Anastasia Webb Apr 2014
Slippery tentacles swirl,
overlapping each other
in eagerness,
the others.

To be mindless
clay thoughts
clumping, and
with the tide.

Slimy, as seaweed
but smoother, and yet
as well.

Slipping, sliding,
simple thoughts of
simple arms of the
Gideon Apr 2015
In this far strange land
Is a place i call home
Someday we'll return
To our loved ones at home
And won't have to fight to be
Brothers in arms

Brothers i ate with
Fought with
Bled with
With my last breath
I'll stand by you
My brothers in arms

Let us fight till the end
Just as we did before
As we march on to victory
With blood on our hands
Side by side
With our brothers in arms
River Scott Feb 2015
I hate the cold

Because I am naturally cold
And I never feel safe
Outside of heat
And the best heat

Is in your arms.

This is kinda crappy I dunno.
We cuddle naked
On a lonely island, in the sea,

Where our bodies press each other
On the sand, under the tree.

With sound of splashing waves,
Your arms tangle me, legs ready to heave.

Where we make love to each other,
My body under yours, we are so free.
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Catrina Hemker Oct 2013
"you really are beautiful,
in your own kind of way",
he says
     as he spits through his teeth

in what way is that,
i wonder?

in a way that can't be crammed into a size five dress?
in a way that isn't actually aesthetically appealing?
in a way that's too intelligent to find your misogynistic outburst colored flattery?

he pushes the wire-like hair away from my face
and wipes an angry tear from my freckled cheek
     "see, all you have to do is try."

oh, boy
     that's what i'll do
so i can catch another in a long line of "men" who think i COULD be beautiful

as if beauty is only one color
     one size
     one shape
as if it can truly be measured with a bathroom scale and a hand-held mirror
and can be purchased at a costly brand-name outlet in a shopping mall near you

my mother's mother has an affinity for referring to my twenty-three extra pounds
in a way that one refers to the neighbor's busted-down ford that needs towed away
"oh, catrina, you really could be so gorgeous,
     if you'd just get rid of some of your fluff."

she pinches at my sides
     and the backs of my arms
     and the little curve at the tops of my thighs
          just below my ass
like i'm an over-stuffed pillow on her antique love-seat
that's about to burst at the seems
     should the seemstress not pull out the threads with her teeth
and remove the unsightly over-fill like black-heads from a slender nose

everything she buys me comes from a plus sized store
     and wears a fat filthy double XL on it's tag

considering that i factually only need a large
i fight back my plump tears and wear a cheap smile
as i give thanks i don't mean
and kiss her on her heavily perfumed cheek
     "oh, such lovely lips
     why not a splash of lipstick?"

as soon as i'm out of her home state
i take the clothes back to the "big-girl" store
and trade them in for pizza and beer money

the girl behind the counter ironically weighs ninety-two pounds soaking wet
and that's only if she's still got on her padded bra
     and supposedly sexy
since when were curves a curse?
and who the fuck decided it was a good idea to pattent worth with a lipstick shade, anyway?

     no way

i am beautiful without having to paint myself that way
my existence is not defined by the shape i take
my flaws and imperfections can't be remidied with any myriad of poking and plucking
     nipping and tucking
and all of my greatness and wonder sure as shit outweigh a tiny bleach-blonde bimbo

fuck you
     and that pretty little pony you rode in on

i refuse to be pressed against a rubric and graded like a show-dog whose owner will only settle for best-in-show
     and kicks his failure of a companion sharply in the ribs when he doesn't bring home another ribbon

this obsession of society's is making us sick
we don't teach our children compassion and empathy
     we instead instill their heads with talk of thread count
     and color schemes
     how to brush on blush
     and how to pick a suit
cute won't save the world

i beg you sisters
let us not give this disease to our daughters
let us not allow our sons to carry the gene

     let's put to rest the ill-concieved notion of our beauty residing without us
          rather than within

let us never again bow down to the revlon gods of vanity

we are Woman
     and we deserve to finally soar
Gideon Apr 2015
I have watched you suffer
While the battle raged on
Though i nearly died
For once i was never alone
You did not desert me
My brothers in arms

There are so many different worlds
And in all may we triumph
As we did once before
Let our blood
Water the trees of liberty
May the moon howl our names
Across mountains and seas
Let our tales be told
By the children unborn

It's a life we have to live
Until we no more do
It hurts us badly though
Everyone has to die
Now i bid you farewell
My brothers in arms

As we journey into the life
Beyond and after
May we stand together
Forever as brothers in arms
Josiah Wilson Feb 2014
Red hair, soft lips
Eyes closed tight
Let me be the one
Who wakes you up tonight

With a soft, soft kiss
And a gentle touch
Girl, I need you
So very much

Just open your eyes
And hold me tight
Let me be the one
Who stays with you tonight
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2014
I come from darkness
And such as a moth
Beating itself
To death
Against a flame,
In your arms, I burn
Just the same.

Steve D'Beard Jun 2014
Tethers that prevent flight
from shaken swollen tears
feathers spent in woeful plight
and a snipers cross-hair sight
amid muffled explosive cheers

Brothers in Arms
never lost to forgotten years
and the sound of a distant gunshot
is all that he hears.

R.I.P. Sgt L.J.
ode to a good friend killed in combat
Iraq 2004
Today would've been his birthday
Katie Nicole Jul 2014
-your arms-
          they lift me up
-your words-
          hold me together

but those eyes...
         they melt my heart
K603 May 2014
His arm drapped across me,
                        around  and  under.
He  holds  me  tightly
       as  a  rock  but
                           light  as a  feather.
We  mold  to
         each  other,
   that's  how
                         we  should  *be
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