Sagar Sachdeva May 2014
The perfect synonym of a pearl,
Yes I'm talking about a girl

A mother, sister and a wife,
She enacts every role in just a single life.
Being callous is not in her nature ,
But nimbleness is surely one of her features.

Then why, the gender based foeticide,
Set some rules and please abide,
Giving birth and throwing the girl child in a bin,
Understand morons, will never be considered masculine.

Don’t you have them in your fraternity?
If you have, and still get down to such heinous crimes, I pity.

Don’t know about men,
But girls are certainly made in heaven,
Show Love and respect for them,
As they truly ,are a gem.
The half moon shows a face of plaintive sweetness
  Ready and poised to wax or wane;
A fire of pale desire in incompleteness,
  Tending to pleasure or to pain:--
Lo, while we gaze she rolleth on in fleetness
  To perfect loss or perfect gain.

Half bitterness we know, we know half sweetness;
  This world is all on wax, on wane:
When shall completeness round time's incompleteness,
  Fulfilling joy, fulfilling pain?--
Lo, while we ask, life rolleth on in fleetness
  To finished loss or finished gain.
I bought my girls a donut each
To the disgust of the other mothers,
And I watched them suck the sugar from their fingers
And scoop it from their plates to rub it on their lips.
The other kids had half a donut each,
And when they'd finished, they just watched
my daughters lick and chomp and scoop and suck
A whole donut
Because life's too short
And it isn't as much fun
Without the hole.
Alexander K Opicho
(Eldoret, Kenya;

It is not a half a yellow sun
Nor a full purple hibiscus
Neither a question of Americana
But the political tidbits of Africana
They are indeed a half a government
Neither a coalition nor coalescence
But a journey which starts with one
Very African mile in the sunny city of Nairobi
In the country Kenya where there is hakuna matata
Where gorgeous skyscrapers hang loosely
Like Towers of Singapore in a babellian ego
Swam of humanity in full pomp and glory
Money, property and cityish aura
Moving up and down in bluish collar task
Flock and throng like the north bound mating fish
In the waters of river Nile; O Nile!........,

Moving you down then the countries
Passing the geographical enigma
Of the Great Rift Valley view point
Putting a wonder working escapement before
Your eyes in which once the daughter of primitive
Political bourgeoisie rolled in a Germany Volkswagen
And gasped the last virgin breath
A beautiful Maasai breathe echoing
In the loins of masculine bowels
The waves of erotically charged ions,

You then passing down to Nakuru minus
Your meat eating halt at carnivorous kikobey
Strait to Kiamba  area where you easily
Meet the Kalenjin militia in a tribal cleansement
Ruthlessly roasting the human steak of kikuyu merchants
In the church but not a mosque due to scarcity
Both young and old kikuyus being roasted
As they forlorn groan and wail;
Atherere ! atherere ! atherere ! niki kioru muntu wa lumbwa !,

Down you go again to a chilly town of  Eldoret
Where you get a virgin prostitute
Pursuing a bachelors course at the dumb
Moi university where low temperatures
Curtail lively learning in the pedagogy
Or pedagogy of the kipsigis virgin,

Down you go a fresh to the town of Kitale
You meet with  maize and corn in the
Full regalia of colonial economy
In its ostensible memento  
Of the palimpsestish British Empire
In the brutish colonial history
Of man eat man civilization,

Then up you go, you beautiful nincompoop
To the slopes of pokotish kapenguria and
Again down slopes to Ortum valleys then whoopsy!
A half a government starts in full swing
The bush pokot youths utterly naked
Like the chimpanzees in Kakamega forest
Shoals of them and throngs of them
Each having a modern gun,a short gun
A Sten gun,a  machine gun,a slave raiding long gun,
Revolvers, the lethal AK 47,
Them pokot youths; extremely illiterate
Put extremely armed with extremely
Modern weapons like the last wonder of the world,

Up you go into the desert of Dr. Richard Leakey’s first home of man
In the land of the Turkana, to a toast of human misery
Where people are sick, people are naked
People are hungry, people die of starvations
After thorough hunger based emaciation
Redolent of purely   a half a government.
Amanda May 2014
I wonder how many eyes met across this
coffee-stained, wooden-grained table
with half dimples of shyness
1 teaspoon of sugar
Hey you!
I tried green tea infused with lemon today. I wish I can say: It was a wonderful 'blend' and be all cultured and sophisticated.
But, I think I am a black-tea + sugar  kind of girl.
Hope you, you and you have the loveliest day!
undefined Nov 2012
study, cram, call, make plans...
power point, presentation, speech, rewrite...
theory, materialism and idealism and the difference,
Marx, Freud to psychoanalyze...
on to polynomials, linear equations, I make a scientific notation...
take a break. (eat)
ham sweet and thick
with lots of pineapple and some cherries
potato bread and cheese
PowerAde to rehydrate
little vodca with o.j. and cigarette  
after lunch, breathe .
and it’s back to study lab to mentally beat meat.
paper due, final today, did I remember to triple check
and get rid of paper clips, include a cover sheet...
ready to evaluate... I think.
ready to second guess, miss dates and time, "you're late"
95, 98, 3.5 GPA? pre-test, for final, make sure your research is done,
site, source, quote, student rate and double space
power nap, smoke again,
is the day over yet?..
just slackin off here for a second  lol
Deadwood Haiku Mar 2015
God bless those poor souls
also, pussy's half price the
next fifteen minutes
Ryan Jakes Dec 2014
My dream girl found a lover
She speaks of him in rhyming lines
the joy she feels dancing between every heart shaped syllable,
thumbing it's nose at my breaking heart.

My dream girl found a lover
the deal was sealed with a rain soaked kiss
and hands that fit just-so.
A love tightly bound,
according to her rose tinted ink.

My dream girl found a lover
I hope he hears the fragility in her sighs
over the beauty that radiates when her smile crinkles her nose,
for that alone can distract a man from the sound of breaking.

My dream girl found a lover
to mend her broken heart,
a coveted position filled.
Leaving me forever dreaming
of almosts and half smiles.
She really did, I'm not surprised, just happy for her, sad for me....story of my life.
Elfor ECH Nov 2014
No matter how much the
Sun loves the Moon,
No matter how honestly,
   gently and genuine,
Half of the Moon shall always be
Hidden from the face of the Sun.
Kelvin Apr 2015
Baby, don't leave me alone,
not even for a single day,
I missed you while you were away,
Have I just been thrown?

Baby please, come back,
please make me crack,
My heart of scars and sorrow,
Please break me again tomorrow.

My tears of endless sadness,
I cry for you, drenched in madness.

Please break me again tomorrow.
dedicated to vicky <3.
Tanaka Mupinga May 2014
I think of you, my dear, a collection of perfection.
Your extracted sweetness churned into a sugary confection.

Honey forged from honest bees is said to taste the best.
I plan to eat the nectar from your consciousness, ingest.

Purity is known as that which is undisturbed,
Non-Contaminated and original...unfiltered.
Part of a song I wrote called Butterflies and Smiles
L Marie Feb 2016
The way you breathe,
Play with your hair,
The face you make when
You're deep in thought,
Those pretty eyes,
Your puffy lips,
That awkwardness
Mixed with your
Easy-going nature,
That deep voice,
Your soft laugh,
Those rough hands,
Every tiny freckle,
Your big dreams
And humble outlook,
Your nerdy side
Torn between
Your free spirit,
You are the better half.
Eleanor Rigby Apr 2014
Am I allowed to be jealous?
Am I allowed to be sad?
You're always what I've wanted
Turns out, she's your better half
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