore high top shoes.
Girls white, boys brown.
Because they gave you ankle support.

What would mom say now?
High tops are back.
But not for kids
there can't be any ankle support
For they have 7" heels
Some with a zipper up the back
And cut out pointed toes
With silver sparkles
What a difference 70 years makes
Now we should be back into high tops
Girls white, boys brown
Because they give you ankle support...

By judy
I just found a picture of me in high tops as a little girl.  That brought  on a poem....
LJ Chaplin Apr 2015
The lights go out as another day
Draws to a close,
In the distance sirens of an ambulance
Ripples through the stillness
Of the night,
I ache,
I'm tired,
But I'm restless.
The staircase extends beyond my feet,
Up into a blank space
Where light cannot reach
And darkness can wait
For me to enter.
I can feel its eyes on me,
Fixated on my body
As I approach the first step.
I don't know why,
But the lingering presence
Is always there,
As if it waits with arms crossed
And draped against my bedroom door,
It sense my fear and I sense its intent:
To creep into my mind,
To feed off the chaos that stirs
Each and every day.
© LJ Chaplin
Zhivagos Muse Jul 2013
I stood at the top of the stairs, waiting & watching,

to see his car come winding around the bend,

up to our street and into the driveway.

Filled with anticipation & mischief, I listened quietly for his footsteps,

the jingling of his keys, as he unlocked the front door.

There I stood, hidden, trying not to breathe,

as I listened to him slowly climb the stairs, feet weary from the day.

Full of hope and excitement I jumped out,

'Boo!' I gleefully shouted, with a smile perched on my lips.

Time stood still, if but for a moment,

searching his face, I focused in on his eyes.

Expecting to see joy and amusement,

instead I was confronted only with a frown of annoyance.

My smile departed almost as quickly as it had arrived.

Filled with disappointment, as I watched him move past me, not even touching.

Down the hallway to his room, briefcase in hand, shutting the door behind him.

Leaving me at the top of the stairs,

with a hole in my heart.
The flame in my flesh burns tor like
Above conventions of average humanity,
Propelled to hatred of their opposite
By the pristine charm in the streaks of culture,
Their Florence comes from the glory of orthodoxities
In the time long fibres of religious pockets,
Islam, Christian, Hinduism and all that steadily
And firmly in piety aver perfection of Godliness,
Forgetting the flame of same sex with oral spice
In the God made flesh of the dear lesbian daughter,
Spell binding the equivalent in blossoms of the gay,
Provoking hatred from the threatened heterosexists,
But the oral sex of a lesbian is an apex of human pleasure
Surpassing all on earth and in heaven, as no human barricade
Of whatsoever caliber will cull lesbian’s feelings
From the glorious power in the genitals on kiss of lips,
As the tongue of the chic wag from side to other
Touching fountains of sexual glory in cement of sameness
Throwing threats of law and black order to dustbins
And trash yards of anachronisms as the power of LGBT
Engulfs the young world into in its protégé,
Shamelessly tethered on the sensual tentacles
Of maximum gusto in the prick of oral sex with a dear ‘less’
In tune with all rhythms of the times
Remaining strange to the conservatives,
Ever seeking pleasure from where pain hails
Living gloomy life on a brink of melancholia,
Worry not lesbian daughter you are powerful,
In one away or so, rise up and walk tall
You have power in your oral sex,
Oral sex! Oral sex! Oral sex of a lesbian!
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
There are pretty flowers and wild roses                                                                         Coming from within those pretty cracks of                                                                   That Rock of Suicide with many places of                                                                       Wild and green grass ......................                                                                                   That rock was never for those who like take                                                                   Their lives by their own hands anytime .................                                                          I feel as life is over there and when there is                                                                           Life in a certain life ,then                                                                                                  Committing suicide becomes banned ...........................                                                              Committing suicide never solves any ordeal                                                                   Simply because there are ways to invest life well ...........                                              That Rock of Suicide is only for love ,life ,and even more ................                        ___________________­__
I am against anyone who commits suicide simply because we all need you .
Black Swan Mar 2010
Alpha Male, born
Into this the world
To take over, lead,
Show the way, and
Otherwise take charge.
Alpha Male, dominant
By design of nature,
The strong survive, but
Cunning and courage
Have their place too.
Alpha Male, chooses,
Picks only the best, finest,
That is his right;
It is meant to be.
The when and where,
He decides too.
Alpha Male, leader
Of the Clan, where
There is trouble,
Where even savagery
Might be in order,
There he is too.
Alpha Male, born
Into this the world
To take over, lead,
Show the way, and
Otherwise take charge
Until a vibrant, young,
New Alpha Male
Comes along and
Kills the old one.
Black Swan © 2001
Top of an eminence.
Nogikus are most largely swaying
In the wind.
Anonymous Mar 2015
Always on your mind
no matter where you are
your mistakes are always with you
never forgotten
lingering in the back of your mind
reminders of failure
brooke Nov 2013
at the top of the stairs,
shadowed, but fringed
in sunlight, bent down
to rub my ankle, stopped
to wipe your lips, stopped
to turn and smile, traveling
up your arm in the snow
curled fingers around my
toes after soaked boots
a hundred mugs of
apple cider and the
click of your eyelids
taking photographs.
(c) Brooke Otto

muscle memory.
samasati Aug 2012
put on a gown
and wave like a queen

in a batmobile

you keep your crown stored
in a top dresser drawer

underneath black lace lingerie
with the tags still on

put it on

you’ve got nice legs

notice them

I’d kill for a body like yours
so put your hand on your chest

and feel the beat tell you
you’re worth so much more

than you think you are
so it’s about time

you opened that top drawer
Matt Mar 2015
If you visit google's home page today
You will see a Japanese man
Examining noodles with a microscope

Thank you Momofuku Ando!
For inventing Top Ramen
Although not the healthiest choice

Here are the sodium levels for each flavor

Top Ramen Oriental Flavor-- 800 mg 33% daily value
Top Ramen Beef Flavor-- 760 mg 32 % daily value
Top Ramen Chicken Flavor-- 910 mg 38% daily value
Top Ramen Shrimp Flavor-- 860 mg 36% daily value
Top Ramen Picante Beef Flavor-- 780 mg 32% daily value
Top Ramen Chili Flavor-- 760 mg 32% daily value

If you are watching your sodium levels
Stay away from the chicken and shrimp flavors

Many college students
Throughout the past few decades
Have relied on Top Ramen
As they crammed for their exams

I have even indulged
And enjoyed Top Ramen
Once or twice
During my early college years
Emily Elliott Nov 2017
i want to live
that's a lie
i want to die
it doesn't matter
the pain i feel
has become too real
the brightness in my life
has quickly gone away
the darkness
overcame me
the love in my life
slipped through my fingers
the sadness
took over
the light
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