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Rob Rutledge Jan 2016
She gazed out long and far,
Past half closed curtains  
And dozing, docile cars.
Bore witness to a world double glazed
Dampened by a passing rain.
Sound drowned still by fragile,
Stained glass pane.

Skies lay grey, like every other day,
Shrubs shrug and trees sadly sway.
She feels for the trees,
(And to an extent the shrub)
They're not so different from you or I.
We all plant roots, grow, love?

Thoughts disturbed by a startled dove,
Flew the coup, done, had enough,
Rose as Icarus toward the sun.
Basked in light of new found freedom.

Never heard the hunters gun.
Brittany Smith Dec 2017
I once heard a story,
That forever changed my life,
Of a man who was struck,
When another chose to text and drive,
And though he did not lose his life,
He told me he lost much more,
Like the ability to do any of the things,
He was able to do before,
He could not move a single muscle,
From below his neck,
And the biggest tragedy to his story,
His wife left him after the wreck,
He spoke of years of marriage,
And all their children together,
For if this was her instead of me, he said,
I would not have left her ever,
My chest began to hurt,
As my heart began to break,
The selfishness in this world today,
Was more than I could take,
I looked him in the eye,
As tears ran down my cheeks,
And for the first time in my profession,
This patient was a person to me,
How could he look at me and smile,
And tell me it would all work out okay,
How could a man be full of faith,
When so much was taken away,
I do not know the reasons,
These were the cards that he was handed,
But a society as one,
We take everything for granted,
We brag and act like what we have,
Cannot be taken away tomorrow,
Now all my problems seem so small,
When I think of this man’s sorrow,
And each day that’s passed since we met,
I have thanked the Lord above,
And I’ll never forget what this man taught me,
About how to measure my cup.
Words from a registered nurse.
When you were there with me
We were dancing with glee

Late night talks, making each other blush,
smiling, laughing were our things
Everyday which gave me new wings

Thinking about our love i flew-up
Without taking any back-up

Then a day came when you were not there
That day even a sun felt hemisphere

I was there sitting alone in darkness
And blaming why God is so heartless

I texted and missed you a lot
But silence and despondency were what all i got

I am waiting
and I'll keep waiting for
my beloved to come back
If you see her
please tell her that she left someone
who is waiting for her on the half track.
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