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Daisy Marrow May 2014
Lay down your burden.
Lay down your arms.
Hardship is over and all is numb.
You finally get to rest.
You finally get to let go.
Fall down in the snow and let nature take you.
You are not alone, never.
Thousands of bodies are scattered on the battlefield.
They all had lives.
They all had futures.
They all ended too soon.
Go ahead and turn the snow strawberry red.
Your song will be played.
Your name will live on.
We will remember you forever more.
So rest now, my soldier.
Your brothers shall bring the peace.
fists clenched
fingers torqued,
palms reddened

raise up the length
twist tight -the center,
muscle, guns...

feel the power
cheek to cheek

I live to see my arms.

Admire me.
She Writes Jul 23
I cannot find the right words
To describe the way it feels
To be wrapped up in your arms
Soft breaths on my neck
Nails scratching your back
I cannot explain it
But in your arms I am home
And I know I am where I belong
I could have laid there
and spent...
that moment
this forever-
Within Your Arms!
A leap of faith,
A leap of hope,
A leap into pure contentment,
and a leap into your waiting embrace-
I wanted to jump in
with both feet-
I didn't want to let this
chance pass me by-
Caught up
in the heat of passion
and the moment of time;
the moment lasting
through the evening!
If I would have been
on the highest of all mountains-
I don't think it could have began
to compare to the high
you took me into
Within Your Arms!
Am I just going insane,
or are you just
as crazy as I?
I wanna know
were you feeling
that moment
this forever, too...
I hope it isn't too soon
or completely wrong
for me to say
I could have laid there
and spent...
that moment
this forever-
Within Your Arms!


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Clasp of silvers twice as thin as each other
Both flat to end in its impact
Its echo does not repeat but lingers like static that makes you think of gold.
Drifting in an ascending melody that
Climbs the senses in your ears as much as your skin.

They lead us steadily
To the edge of the mountains and then stops abruptly.
Stopped incredibly as if it's afraid and timid.
Strings play so thinly as each are all skinny.
A miracle moving like smoke and gas welcomes her.

Slow dance in arpeggios, a glimpse of perfection for harmony, tip by tip
And in her quiver
She laments she'll wait forever.

Forever it may be til she is in the arms of the lover.
For the end of all thousand Decembers and Januarys
Undyingly and endlessly.
Anywhere you go
Seek the thunder you wander far and near, wide and narrow.

Until I hear you sigh
Until you stop holding your breath under the brim of our wishing well.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
J Peters Apr 2016
(You found yourself standing
at the edge of the sea
Shivering white like a spirit
you beckoned to me)

I've never been to the sea,
or seen a ghost,
but I've held you in my arms and I've
felt all your bones

Your lips full of sorrow, your
ribs cracked in pain,
I followed the wind and found
you here once again.

I stood on the sand, and
gave you my plea,
but I yelled and I screamed and
you still couldn't hear me.

Then I watched you slip farther,
and belong to the sea,
I wish you knew that cold water
won't set you free
I wrapped my arms around yours at the beach,
holding onto you.

Desperately trying to keep that moment alive,
for as long as possible.

Then I realized I wasn't even looking at the sunset,
I was looking at you.

You are my sunset.
yet fleeting.
cosmo naught Feb 19


With our

Eyes Open,

on each Other.





Four heads


the Vacuum

of our Eyes ~

two black Holes

that hold a mirror
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