Ken Jun 18
its been a month now,
since we met.

and with each day i can feel you,
losing interest.
forgetting me.

i know i am fading from your life,
and there's nothing i can do except watch.
for m
Graff1980 Jun 2017
The city sounds of ordered chaos, the constant wave of people crossing back and forth like a human tide. Strangers cut in and out of their tiny groups and barely miss colliding. Honks and bleats hasten the crowds pace as they race to cross the road. Some people stare at their phones, others watch the road but no one looks directly at another human being. Somewhere, near here and in-between there just off to the side a stranger sits mumbling, barely coherent.

“Watch me.”

The age lines run so deep into his skin that they might as well be built in. White stubble paints a drawn slightly sunburnt face. Deep dark blue eyes scan the city life for some unknown relief.
A red line catches his eyes, followed by a childlike voice singing playfully. “Watch me mommy.”

Tiny matchbox cars race around a shallow hole. The little cars cross dips and dirt ramps increasing the young boy’s excitement, as he mimics his favorite show. They crash into a partially exposed root. “Brrckkkeeech bccccch.”A fake explosion sounds. Dusk begins to fall as the cars settle into their makeshift cereal box garage. Smiling and dusty the boy crosses the small road, then the tiny parking lot, and comes home.

Long dirty white hair falls messily across the man’s worn face. All but a few awkwardly placed teeth are gone. Some are yellow while others are darker and rotting. His breath reeks. The emaciated figure feels the cramps of hunger pains. A brown speckled haze clouds his vision, followed by a slight coldness and dizziness creeping over his body.

“Watch me.”

Cardboard swords clash in a titanic battle of good versus evil.  Until the young victor jumps upon his sawhorse stead. A yowl of pain sounds as his tiny sac is smashed. The pain jolts upwards and inwards causing temporary paralysis. Thin legs scrape the wooden brace dragging chips of paint down with him as he falls off his fake saddle. The victor is defeated by pain. A few seconds later the internal pain passes and he is up and at it again, running straight for a large tree. At the last second he swerves barely avoiding a painful collision. In his mind a red cape swooshes behind him as he flies off to save metropolis.

The summer heat draws pit stains on the old man dirty orange tee. The neckline is stretched and has an almost circular pattern of moisture. Barely able to move, his sick stench draws the attention of flies. Bugs buzz by almost as frequently as strangers walking by.

“Watch me.”

Tears fall from the tiny child eyes, as he stumbles in pain. A deep gash runs red with lines of falling blood. His mother picks him up and carries him to the neighbor’s car. She whispers soft word of reassurance. The tears eventually stop.

The man clenches his chest. Pain permeates his being. His breath is lost. He stumbles falling harshly against the cold grey cement sidewalk. Tears fall. He reaches for strangers pleading weakly for their assistance. A foot smashes against his left side, causing more pain to flame up; while forcing him to edge of the sidewalk. The crowd keeps moving.
A stranger snarls “get out of the way you bum.”

“Watch me.” The old man whispers as he recalls his mother’s warmth. Soft kisses planted on his forehead. Sitting in the dark living room safely snuggled next to his mother as a scary storm rages violently against a small house.

“Watch me.” He cries. His voice, obscured by the city, fades and is forgotten.
Leon Zebrick Apr 19
Oh fine jewelry worn by men
Wesley's watch is lost again
"Wesley where's your silver Tissot?"
"Sorry Dad, I do not know"
The little ticker is out of its case
Wesley's watch is lost in space
"Oh now where did my keys go?"
"They were right here a minute ago"
"You lost your keys, now, did you Son?"
"Can I use your's Mom?  Got to run"
"I found my watch, Dad, mixed in with clothes"
"All the time right under my nose"
But lo in five days, maybe ten
Wesley's watch is lost again
"One day boy, it's going to get snatched"
"And it's a damn good thing your butt's attached"
Well today the watch is on my arm
Safe from Wesley , safe from harm
It feels warm
Khoi-San Jul 25
Extermination decapitation
Nocturnal obliteration
Armadillos anteater bafoon
Typhoon heatwave....
Mr grim reaper
No grave can keep Her...
Men march on as to heaven
Twenty four seven
Three Six five days
Ten different ways
Passionate professional
Daring sharing nurturing
Caring...Monsters within Minions
Amazing people aren't they
There is no substitute for hard work
Just observe Ants
There is no substitute for hardwork
Just observe ANTS not a lazy bone there
Imagine the Queen becoming A motivational Speaker?
Karijinbba Jul 31
Carefully watch your thoughts
for they become your words.
Manage and watch your words
for they will become your actions.
Consider and judge your actions
for they will become your habits.
Acknowledge and watch your habits
for they shall become your character.
Understand and embrace your character
for it becomes your destiny and your dreams.
THERE WILL BE PEOPLE WHO WILL PUSH OUR BUTTONS TO SEE WHERE YOU BREAK AND dig out or find EVIL IN US our INNER CORE. I SELDOM JUDGE A WORD SAiD IN ANGER. I GiVE PEOPLE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. I believe in bringing out the best in people not the worst we all can utter bad foolish words in anger if someone has tortured us or betrayed us. Life molds us differently but its cruel to think that money can repay anyone for pain and suffering there are wounds that can never heal no matter how much we have healed or how much others have loved us.I hate jealousy malice and greed I hate evil. I wish I never saw evil nor heard or felt the stings of evil. But this is earth and something went badly wrong in the original paradise and the tree of good and evil will always interminglebin our daily living.. So we choose wisely if we hurt anyone we explain we ask their forgiveness trouble is some if ux never heard a kind word from offenders or justice from criminals who wounded us and we hurt others without meaning to  and let them go because we don't know we can earn their love and merit their trust and love .nor in second chances. I know it happened to me and my defeat and loss was and remains immeasurably unsurmountably an eternal loss it has no reparation neither in time nor in eternity. WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS YOUR WORDS AND YOUR DEEDS.
you should watch me while i breathe
because at night i don't
at night i try not to think about
too much or you at night
i look down obey myself all the
lights are out
i turn within myself think about
all those shaky breaths how i try to
stop them
when the beast in me stamps
when it licks my wounds
it does that too
i prefer to be alone at least a part of the night
it wasn't like this before
but all the waves tired me
i want to close my eyes in cool
softly running tap water
Skye 1d
Watch her stand alone
As they beat her to the ground
As they force her head under
As they force her to drown

Watch her stand alone
Watch her crumble, fall apart
Watch her climb her way back up
Fingers bleeding and covered in scars

Watch her stand alone
Watch her struggle to breathe as broken bones force their way into her lungs and the blood in her eyes makes it harder to see

Watch her stand alone as on lookers point and stare at her disfigured face and her shattered soul-like-grace that's changed her into someone she's never wanted to be

Watch her stand alone
As years of torture claim their place upon the only heart she's ever known sitting slightly to the right of where its home should be

Watch her stand alone
Then watch her rebuild and grow
Watch her turn into a beautiful fighter who's smile burns brighter than any you have ever known

Watch her stand alone
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