em Jul 2014
Loving someone else is like loving a whole new universe.

Your body is a universe itself.

Beyond that, your body has other universes.

Your cells, your bones, your veins.
Everything has a universe itself.

It would be life's greatest gifts to intertwine your universe with mine.
Colleen Jul 2014
My body is larger
because I have a whole universe inside me
trying to break free.
Alicia Jul 2014
some nights you will feel
like there are a thousand galaxies
exploding in every inch of you
and you are burning too bright
to ever be looked at directly,
and some nights you will feel
impossibly small, like your
whole body could slip through
the spaced between atoms and
never reappear in this world again,
and some nights you will feel
like a paper doll, carefully crafted
and easily blown away, fragile,
too delicate to ever be touched,
and some nights you will feel
like each cell in your body is
made of the strength that holds
the whole planet together,
and that is okay because you are
made of stardust and miniscule
atoms and breakable bones
and the building blocks of
everything in the universe,
and you are too alive to never
feel anything more than human
Alexa Dark Nov 2014
The Universe
It's full of stars, planets, stardust
It's infinite
And in all of its infinity
I can't find anything, anyone
I would love more than I love you
Tawanda Mulalu Oct 2014
And then I thought that
those big, endless dark spaces
between the stars in the night sky
had to mean Something


how much nothing is in
I was in the car, talking to my mother... then I looked out the window.
Your my universe. I hope you know,
Your the earth beneath my feet
Supporting my every need
Your the sun high above
Refreshing me every morning
With your warmful glow
Your the moon above my head
Illuminating the way
Your the stars shooting across the sky
Attempting to reach me to make
My dream come to fruition.....
idyllicrainydays May 2015
i wonder if you can see
     a single beauty in me
  just like I see the whole universe
           in you.
Rafael Melendez Feb 2015
Bury me adrift, leave me remembering that even after I’m gone, the universe will go on. That you will go on, my darling little universe.
Those supernova eyes,
Outshine the galaxy in her freckles.
Her busts like mountains,
And curves like a river..
Hair radiating like sunrays,
Thighs like smooth iceberg..
Within her divine body, melts my universe.
Mygreatestescape Mar 2015
Your body is a universe.

Your soul is the Milky Way, that covers the night sky.

Your eyes are the cosmos of glistening red,

Your mouth is the lonely planet, telling stories that went unsaid.

Your ears are the black holes that hold secrets underneath.

Your body is a universe.
Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
"Look, a star", I said
He replied, "I know, it's beautiful"

I was looking at the sky and he was looking at me
Hannah Jean Aug 2014
Dear Universe,

Why do you have to be so amazing? And why Do i feel like one of the few who really notice it?
I feel like everybody only sees the bad of this world without taking into consideration the beauty it has.
Josh Mar 2014
Precise and organized
is the place we live.
A chair, a city, a country, a world, a galaxy,
all have systems of organization.
Running like clockwork,
precise and intricate,
everything in the universe is perfect.
But I don’t understand why.

I think to myself:
Why is the universe not a messy soup?
How is everything so independent physically?
The universe was once chaotic, random, and tumultuous.
But now it is neat and calm.

We live in a tranquil era of the universe
where such a world we inhabit can exist.
This entropy has served us well.
We don’t have to worry.
Everything will be alright.

Yet as I write this war and struggle encompass our earth.
People are dying in the hands of their loved ones.
Screams, tears, shots, explosions.
These frightening realities
come from a beautiful blue marble of a planet.
Life requires just right conditions
to grow and evolve.
Yet life is the sole imperfection in this universe.
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