Bo Burnham Mar 2015

Alright now, right brain,
you're being insane.
                                                                  No, left brain! I'm just being alive.
                                                               You should try it---you might like it.

I worked hard to give him everything he cared about.
You were worried about the things that he was scared about.
I'm calm and collected when you act wild.
I am the adult, you are the child.

                                                     You think you're the right one every time!
                 You think you know everything, but you don't know anything
                                                                                                                     at all.
                                               Half of his problems were s'posed to be mine!
                                                                              But you wanted everything.
                                            I hope that you're happy--- 'cause he's sure not.

full performance here:
Beautiful Shame Jul 2014

Words cannot explain the depths of my misery that I bare inside, for all the times I did you wrong.
You are the one person who was and is ALWAYS there for me, your PERFECT in every way, I love you so hard I would die for you?
Why do I question such acts of loyalty?
I do not understand, please, I'm so mentally challenged when it comes to you.
Am I that selfish, that I won't change my life for you, put you first?
When I know by BLOODY HELL you deserve so much more!
I can't stress the word deserve enough!
If all the men in this world treated you like a KING, you would still deserve more.
You changed me, saved from my own self, you showed me TRUE love.
I know I love you, but I dont know if I am good enough for you, I am lowly & this is where I feel like i'm never good enough, but it hurts me when I hurt you by not trying.
PLEASE, I LOVE YOU & even until this day I never questioned my love for you, not ONCE in my life, I swear on that.
Even when I barely knew you.
So I will try, I will fight, I will strive to keep you happy but just know I am not perfect & just know all I want is your HAPPINESS!
I did you wrong, many times before & hate myself for it, I promise!
But just know, no matter what, I will never ever hate you.
On the day I die, before it & forever after I...WILL... ALWAYS... LOVE...YOU & will never & I mean EVER, no matter if I try my absolute hardest, forget you.
I Love You & that will forever stay, just like the world's beautifulest stain you left on my heart.
I'm sorry I did you wrong & I'm sorry for anything I do wrong in the future, but I will never leave, I will indefinitely fight for you & I.

It's you & I against the world.
jealous Feb 2015

you're the iceberg to my titanic .
you took me by surprise..
and left me in a wreck .
left a hole in the center of my heart
made me unfixable and cold and broken

past experiences ;
Nathan Jan 2016

A broken man
With a heart of gold
Turns to stone
When left in the cold

WistfulHope Dec 2014

I wish I didn't feel so empty without you

   I'm hollow
      All that's left is my core
         I'm just paper thin, tearing skin
   All I've left is my black heart, melting away

Sometimes I forget how unstable I am.
I'm very.
- - -
Might add to this at some point.
--nika Sep 2016


i just want you to know,
that even if
i seem like i’m gone,
i won’t ever
leave you behind.

i've been missing you but i don't know how to tell you
w r e c k a g e Jun 2015

i left your shirt
lying on my bedroom floor
so i can pretend i'm not the only thing
you left behind

Kate Deter Mar 2014

Two lefts don’t make a right.
But I make use of this.
I want to make the left left choice,
Find the left left word.
Because this left left word
Is the opposite of the “right” word.
It does in the opposite direction,
Forges its own stream.
And this is the left left choice.
This is my way.

Paul Rousseau May 2012

Well I’m your left man baby
Keep this woman out of sight
We’ll I’m your left man baby
Keep this woman out of mind
This girl is talking like she knows me
Oh but please how many more times
My woman she left up north
To the wood is where she ran
My woman she left up north
To the wood is where she ran
But the trees oh darling
Couldn’t find her right man
The dreams don’t stop coming
And I’m losing track of time
The dreams don’t stop coming
And I’m losing track of time
Got to get me a new girl child
Got to drain her my empty mind
The road it’s my savior
Deliver me while you can
The road it’s my savior
Deliver me while you can
Don’t want to hear you speak baby
I’m still just your left man

Maria Imran Apr 2015

I left you
'cause you din care an
din' want
and now I
live alone in tis
gutter 'cause ugly
old filth I am
you said
so am
nobody jus' a

Chelle Quezon Dec 2015

Week One.
Possible reasons why she left you:
1. She was abducted by aliens
2. She turned into a mermaid
3. She joined a group of pirates

Week Two.
Possible reasons why she left you:
4. She won the lottery
5. She was a secret princess
6. She works for MI6

Week Three.
Possible reasons why she left you:
7. She met someone else
8. She doesn’t love me
9. She never did

Week Four.
Possible reasons why she left you:
10. She didn't feel loved.
11. She had enough.
12. She's emotionally drained.

Week Five.
Possible reasons why she left you:
13. She forgot who she was in the relationship.
14. She realised you were a boy and not a man.
15. You didn't support her growth as a human being.

Week Six.
Possible reasons why she left you:
16. She never got attention she truly deserves. She's fed up of "what's up" and emoticons.
17. Everything is all about you. Nothing is ever about her.
18. She loves herself too.

aar505n Apr 2014

Not a face, but an eye,
a single glowing eye.
Watching you and I.

We think it cares, but it doesn't.
It just floats by, disinterested.
A glowing eye in the sky.
An illusion of something that cares,
blind to love and heartache.
Unaware of suffering,
ignorant to it all.

The light it shines, is not real.
Shallow, hollow and devoid of devotion.
Empty of emotions.

Every night, it watches you and I.
Watching but not seeing,
a single, glowing, blind eye.

Title referees to the left eye of the Egyptian God Horus
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