Eugene Nov 2015

Isang salitang hindi maikakaila.
Na may sampung titik na mailap makuha.
Isang salitang nais na ibandila,
Pinapangarap ng ating buong madla.

Isang salitang may sampung letra...


Anim na letra lang pero sadyang matalinhaga.
Nagbibigay sigla sa puso ng nasasakdal at nag-iisa.
Nagiging liwanag sa dilim ng isang nagdurusa,
Ngunit mailap makamtan sa mundong marami ay napapariwara.

Isang salitang may anim na letra...


Kaliwa't kanan ang krimen at kaguluhan.
Nasaan ang pagmamahal sa pagkakawatak-watak at iringan?
Ang puso ng iba'y balot na balot na nang kasamaan.
Maibabalik pa ba ang pag-ibig sa tinubuang lupa?

Ikaw ay nasaan?

                                         Kapayapaan ang gusto ko.
Pag-asa ang nais ko.
                                         Pag-ibig ang tanging tanglaw ko...
BianchiBlue Jul 2014
yesterday’s hope is a mystery
walking a hidden line
I hold tight in my throat
with beauty raging in a torrent
below me, tell me when to release
as my faith cascades over
this roaring masquerade
The shades of gray are nearly infinite-
mirroring attitudes regarding our sin.
Degrees of separation give distinction
to human perception of ugliness within.

Living now in this ‘Age of Information’
has not made life much more palatable;  
visible is God’s Truth and Satan’s lies,
as individuals determine what’s palpable.

Gobs of available data doesn’t translate
into experience and useful wisdom directly.
Real sapience, is shown by the Holy Spirit,
when the ideas of faith are under scrutiny.

Biblical principles enable all to overcome
corrosive powers of intellectual pollution;
however, personal change, only occurs when…
one has the mindset for a Heavenly solution!
Author Notes

Inspired by:
1 Cor 2; Phil 4:4-8

Learn more about me and my poetry at:
By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2015, All rights reserved.
My Scarlet Amora Dec 2014
There's a tight rope laid in front of me
I've been balancing for some time
Never moving just waiting
But I can wait no more
And neither can you
To fall or to walk
The decision is mine
I've been waiting for so long
For a gust of wind to blow me
To decide for me
But this is my life
And faith is for the weak
Micah Fagre Sep 2014
The banana is an inside joke
from God
It is His calling card
And you can call home
if you would hold it to your ear
and speak directly to Him
Just kidding
Bananas are for the belly

He would have used perforated edges
but naysayers would be in an uproar
"How could your God think us so stupid!"
For they always imagine
that God reflects their own stupidity
And the atheist too
would have a fit
and a slew
of jokes about how the real evidence of God
has banana split

But just like little children know
mother puts the best food in the lunchbox
Humble believers can tell you
good loving means good grubbing
on the inside of the banana peel
And that's real
farahD Oct 2014
Tired and broken,
The agitated mind we caught in anger,
Yet longing for the ultimate happiness;
Soothing souls,
Only possible with faith.
Elaiza Banasig Jul 2016
Nakabibinging katahimikan
Nakaririnding paninindigan

aking Ulan
Mabanggit nino man
Hindi masilayan

Pag-ibig hanggang laylayan
Hinati ng kasalanan
Ala-ala nating tangan
Tangan-tangan ng nagmamahalan

Ikaw, aking Mahal
Nawa'y magpagal.
Colleen Cavanagh May 2014
What is my soul?

Is my soul the way I laugh?
I laugh from the deepest part of me,
joyfully celebrating my life.
Is my soul the way I cry?
I cry from the deepest part of me,
embracing the pain my life delivers me.
Is my soul the way I listen?
I listen from the deepest part of me,
learning everything life has to teach me.
Is my soul the way I speak?
I speak from the deepest part of me,
telling life exactly what I think of it.
Is my soul the way I hate?
I hate from the deepest part of me,
turning away all those who've hurt me?
Is my soul the way I love?
I love from the deepest part of me,
Eternally bound to those people I care about.
Is my soul solely my own?
Is it possible to speak, to cry, to love alone?
Is my soul a piece of God in me?
Is my soul only mine because I have faith?

Is my soul?
a l e x Aug 2014
I do have my weaknesses
I sometimes lose my strength
But whatever may happen
I will never lose my faith
I know I can't be that strong
For so long
So I'm asking you to accept me
Especially when I am at my worst
When I lose my way
Let me realize my mistake
So that I could take that as a lesson to learn
Never give up
We don't know what tomorrow may bring
Hope you guys will like this
Lily Mae Jan 9
A year ago today my faith was tested
I gazed upon the face of my sister and yet
cancer distorted the woman I knew

Morphine drops

I go home to shower and my Nephew comes in
"She's gone, we all left the room and she left".
Mourning shoes are put on

Xanax daze

The usual chaos, drama, screaming
yelling and people pissing on space  
once shared by us all ...wanting to covet her  
to our breasts

Hells fire

Closing up my emotional shop  
I move forward this whole year with
a knowing that she for once is flying
high with all our friends and family...

Peace needed

Today I couldn't function well
the tears with memories of her letting go
and me forced to let go overwhelmed me


I've never felt so alone sister.  I never  
thought I'd have to live without you
here I am...alone, in body, mind  and spirit

I feel forgotten, you knew me, and still loved me
I feel betrayed, and yet know better
I hate to feel because the hole in my heart
that's been empty since you left me aches

I'm trying sister...I'm trying~
Stu Harley Apr 2015
green eyes of faith
if we lose our sight
shall learn
how to
walk by
green eyes of faith
mvvenkataraman Feb 2015
Don't lose your confidence
Never distrust Providence
Remove your ignorance
Accumulate tolerance

Patience is a must
Your mind, you dust
Body mustn't rust
Always be honest

Hopefully you live
In God, ever believe
The best, you give
Better to forgive

Choose the right path
To toil, take an oath
God and hope, trust both
Don't die like a brittle moth

God-faith helps thrive
As He makes us survive
Our belief, He does revive
He helps peace to be alive

Take efforts and await
After showing your might
Being happy is right
As joy, you can sight

True efforts never die
They appeal to the Sky
God keeps His eye
Upon those who try

Good luck my dear
Pursue without fear
If hard-work is here
No place for tear

We must hope and live, The best to all, we must give, When we live with joy and mirth, We make Heaven out of this Earth.
Kelvin May 2015
Faith the is the buoyancy of life**,
Faith in up above keeps me alive,
The faith keeps me afloat,
The faith gives me hope
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