Graff1980 Jan 2015
Doubt is the lonely father of fear
Not a clad caped hero
Waiting to swoop in
And save the day
But a two faced killer clown
Wearing crappy crocs
With electric joy buzzer shocks
Sending surges through your veins
Sending urges that drive you insane
It may be in reason
It may be in season
But the summer heat
Can burn your feet
Under the fire of fire
Place you in stasis
As you wait to find were your space is
Letting others tell you were your place is
While they race to chase
A better life
Doubt can be better than blind
You just have to watch out
For the dangerous side of doubt
Turn detective to fix the defective
And Steer clear of the fear
That disparages hope and reason
Clarice Alvarez Aug 2014
The deafening house music
The crowd of colorful suits and gowns
And the shifting colorful lights
Trapped me in the ballroom

The tasty sophisticated food
The elegant decorations
And the freaking mandatory cotillion
Didn't stop me from screwing up

I should've been more social
I should've treated my date better
And I should've enjoyed the evening
But my fear and doubt won over me
Prom happened five months ago, but it never ceases to make me feel awful.
self-doubt is a killer
or maybe i’m the one who’s suicidal.
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
He said that I looked
Pretty, as a compliment
But it made me doubt;
I felt that he shouldn't have
It made me feel insecure.
Felicia Mar 2014
If you ever even knew
How much I question myself
In the name of you
Then you'd probably give me more
Than a mere moment or two
Grand Piano Aug 2014
Everyone has there doubts right?
Of course I know it's not just me
Who the fuck am I to think i'm special
Clearly you didn't
You said you loved me!
Hell I should have known
Anyone can say I love you
But only few really mean it
Now that's something I didn't want to feel
I ignored all of the warning signs
I was blinded by love that you never really felt
I started thinking
Does he really love me?
Am I really beautiful?
Are we really in this together?
Doubt sunk in so deep and dragged me under
But who was there to pull me back up?
Not you!
Not anyone!
I was alone
Am alone
Trying desperately to break surface
A part of me still hopes that you'll be the one to rescue me
Help me out of this dark place
But you're not here
All I have now is doubt
Dreaming is good.
But dreaming is bad, because it hurts.
Dreams die.
You grow up thinking you are invicible, forever amazing.
You grow up realizing it does not work that way.
You grow up to realize the people around you want you to be safe.

Life isn’t about being daring anymore.
Life is about having a safe future.
Pick a safe job.
Live your life.
Enjoy it when you can.

But the fireceness of life leaves you.

Adults burn the fire in you.
Cold water on your dreams, wash them all away.
Adults throw you in the wilderness to make you realize.
Realize life is not a game anymore.
Adults burn the fire in you.
They feed your insecurities.
Cultivate your fears.
Then feed them back to you.
They’re scared. They don’t want you to face a wall of disappointements.
But they won’t let your try, either.
Adults burn the fire in you.
Not consciously.
And suddenly you, with all your dreams in your heart, face doubt.


The worst feeling.
Worst than love. Worst than hate.
Sinuously cracking your hopes and dreams.

Doubt, creeping in your mind, burning bridges.

Doubt, expanding every time you hesistate.

Doubt, forever in your head.

Doubt burned my dreams to ashes.

Doubt washed them all away.
Ava Blue Jun 2014
No dream, big city
Drive empty passions
Destination shy

go. go. go.

No one waits.

Thirst for meaning
Empty knowledge
Knights of the dark
Jokers of the heart

Limitless treasure hunts  for meaning

The secret; Unsure
Graff1980 May 2015
I feel like I am neurologically deficient
That a lot of my brain cells are missing
Like a punch drunk doped up punk boxer
A pimply muscle bound moron on steroids
Hanging out at my old high school locker
No shocker that I am no medical doctor
But I always thought I’d be just a bit better
I guess on average I am a little bit smarter
But the bar is set so low that it requires
Very little to grow and go over it, you know
In comparison to the other young men
I may be grandstanding and one upping them
But when it comes to grand scheme of things
When compared to past people
Who shared my glorious dreams
Like Percy Shelley and John Keats
Like Ginsburg and the other Beats
I think I am drifting of course just a bit
Lest we all forget the shit cut the crap to fit in it
Maybe I’m okay few travel this way anyways
So who’s to say if I’m doing it the wrong or the right way
But I still feel like my brain needs a chemical treatment
A diet with more nutrients and sufficient Supplements
Because I’m feeling neurologically deficient
Tessa Craft Jan 2015
I'm looking for signs
Blow the candle for me
But make it obvious
More than a flicker please
I might doubt it
What shall I do
With my doubt
PrttyBrd Jun 2010
The blue rain of obscurity
Blurs the edges of reality
Turns a deluge of insecurity
Into fissures of abnormality
And disappointed purity
that decays the personality
copyright©PrttyBrd 14/06/2010- From Sunset to Sunrise
I am sometimes hit with a
heavy dose of doubt,
does anyone care about
what I write?  

maybe I shouldn't write?
no one wants to read this stuff.

but then I remember that
I write for me,
and I write simply
because  it comes
out of me.  

who am I to stand in
the way of creative expression?
So I just get out of the way,
and put pen to paper.
blanc May 2015
be not in fear when my hands pause;
only embrace the thought
when they pull away.
It is an odd thing, fear. But fear is weakness, and I am not weak.
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