Lunar Apr 2014
you said that
you love it when it rains.
little did you know that
it rains
whenever i shed a tear.
maybe that's why
you seem happy
even if i'm hurt;
you enjoy
whenever i cry.
and i'll always end up
exchanging your sorrow
for my euphoria,
in hopes of you
loving the rain—
me, my tears, and my pain.
Cry with me
Reassemble my broken heart
Yesterday was yesterday so today cry with me
First poem up! Hope you like it...
Esperanzavenisia Sep 2014
This is nothing but another depressed soul

Typing away all that I know

See I've been months clean

But there is things unseen

A smile that is fake

A laugh they can't take

Beneath it all something I couldn't take
Carly Bunch May 2014
i still remember the look in his eyes.
The way he looked at my body.
As if i was a piece of meat.
A piece of candy on Halloween.
Like what i wanted didnt matter.

I could tell he couldnt wait to do what he pleased.
Because he knew i wouldnt be able to do anything.
Even though i said no he still pulled me into his grasp.
i was scared
but he didnt care.

he went in as hard as he could no matter how much i pleaded.
his eyes looked hungry

im still scared to this day to see that look in someones eyes.
it gives me nightmares and makes me want to cry
i never want to see those eyes again.
Alana S Sep 2015
my tears aren’t forced
they flow in that
dark tunnel that she
dreamed so long ago
she wasn’t ready
to take her first steps
I wasn’t ready to
take mine without her.
Little things bring her back
like empty bowls or the tower
of books she’s never going to read.
People have been calling this a
trauma, but they’ve forgotten the
loneliness of life’s journey. She dreamed
a tunnel and added bright lights
and dusted the floor with powdery snow
she traveled far yet I can
only see the trails of
milk puddling around the lost key that she
dropped under blankets
of memory and phrases of
I-promise and tomorrow. I’m growing up as
she falls down. She wasn’t
perfect but that’s why it
was so easy to love her.
My journey’s ongoing, and the
deep undercurrents of pain and
grief are pulling me through
that tunnel.
I’m rowing softly by,
quietly, quietly,
as she is laid to rest.
her memories swallow the emptiness
she is kneeling at the throne.
I follow slowly and leave my
tears for her to know that life’s
path isn’t paved in water but
with sorrow, with endings, and with lost
boats on turbid seas.
Ashen Complexion May 2015
"It takes guts to be kind and gentle."

~Theres a difference between being kind and acting as a doormat.

Being a doormat literally welcomes people to walk over you.~
Adam Mar 2015
Cry your eyes blind
no longer recognize
forever lost, never to find
never to change your mind
the smell of sweet pine
the texture of its rind
you will never lay yours eyes

Oh to what surprise
crying your eyes blind
accomplishes nothing but anguish
Mehar Bawa Jul 2014
And those teeth became more visible as she just smiled looking at herself in the mirror.
Blood in her hands.
Blood on the floor.
Red all around.
Silence had captured within it,all the sound.

She knew it was wrong but she wanted to do it anyway!
And she did it,The knife in,the knife out,and yet again,the knife in the knife out.

A part of her didn't know which hurt more,being alive or being dead!
Because the pain before killing her was equivalent to the pain after killing her.
For all she knew was her inside was dark as hell.

She had killed her own daughter before they could kill her.
She knew she had been fed with slow killing poison which she didn't want for her angel.

The girl child is a curse said the cruel world!
The minds of these people are curled.

The stories of her past to no one she could tell!
Going back to the times when the smile was not by the demons but by the angels was not something she could do.
For all she knew was her thoughts were too powerful yet she was too powerless.
She wanted to bring a change.
But she gave up too soon.
Who said her inside was dark,
It was indeed the only beautiful place in the living hell.
The world is just the doom.

Save the girl child the heavens cried.
The world became better for at least someone tried!
Caitlin Jun 2014
It seems like a lot of key people in my life are leaving
Or are in the process of leaving
Or already gone.

I often wonder why?
Why leave? Why now?

My grandfather passed away..
My band director quit..
My youth pastor is transferring..

Many influentual people have left.
I don't know what I'm gonna do…..
Madisen Kuhn May 2013
i cry to feel emotion

to sympathize
to confirm my mortality
to express joy
to release bottled up
     hate, sadness, guilt

but the worst is when i cannot cry
i beg the tears to trickle down my face,
only for me to wipe them away

the absence of them
makes me feel like
my sentiments aren’t true
     they’re fraud, phony, insincere

if i can’t control or understand my own tears
why should i expect someone
to dry them for me?

because i can’t explain
why they’re present in one instance
and absent in the next
Lunar Jul 2014
love me once,
leave me twice,
the first
i let it go.
school and friends,
you told me
"don't do so."

love me once,
leave me twice,
i knew you,
all too well.
promised words;
a broken heart,
down the hole
i fell.

love me once,
leave me twice,
you left me
all alone.
with lack of warmth
and happiness,
without you
was not home.
i don't really have a broken heart anymore, but let's say i enjoy writing sad poetry because i love to empathize and feel how others feel. in other words, i like to write for those people, especially those who don't know how to express themselves.
Kay Meraz Jun 2012
i tell my mother

"one day they will come around, one day they'll understand your struggles"

but she cries still.

and i cry.

i tell my father

"this is your chance to be the dad, you never were"

but he forgets.

and they call me and they cry

and i cry.

i tell my brother,

"she is your mother no matter what"

but he forgets,

and she cries.

and i cry.

i tell my sister,

"dont be afraid of being a single mother"

but she stays,

and she cries.

and i cry.

i tell my little brother,

"theres more to life than a girl"

but he gets another, and another.

and he cries.

and i cry.

and when i need those three words to keep me from dying,

they forget.

and i cry.
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2015
I thought I forgot you
I thought I long had you buried
Deep in my memory.
I thought you could no longer haunt me
Like you used to do so often.
I thought I got over you
Until your eyes met mine today,
Once or twice at most and that was about it.

I couldn't look at you,
I couldn't look at you without bursting into tears,
So I burst into laughter instead.
And I suppose that you saw through my fake act.

You were there in your corner,
There in your pedestal,
There in your elegance
Drawing something dangerously beautiful
And you were beautifully dangerous.
And I,
I could only watch you from a distance
And learn to admire you
Without touching you,
Without kissing you,
Or fucking you.

We exchanged a conversation
About random things
You know, like
How it took me about an hour
To take a proper picture of the cat you gave me,
How it tragically died,
How I didn't cry when it died...
But I actually did cry when it died...

You looked all right, seriously.
There in your peaceful world
That I no longer was part of.
There in your artistic mind,
There in your capacity to forget,
There in your tendency to break promises,
There in the awful effect you always have on me.

So you said goodbye
Because you had something to go back to.
I said goodbye
Even though I had nothing to go back to.

We parted ways once again,
Me with your drawing pencil in my bag
And you, you my dear, with a piece of me
Inside your pocket.

I remember you once said forever, but you only lied.
I went home,
I went home and cried.

-- Eleanor
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