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"where it stops nobody knows"

Just a few words connect
threads of thought
in a passing moment

A fray dangles
by a strand of fiber
— a conspicuous      
an interesting
thread to pull:

    If it begins to unravel,..
it just might not stop
until the tapestry
is a tangled ***
of unspooled thread

Jesse Stillwater ... September 2018
be careful when you pull a loose thread
poke a sleeping bear :)

Thank you for reading :)
Woman 6d
it's okay i realize
in life a certain
anymore, every person
is fighting the pull
to conform.
to be different
is sacred to the soul
but when
i'm walking in a mall
a gunman is in,
i **** well
want to conform
and be invisible
to him.
bythesea Nov 2017
it's so easy how i fold to you
like silk is melting over me
you smell like your mouth and
feel like an ocean

i can't begin to feel for you
you hold my neck and call me a
you cup my ears and tell me
you've begged for me
i don't believe you. i don't know you yet

you kissed me and i didn't kiss you back
I like the way
Gravity falls on you
Sway away pull me in
The way your atoms hold
My knees buckle and fold
Your laugh’s frequency in tune
Brings my heart to bloom
The brightness of your smile
Shadows my doom
Stop and stare for a while
I’ll be empty of gloom

Pull the trigger.

**** me.

So that I can no longer paint my emotions with lies.
Sometimes you just can't describe moments you only feel it

I was waiting for my prince but he never came.
So I went looking for him.

It's as strange as people go from lovers to strangers.
Do not bring love today,
I want your shame.

My hobby  now is to see depressed girls with pink wigs.

I need you to hurry up when you're going to make decisions.
Because I need you now.
Here on this terrace near the sea.
Looks like I'm lying on the seashore.

I wanted to be like ***.
Have access to a door to the infinite of an unreal place.

To be honest, we all create an unreal world a surreal fantasy when we are rejected.

And so when the pain begins to flow, we look for ways to define love.

Do you think I'm a ****** girl?

Pull the trigger.

It ends my agony of not being able to love.

Pull out the rug.

Drop me into reality.

Sometimes people make us think we're on the test.

No one can see anyone's heart.
But we all have a concept of what the other feels.
No one can see the heart beating.
But everyone thinks we're alive.

Pull the trigger.

And I end up feeling like I'm repeating the same mistakes.
I do not want to have unreal feelings.
Get the feeling of being looking for nothing.

Pull the trigger

**** what's already dead
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