ellie Dec 2014
I wrote this poem for you to keep
As you lie peacefully asleep
To share the stories you once told
Sat in your chair growing peacefully old

I will always remember those days
When I sat up to the table studying the maze
Of thousands of puzzle pieces in my gaze
However I was never fazed
Because you were always there to guide the way.

I will always remember your trips out and about
Although never adventurous I felt,
McDonald's and M&s; without doubt,
Were you favourite places to walkabout

I will always remember your creative flare,
Your knitting needles and you cross-stitch squares,
how you could sit and chat, yet knit with care
Always seemed so unfair  

But most of all, I wrote this poem to say thankyou
Not just from me but from all the family too
For the wisdom and knowledge you once shared
For showing you loved us and that you cared

I wrote this poem to say goodbye
As you watch us from up high
I remember all the fun times we had
As my friend and as my Nan
And I miss you more than words can say

I hope we can meet again someday
Caitlin Jun 2014
The clouds always seem to want to float higher
As if the higher they go,
the closer they get to heaven.

Maybe that's true,
I wouldn't know,
I'm not a cloud

But if I were,
I'd want to go higher too..
I was at the beach the other day.. and the clouds inspired me to write this… enjoy.
Donna Bella Jul 2014
The armor of my heart
The light in my tunnel
The art on my canvas
The sway of my move
The rich of my riches
He was my brother
And I'm his keeper
Rip 2.25.2011
Heaven holds no paradise
that I've not found in your embrace.
No golden hue, divine device-
Heaven holds no paradise,
to beckon me look even twice.
No glory there to match your face.
Heaven holds no paradise
that I've not found in your embrace.
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
In a field
Turn round and around
Until the sky becomes the earth
Until the wind becomes
The motion to carry a thought
Until love moves at the speed of sound and rests upon a star
And falls on solid ground
With a blanket of the heaven to break its fall
Just wanted to write as I sat on a train and watched a girl spinning in field whilst at play
Looking up at a blue sky I wondered if her emotions had taken her feet off the ground
To all those in love you must feel this every second I know I do
Thank you V
Mehar Bawa Jul 2014
And those teeth became more visible as she just smiled looking at herself in the mirror.
Blood in her hands.
Blood on the floor.
Red all around.
Silence had captured within it,all the sound.

She knew it was wrong but she wanted to do it anyway!
And she did it,The knife in,the knife out,and yet again,the knife in the knife out.

A part of her didn't know which hurt more,being alive or being dead!
Because the pain before killing her was equivalent to the pain after killing her.
For all she knew was her inside was dark as hell.

She had killed her own daughter before they could kill her.
She knew she had been fed with slow killing poison which she didn't want for her angel.

The girl child is a curse said the cruel world!
The minds of these people are curled.

The stories of her past to no one she could tell!
Going back to the times when the smile was not by the demons but by the angels was not something she could do.
For all she knew was her thoughts were too powerful yet she was too powerless.
She wanted to bring a change.
But she gave up too soon.
Who said her inside was dark,
It was indeed the only beautiful place in the living hell.
The world is just the doom.

Save the girl child the heavens cried.
The world became better for at least someone tried!
Le Lotus Aug 2014
"home is heaven"*,
Home is home
Heaven is heaven
Heaven got no problems
Home is no heaven.
Honey Jan 2015
the idea of you

sits like God in my mind

with a pen and notebook

on the curbside of nowhere

where angels don't sing.

you don't know that your eyes

gleam with pictures of heaven

and if i believed in such a place,

it would surely be ruled by you.

draw shapes of jupiter in my palm

and i'll write a poem about how it felt

when the boy who held the world with his fingertips

sang me to sleep

on a Sunday afternoon
luna Mar 2015
My way to hell was paved from his heaven,
Life is now a crossroads of shores.
Destiny has changed its destination,
Blown away by the gust of fabrications.
My million sorrows, all rebelling for civility,
Are lost in my mistake.
I can mull now or forever,
Instead I wait for you, unwearyingly.
I walk on sand of memories, patiently;
My patience amazingly placating me,
Source anonymous, I breathe in my patience.
Mica Jul 2014
How could you not fall for
an angel like her?
nobody in their right mind,
not a single person could resist
all that she is and comes with,
h*eaven and hell alike.

Blacksilhouettes Jan 2015
I think many have a wrong idea about heaven
To me heaven is just being there with you
There could be fire
There could be clouds
But nothing really matters
As long as there's you
This bed
These sheets
And the exact same feeling that this moment may last an eternity
stair w
        y stair w
                   y stair w
                              y stair w
                                         y stair w
                                                    y stair w
                                                               y sta
No escalators to heaven , no free rides .
Just one long hard climb , one step at a time .
Brycical Mar 2014
Smoke tokes out of the monkey's head, embers embellish empathic light enlightening gypsy nymphs from miles around, a glowing lighthouse haven heaven in nirvana massages lavender bubbles upon pores restoring strength to warriors of the rainbow tribe."

Wind rustles with us...

Stay grounded, you're found before you're even lost. Some get tossed and turned by the sea, but a smooth one never created a skilled pirate with third-eye versatile switch-blade heartbeat ink scribed on blood-vessel maps, following the soul tattoos and taboo time scars along with the azurite lightning stars shooting in our brain.*

Time stops sometimes...

Seasons change DNA re-arranges as we grow goin' with our own flow down the subconscious ocean, sometimes watchin' sunsets into a haze of sweet rum sweat and green cigarette peacetime sufi twirling our conscious to the north star crown chakra.

**Love is. Always.
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