Lennox Jones Jan 2015
Birds have wings
We have our imagination
Use it and fly.
Johanne May 2014
In an attempt
to fly away
my wings broke
ponderinghope Oct 2014
They said I cannot fly
cannot grown wings
and touch the sky
I wanted to prove them wrong
so I took to the sky
and leapt.
Keep Flying
shelly May 2015
i want to fly through the air
and swing from vines
or touch the sky
but i am simply stuck
on this tiny earth
hoping for something
i am having a terribly bad day so i'll probably poem spam
Lee Banks Aug 2014
Give me wings
Burn them onto my skin
Ink them upon my arms
Let them shelter me from harm

Give me wings so that I may try
Give me wings so that I may cry

Give me wings
Let me fly.
Megan Zhao Jan 2016
An airplane knows
With roaring confidence
How to hold us in his heart
And raise us up high above

An airplane knows
With daring assurance  
When to take off and not stop
until our destinations reached

Because of all that
Mentioned or not
I put my trust in him
And keep my dreams flying
Untitled Mar 2014
She put on her white wings
closed her eyes
took the fall
the rush of adrenaline
filling her veins and soul
her wings carried her up to the sky
an angel with a heart replaced by a hole
she chose to not fall, in love, but to fly
Metanoia Jan 2015
instead of saying
instead of judging
instead of worrying
instead of hating
instead of hurting
instead of taking
instead of crawling
Will Rogers III Jun 2014
Stopped at a red light,
Looking down the hill,
We wait to take flight,
We wait for the thrill.

Riding the green light wave,
Riding the small bumps and holes,
My bike and I roll down the way,
My bike and I roll as one soul.

The wheels turn quicker and quicker
While the air flies past like sweet sound.
My bike light continues to flicker,
While together we, in our music, are drowned.

There's a level of trust between us two,
We listen to each other and feel as one.
And yet there's a sense of mystery that we pursue,
That of machine and man having fun.
[composed on April 22, 2013]
Justin Griego Dec 2011
Fly, Dragonfly, fly!
Spread your wings and flex your tail
take off to the skies, follow the blowing winds!
Leave behind the Wicked Men of Hollowing Trail
and escape the poisons of their worded sins
Fly, Dragonfly, fly!

Race, Dragonfly, race!
Sweep your wings back against the windy skies
Let your heart propel your spirited sprint faster! Faster!
Escape from the Forest of Unnerving Lies
and the creatures of the Lost Souled Bastards
Race, Dragonfly, race!

Hunt, Dragonfly, hunt!
Beat your wings to the sounds of the butterflies
Feed your hunger for protecting the meek
with the haunting taste of Honey-Soaked Flies
and the sting of Sugar-Coated Bees
Hunt, Dragonfly, hunt!

Rest, Dragonfly, rest!
Allow the venom to still your beatful wings
Let the swift death claim a Hero's life
Beckon the Raven of Heaven to blissfully sing
to the tune of the Stalking Sparrow's whistling knife
Rest, Dragonfly, rest!
bluestarfall Feb 2015
The journey seems to be bumpy, sometimes a dusky road,
Carrying the burdens, weighing our sins like a miserable toad,
Some pursue their passion, some pursue their degree,
Whatever the reason maybe,
Unclog your way, cruise over the hardships and set yourself free.
You'll be miffed by the mistakes you did,
Selling out wet pillows you'll weep and sow a depression seed,
And there will arrive times,
When they will doubt you, and you will doubt yourself,
But don't.. Don't ever doubt your devotion,
Grab the momentum and roll in the motion,
Though, squeamishness will thrive,
Remember the dream and thank him because you are alive,
Value every second, trade your life for it,
Open up your feathers, escape the pit,
Death invites everybody, someday you'll be gone,
Even the sun will set forever, there won't be any dawn,
Something belongs to you, its your throne,
With the choices you made, go fly,
*Fly till the horizon.
Remember the reason for your existence.
Kate Mar 2015
I want to know what's it like to fly
I bet it feels great
To have that rush coursing through your veins
Followed by the high pleasure of feeling alive
I want to know whats its like to fly
To stand on the edge without hesitation
Knowing you can't go back and not wanting to either
To lean back and just fall
I want to know what it's like to fly
How just like life, everything rushes past you
In a blur of pictures missing the finer details
All within a blink of an eye
I want to know what's it like to fly
Opening my wings for the first and final time
Like a bird getting pushed out of a nest
I too will fall without fear
I want to know what's it like to fly
Being disconnect from the earth
That you came out of
And the body you grew to hate
I want to know what's it like to fly
No I won't soar but sink
Dropping like an anchor made of steel
Faster and faster and faster
I want to know what's it like to fly
But we were created with two hands and feet
Feet for stomping a pond the ground
And hands for doing horrible remarkable things
I want to know what's it like to fly
My feet lean back into nothingness
All my troubles vanish into happiness
No more, for I am weightless
I hit the concrete
I want to know what's it like to fly
To fly is to be free
"Birds are light
Birds fly
If I stop eating
I will be light
I will fly."

"No, baby. If you stop eating, you will disappear."

"I am already invisible."
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