Olivia Taylor May 2014
My innocence lost is buried under the green forest of my thoughts
His eyes sparkled like emeralds reflecting the sun. As he stared at me his voice became numb. All I could focus on was his beautiful green gold eyes. he had me mesmirised. I knew then, I was in love.
Poetic T Oct 2014
The green eyes
Which once where blue
Now contaminated with
Love is now hatred
Through green eyes
That where once *blue.
Mire Nov 2014
Drowning my heart with his eyes, conjuring passion that never dies, so irresistible the pair of green, engraved on my mind a beautiful scene, bright, serene and filled with mystery, amazing how it sparks the chemistry, merely gazing at them makes me cheer, gives me hope and sets my mind clear, brilliance glaring from the mellow iris, looking through them is truly a bliss.
This goes out to you. You know who you are.
Jelisa Jeffery Sep 2010
Those green eyes of yours
My favourite thing to see
So now please face me

I look around
For something just as pleasing
Who am I teasing
Jelisa Jeffery © 2010
Haley Lorish Jan 2013
Till the day I die
I’ll be fighting for you
With those deep green eyes, and
A smile that takes my breath away.
Yes it’s you I’ll be fighting for
Till I can fight no more
Dora Herrmann Jun 2015
people talk about wanting to drown
for days, and days
in one's eyes, so blue
like an unpoluted ocean.
I would rather walk for ages
and explore,
every inch of
this forest,
so deeply green
that's the shade of yours.
things i'll never say
em Sep 2015
My depression plays a game of red light green light.
I'm ok until I'm not.
this is a begining to something, idk what yet, but something, i needed to get some stuff out. probably gonna post more tonight. comment where I could go with this
Coriander Lee Sep 2013
She was a dream,
As lucid as the sea,
And we sat in the sand
And laughed on the wind.

And her eyes,
A serene lagoon of green.

And a kiss,
Salty like the sea weed,
That washed up on the shore,
And danced under the waves.

And she was a dream?
That girl and me,
And her green eyes by the sea.
Annie Sep 2014
Green eyes,
wish they'd stay
but only when I cry
and my eyes are red
from the acidic tears
only when I'm high
and my eyes are red
from the smoke roaming the air

wish green eyes would stay,
but I am stuck with brown
and theyre kind of a bore.
I Neptune Jan 2014
My mellow sank
the world so wide I explore
mind body and soul
I fill my bowl.
got me
Josian de Aqua Jun 2014
Innocent eyes,
Green and gold,
Mischievous smile;
The lips that they imagine teasing whispers come from.
Just one glance
And you'll know that she doesn't a man.
Arturo Milla Apr 2014
She could stare right through your soul with those lonely Green Eyes, surrounded or on her own she always felt alone, she knew only sadness for happiness always dwindled in between breaths and only you knew how to fix it.
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