Arcassin B Sep 2014
BY Arcassin Burnham

when they came tumbling,
in my mind very troubling,
lungs and feeling of dumping,
but i'm so done with everything,
eyes changing , and my age elevating,
red skies , i cant see the radiating,
of the walls.
Alexis Apr 2014
She would
Build walls around herself,
A thousand feet tall.
"Don't trust,
Don't let anyone near,"
She told herself.

But sometimes
She would soften up.
Tear down the walls
And let others in.  

Only to be left,
To be betrayed.
So she would construct them again,
But destroy it soon after.

It was a cycle,
Building walls and then tearing them down,
Over and over again.
We built these walls
too high

The expenses
too high

A shelter
that trapped us

Hurting the outsiders
caved in

Ignoring the debris
And damage done

We dance on rubble
to start a new

Walless friendships
Forgotten trespasses

We dance

Forget the old storms
That ragged on too long
And the people of the earth lived happily ever afters
Miss Johansen Mar 2014
Like the air, you are with me everywhere
Like the solid walls, you protect me
Like the burning fire, you warm me
   I will never forget you, or how you made me feel.
LaurenGrey Apr 2015
I've been building these walls for so many years. I'm not quite sure if they are keeping people out or caging me in.
I am a wall,
A thick, stone wall,
At least a man,
Surrounded by walls.

I built them myself,
I'm sure it would help,
At least a little,
Those amazing walls.

From the outside it looks grey,
Thick colourless stones of pain,
Of no interest, of desolation,
In total isolation.

But inside, oh wow,
I've painted it with amazing colours,
And those very walls who keep people away,
Comfort me in ways indescribable.

The walls are lined with rich tapestry,
The floors of lush carpets and pillows,
The from the ceilings hang lights,
To illuminate a hundred rooms.

And yet, no one...
No one to share the beauty,
The richness of my inner walls,
The walls I made.
Stan Gichuki Dec 2015
the everyday
should not seep
through the walls

it is behind these walls
that truth undresses
then lies
A-S May 2014
I'll build some walls
to protect  myself.
that is plan A.

If my first wall,
Breaks down,
I will try again.

If my second wall,
Breaks down,
I will build somewhere else.

If my third wall,
Breaks down,
(I'll give up)
And look who's behind it.
Maybe even ask
For some help building
it back again.

I don't even have bricks yet.

pillaow Oct 2014
haunt me like you always do.
i'll give you a piece of me.
when i get the blood out of mine eyes.
HelloPeople Nov 2014
I see the light,
I see it pretty clear,
After years of darkness,

Why is it getting darker?
Why are you shutting the doors?!
Why are you building walls?!


I saw a reflection,
It was me after all
Sara fairmeal Jul 2014
A beautiful mind

Hidden away

Behind walls

You built

And quiet hellos
Alyanne Cooper May 2014
Walls of silence,
Of guarded wariness.

Walls of hesitation,
Of experienced caution.

Walls of distrust,
Of practiced isolation.

Walls I put up intentionally.
Walls you tore down unknowingly.

Walls I found crumbled,
The door of my heart opened.

Walls I found breached,
And you were just sitting there.

Walls I had never lived without,
Suddenly seemingly unneeded.

Walls I was glad to let down,
Until you shanked my heart.

Walls I should have fortified
With anger and hate and experience.

Walls of "I know better."
Of "There are NO exceptions to the pattern."

Walls of protection,
Of much needed security.

Walls of insulation,
Of broken-heart bandaging.

Walls I won't let down again.
Thanks to you, I've learned my lesson.
Kevin J Taylor Jun 2016
Yes, segregate.
Create a slum for me.
Build walls.

Render us apart.
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