Rockie May 2015

I may be smiling
But really,
I want to scream,
For the hatred I have,
At myself,
For feeling this way.

Missy Beminio Jan 2016

this little number
is for your sake
cause if you know
just how I feel
I won't have to fake
make no mistake
this is the quake
inside us both
if you hold me near
you can feel it too
you take away my blue
make me feel alive
I think I love you

Tessellate Nov 2012

Save me.
Save me from the
place inside of me that Loathes my

help, it is pulling me
Dragging me deeper into to this
cold place
full of everything i hate. like
you, and me.
i hate You more than anything on the face of this planet, well
except for me.

i hate me hate me more than a mother hates the murderer of Her
own Child.

this Calamitous pit inside me
like a Rabbit's hole i can
Never escape, no matter how i
scratch at the sides until my

there is a lot of blood
in this place.
It's the poison inside of me, the reason
why i breathe in short, wispy breaths. It's got to be
the answer. i've got to get the poison

i dig and dig.
dig, dig, dig, dig
and not once do i cry
of pain.

i dig and dig. deeper
and deeper.
the Hot Malicious wine of my pain flows all around me and the world turns grey as my head begins to spin. i hear You. i know how much You hate me.


the only colour i see now is the deep red of a rose as i clench my hands tighter around the thorns and then


The sound of my own breath
shocks me. i lay at the bottom of the bottomless cistern inside of my soul.
the air in my lungs hissing, as i lay there broken. Vulnerable.  
in a pool of my own sorrow, thick and dark. You have left me
to die.

You were the only one i let into this place
You pushed me down. You killed me

please Someone help before the rasp in my chest completely fades.

i just threw this one together. also, i have this thing for grammar where i just make it up as i go.
i never capitalize "i", because i am not important.
Sophie May 2015

As the moon begins to rise
As my devils too--
Start to conjoin,

This is bad.

lerato Jun 2014

She wants to go home, but nobody's home. It's where she lies, broken inside.

WistfulHope Dec 2014

I wish I didn't feel so empty without you

   I'm hollow
      All that's left is my core
         I'm just paper thin, tearing skin
   All I've left is my black heart, melting away

Sometimes I forget how unstable I am.
I'm very.
- - -
Might add to this at some point.
kris evans May 2015

in you is a princess....
waiting to be crowned....
in you is wood nymph.....
waiting to sprout....
in you is a mermaid....
waiting to dive....
in you is a lover......
waiting for me....

there is a lot more inside YOU AND ME
Purple Rain Nov 2015

These feelings & emotions
Feel as if they are Infused inside,
A depressed state of mind  
Discovering myself is the hardest rhyme,
I drown in every hide tide
Never able to win
Restraining the pain within
My blood drys thin
Noise mutters from the hells next door
Waves crashing at the shore
Of my brittle skin
Crying on the edges of hell  
A heart that can't mend
Handling what I can't hold in
I swallow down my sins

Chuma Komani Apr 2014

BodyWhen you're happy
Everything seems easy
Sometimes I ask myself
'How come the world spins
But we don't feel dizzy?'
'How come the best pickup lines
come offas cheesy?'
Last week I asked God if we could chill
And he said he was kinda busy

I think words carry more value
Than actions
Cause' you rwally much believe
What is received by the ear
Than the eye
And I
May come off as sly
If I use words
That create that strong feeling inside

I live my life in a prison
And here's my reason:
My thoughts are trapped
Inside my mind
And I find it hard to free them
Cause' I'm scared that someone would steal
My ideas

Sarah Spang Nov 2014

Harbinger of light, I curled away
From chaste, un-daunting rays.
And cursed the sphere high in the sky
For showcasing my pain

You brought me terms and phrases
That withered on deaf ears
I longed to wrench them from my head
When ballads provoked tears

Your touch? It singed like acid
I yearned to shed this skin
Discard this haggard carapace;
Exhume the girl within.

Your gaze took me to pieces
And plucked a shattered shard
To hold before my wretched face;
Remind me what we are.

I’m stained with shadows where you’re light
And loud where you are soft.
I’m rough, disheveled and clumsy
My company’s high in cost.

I twist and draw away from you
I flee and weep and hide
Everything that makes you up,
Is who I am inside.

Chris Twyford Feb 2012

Today the winter is not as chill, nor as gray.  An azure depth backdrops the "fade"-to-white and the eyes remember what to see beneath patterns that shift and flow.  You hear your footsteps and ...feel the silence leave your mind.

"Inside A Snowdrop..."

Driplets - droplets
pitter and pat
echo and float
...and the sun is here
its touching
edging patterns smooth and

Feel the air
- its fingertips grasping
finding each bit of you all at once
...teasing and tickling your cheek,
nose THEN down the throat
filling and growing 'til
becoming an exhale
becoming you out and upon the world.

Feel as each hair lifts and spreads,
gathers and becomes waves eddying and rising free
freefalling and floating and rising again -
riding the unseen exhales as the world
- your world - flows by-and-by
grasping and tasting life
grasping and BEING life for all the other exhales
to find and feel and be felt in turn.

Reach - palm up...
     catch a miracle!
- a world within worlds within -
a snowdrop
a single glass to gaze in-and-in
to focus - deep
deeper still
... 'til
I see you
...behind my eyes
and the shadows and shades
surround and enfold
tighter still...
holding me
gentling me

I am lavender ghosting in the air
the taste and sweetness of your skin
the softness of each lil hair flowing by
the lips that found their home on mine.

Breathing is one long purr
and life is gently kneading into the softness
...of you.


Crucifix Mar 2015

My animal has to much pride. Its hard to keep him inside. I have to stick to the code. Travel with him on the road. Need to keep my lion away.
He may consume me anyway. He is fire. His roaring is burning all choice away.
only one path to follow this day.
Pride or honor? What feeds you?

I Don't Care Aug 2013

I feel like I'm sinking,
Or is the ground rising?
Higher and higher,
I fall deeper below.

I feel like I'm losing,
Or is everyone winning?
Grabbing and taking,
Oh, where will I go.

Feelings are thoughts that come alive.
And thoughts are feelings we try to deny,
But in the end it's just a lie.
No where left for us to hide.

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