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GreenTrees May 2017
In the dry cracked walls
Behind the dry rot
Below the slithering bellies

Where the earth turns death into life.

Soothed by the warmth of decay.

Tendrils of sorrow reaching deeper

Into that place in side my soul that has died

Where I silently scream breathlessly.

Time has stopped and the hands of time cover her face
Timidly peering out,
To one day see the sun again
Cné Jan 4
silence and darkness
an old friend I know too well
an unwelcomed guest
Jack Chicago Apr 2015
there's bars on the sky
razor wire around the moon
each star under lock and key

every eruption of laughter
seems forced
running from something
toward nothing

i can see my shadow
on the other side
of the fence
dancing in freedom
he waves hello
as i wave goodbye

i tell him
still he follows me across the yard
and back inside...
I wrote this at the beginning of a jail sentence. My shadow was free. If only...
Shofi Ahmed Jul 14
Mortal earth is a shadow
nothing lasts here evermore.
The inside is a complete hollow.
Everyone takes a turn sway not
360-degree it’s a flute!
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