Silence Screamz Oct 2014
You slid down the rail,
you tripped on the step
Busted your head,
oh, what a mess.

No lights on,
your eyes are red.
People surround,
You're almost dead.

Strapped to the board,
they take you away.
Accidents happen.
You are finally awake.
All you need is a Vision
and Will Power to make it happen..
You don't have to see It..
Just Feel..!

lily Nov 2017
your hand runs up my thigh
i'm flushed
your hand feels under my shirt
i'm counting the seconds in my head
you unclasp my bra
i'm enveloped by goosebumps
you notice i'm nervous
i'm beyond nervous
you tell me everything's ok
i'm alone
you pick my cherry
i get nothing in return
Jordan Chacon May 2014
"What Will Happen!!!"
How do I know there is anyone else
how can I be sure what will come
how do I know that you really feel that way
what will I do if I fall again
that's the answer I don't know
I don't know what I would do it
you tear my heart in two again
that will be the end
the end of my humanity
the end of my sanity
the end of this whole place
I will challenge someone to fear combat
just to end it there
If I go on like the way I would
I would be a soul
with no meaning or no heart
I would be the man of a shadow that used to be
the man that has to smoke weed to feel free
the man that won't give a crap what you think
that man that you will learn to fear
or gets unset over every little thing
this is what will happen if
you break the heart in me
Imagine if the nativity
Took place now instead of then
With technological advancement
It'd be on the news at ten
In fact it would make youtube
A film clip at the stable
Taken by a shepherd boy
Underneath a table
The three wisemen would go on Skype
The gifts would be en route
No need to travel all the way
With the traffic in Beirut
Phone banks would be all set up
To raise funds for the birth
The internet would be a buzz
With the greatest news on earth
No camels, inns or drummer boys
There'd be no one there at all
The Angel of The Lord would be
Black Friday shopping at the mall
In fact I do not think that it
Would be a deal that we would follow
Social media and the press
Would make it all seem hollow
I'm glad it happened when it did
As time has come to pass
With Jesus in a manger
And wisemen there en masse
I don't think it'd be Christmas
If Christ was born today
Without a cd or a movie deal
Or a sport that he would play
Christmas is...and always will
Be the story we were told
I'm glad it didn't happen now
If I may be quite so bold
Unto man a child was born
And he, the son of God....
maybella snow Jan 2014
is it too much to imagine
that a fool like you could
pity a fool like me

they say
birds of a feather
flock together
yet appariently
family is forever too
yet everyone knows
that's not always the truth

because some families
are bound to be broken
along with the hearts
of unwilling and unknowing
children where mommy
no longer likes daddy
and daddy's bedtime stories
stop being told
along with mommy's
new drinking problem

to these children
with the likes of the tooth
fairy and easter bunny
do they realise
that the bogies
in their closets
moved two houses down
and became that man
who preys on young
girls in their skirts

would you pity
that girl
who was attacked
by the bogie man
or do you pity
the father who
wasnt there to stop it
maybe you should pity
the younger brother
who hung himself
after the bogie man
was released
and the mother
who lost herself
in her drink

swirling at the bottom of a glass
thinking that maybe
if she haddent had fallen
for that dark haired
handsome man who
wasn't her husband
would she had been able
to keep that bogie
harmlessly in a closet
to hang with coats
eliza bonnet Feb 2014
lies lies lies
they won't stop running through my mind

lies lies lies
convincing everyone I'm fine

lies lies lies
they happen time after time

lies lies lies
and all i can say is i apologize

lies lies lies
they are all thats left inside
- Dec 2013
Out of nowhere, you call
Tell me you wanna talk
Made me smile
You make
My heart
© Natali Veronica 2013.
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Everything indicates that collapse                                                                                         Is going to happen                                                                                                   Simply because life is turning up-side-down                                                                      On everyone's head ...                                                                                              There is not any point of return                                                                               To zero ...                                                                                                                  That zero hour of that huge collapse is                                                                   Going to happen anytime ...
scared Sep 2015
Things happen for a reason..
Why can't things stay the same?
Why does change hurt so much?
ryan pemberton Nov 2013
I need a new pick up line.

"Hi, I've got no confidence in myself
but maybe if the two of us
came together
then I wouldn't need any."

"You must be a Flinstone,
because I can lick your clitoris
with a breath strip on my tongue."

that's rubbish.
my breath isn't minty
fresh. at all.

I wanted to be a poet,
but I couldn't tell what bad poetry
looked like.
so maybe it's mine.
so maybe I should
stop looking.

it's like:
"I can't do it,
so I won't try."

it's like:
"life's too short,
so let's end it.

there's your pickup line.
Camila Feb 2014
I hope he knows that holding my hand
is the closest way to the heart on my sleeve.

I hope he kisses my eyes shut
to give me sweet dreams.

I hope he whispers ballads
like soft spring wind.

I hope he knows I won't need a coat
as long as his arms are around me.

I hope he can make me love him,
make it blossom from beneath.
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