I'm kind of stuck
At least... I think I am
Somewhere between telling everyone I know to fuck off
And "just please come hold me friend"

Some place in between an uneasy heart and hectic mind

"I'm depressed"
Can't I just say it without having to explain why?
Sometimes I don't even know which reason to choose

Short replies

"You seem like you don't want to talk"

You're right, but I also want to reach out
I want out
I want to let go of everything
And capture it all in my arms

like a fire fly in the palm of restless hands,
Just let me hold on to your light
Atleast, just for tonight

Because I'm feeling stuck.
Cos Dec 2015
Trash and pollutants fill the air
What I would do to get some fresh air
We're stuck in a world, where nobody cares
Soon we will be gasping for air
If you can't tell, I just really care about the Earth and wish that others do too.
Anthony Williams Jul 2014
You licked your lips
I lip synced to you
you licked your stamp
I felt I might be cornered
you stamped your gift
I'm stuck on you
we got stuck in
smoothing down
you stamped your mark on me
lips to lips
we stuck to it
we aren't stuck with it
but on each other
peeling off
licking our lips
by Anthony Williams
Eleanor Rigby Nov 2014
I feel like a stranger
Stuck in another stranger's body.

cv Apr 2015
it's almost two in the morning.
i toss and turn,
roll around--

sighing, i sit up,
and think to myself,
"This hasn't happened in a while."

my mind automatically goes back to that time,
when i was younger,
and our family went to the capital.
slept in some fancy hotel
with some fancy people
with their fancy clothes.

on the second night we stayed there,
i couldn't get a wink of sleep.
i don't know whether if it was because of exhaustion
or something else.

the next morning was hell.
i was pissy and bored
as we waited for father in the lobby.
i couldn't take a nap in public because, well,
i had my pride, of course!

chewing a gum quite aggressively,
i observed my surroundings.
my gaze hopped from one person to another.
a royal from a country i haven't even heard of.
an important figure in politics.
a celebrity.
a kid.

white blonde hair?

i haven't seen hair of that shade.
it was quite unnatural here.
i whipped my head to the left and saw
two beautiful people.

the taller was around my age.
he had the same mop of hair as the kid i saw (the shorter).
the child, on the other hand,
was most probably no older than six.
they were both awesome.

the light glowed on their figures,
and it looked like they were godsend.

i haven't seen anything more beautiful.

and who knew that who knows how many years later,
i would find myself looking back on that vivid memory.

as if it had happened yesterday.

(i feel like i'm still stuck in that time.)
to those boys i still see so clearly in my memories despite my short-term memory loss problem.

(no seriously haha i may literally forget, so i wrote it down. kinda rambled huh. it became a monster on its own. sighs. i think they were albinoes? idk, i was and still am an ignorant kid. sorry not sorry.)
y i k e s Dec 2015
"I'm just happy she didn't fall into that trap"*

Boy, my neck snapped from that trap long ago
But you don't focus on me unless you see what you want to
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
Song, you are so stuck
In my head, that I wish you
Were stuck in theirs, too.
st64 Jan 2014
standing on the threshold of change, I await a fresh-line
but the universe may be unready
if not, I may take to choppy-waters
all by myself

if we are all stuck in the jam of time
perhaps, if we *spread it out
real thin
some of us could actually lift off
and catch a ride.. out
free some hostage from the twisting temporal-joints

and the wool-gatherers mind their business
and footsore beggars dine on exotic-things
deep in the heart of the jungle
where Nebuchadnezzar parked his dreams of old

by saving your surprise for a weekday jaunt
we limp on in the vacant-dust of paradox
yet get unavoidably detained by the present
undo the ribbons and the package may unfold its.. things
espy the tick-tock riding the margin of fright

common sense of morn lies delightfully unfinished
and the wrong side of a bold idea gets squashed
the brain-weary ingest their lot and plough on through thickets of tricky-fate
while tiptoeing silent on the farthest-blades of brimstone
holding subtly aloft.. the frankness of aiding-spectres

balloon of green, balloon of blue
hold out your hand and pray you get no inequalities of flame
easy catch of the sound of science scoffing in the parlour

when we try to do something different; take a chance
uncivilised-humour will argue the rings off your punctured-lobes
any germ of new plan must needs be nurtured
let any frenemy go; intolerant-ilk do better by their vacuous selves
remarkably convenient
there's almost enough water in the well
to soak up the ivory-rays and let them fly
and there's a breeze lifting the needle off the ancient-groove
spinning reels on the bay

no, you will never convince me
that the time-keeper holds all keys
'cos I snuck out furtive.. late one night
and sawed through.. for a whole decade
and well, guess what I have here..


S T - 24 Jan 2014
if you spromed, then I sprocketed
whiling away telubrious fallies
upon the jousters of Dorbeyville
canta-laughter and rent-a-carter

why.. hello, future..
see here, I light my smoke uncut
and dare to peer into you :)

sub-entry: footprints

whether the bells toll in odd-clang
wait for the crash of the cymbal
diffident-dreamer makes moves so small
no attention-seeking

when the waters run silent
beneath the rocks cavernous
and upon sandy shores

there, some footprints
of some erstwhile-reverie
a dream late last night
I felt you walk beside me

look again.. our footprints
and a plain-line
where you towed away my heart

open your hand, my friend
your life-line just grew some more
and what's that under your nails?
fine-grains of white mirage-sand

there's this key in the locks of time's braids
time to undo the plaits
Nicholas Kurtz Jul 2014
I met a gypsy couple the other day
In the park of course
They were a lovely, beautiful mess
Trucked in right from Santa Cruz

They loved lots
Only four days
Her car stuck in some lot

I laughed a bit
I had to admit
I too
Knew the feeling
Being stranded

I gladly changed their tune
Convinced them tomorrow
Come noon
They'd notice a chance of attitude

Another chance at eternity
A moment devine
And poetic as the last

There's no such thing as time?

We're all actors in a grand tragedy

Lost gypsy couple and believers of
Tiny miracles


Appreciating the tiny moments
Of eternity
An un edited story
The surrounding give me plenty of these
Tiny Moments of eternity
hiroki Jul 2014
at times i'm stuck
my shackles tight
yet self-imposed
they keep me here
away from you
my only light
can't save me from myself
Reagan Kulka Sep 2014
I was just starting to get over you
When you jumped back into my life.
I tried to escape but no matter where I go you are everywhere.
It's like I'm trapped in a maze that only leads to you.
Olivia Frederick Oct 2014

In the soft mud, exasperated
Expecting escape but never fighting

From the forest came chaos,
But I don't venture there
For fear of

Some secret stolen from me --
Or was it given?

The danger that I'm convinced
Is real.

Losing myself:
They'd never find me,
But could I?

So here I remain,
In the dull, comfortable mud
Assuring myself that I am

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