Edward Coles Jun 2014

I take a walk into the parkour graveyard,
looking for Polish dealers and cellphone halos.
I heard Thoth resides in sobriety,
but words fail me
whenever you are near.

I let my tongue run in endless stutters,
disguising 'I love you' as some off-hand request.
I could take you to dinner,
I could show you a longing
without the need for sex.

This late-night food has lost its flavour.
This booty call never picked up.
All that is left is to dial these numbers,
and wait by the window
for any car but yours.

Let's take a walk to the railway bridge.
We'll smoke a joint by the open forest.
You'll push your breath into mine,
make me high,
and forget why I ever
felt so low.

MaryJane Doe May 2014

He's in too deep.
He can't seem to think.
Just how low
do you think he will he sink?
Caught in the undertow
of the current flow.
He treads
It can make or break what you knew
if you ride the rapids threw.
Will they take Scuba Steve too!?
He wont swim for the shore.
to avoid once more
the beauty in store
Only to find...
That he always wants more.
he learned from the past
but his oxygen can't last
and his air
Is depleting fast
high in the speed
and the passing sea weed
I heard Scuba Steve plead
I'm in too deep
and I can't seem to think
Just how low
Do you think
I will sink?

Micah Fagre Oct 2014

the planets. the peaches.
pruned. picked. for the reaches.
the centuries. a second to the eternities.
you can have it. say laugh when. you hear the jazz note.
the voice of all that i spoke. the saxophone.
like dialing digits of truth. on the telephone.
come on. say one and two. up and down. the diversity in one single crown.
upon the ears of sound. it's the heart's listening device. toss it like rice.
at a wedding. human genes get paired up. and twisted.
so simple. it comes in flavors of licorice. red and black.
off and on. check the track. when the needle skips.
we find all these differences.
let me bring it back. for diversity.
zeroes and ones. spread the spectrum. across high and low frequencies.
it's so easy. let the record speak. can you stay on beat.
the principles of the high. the sincerity of the meek.
whatever lies between. is one or the other. blended across the centuries.
and all mothers. give birth to the last. man to the first.
follow that. discussion of high low.
mid ranges get blown. saxophone pace the flow. get pricked by the tweeters.
soul from the bass feeders. save the appetite. for the words that i write.
and then speak. you you. not me. splitting hairs. atoms. quarks. and light.
beams. like a smile. across a broad spectrum. either off. always on.
high low. then get gone.

Kina Apr 2015

Fists balled.
Throat dry.
Coming down from a high.

Crash and fall.
Spring nights.
Coming down from a high.

King of the Fall Dec 2014

Its not a bad life
just a bad day
so get high
because the world
is too low

every hit i take
is a step closer to happiness
the higher i am
the less i feel
push all the conflict away
my responsibilities
are no longer
being faced
falling faster and faster
i cant stop
they forgot to mention
the higher you are
the further you fall

David Walker Apr 2013

High and horny
Don't ask for much
High and horny
Is what it is
High and horny
Likes to complain
High and horny
Gets way too excited
High and horny
Writes and beats
High and horny
Is more often than not
Sad and lonely

Cave Man Jun 2015

Take a toke
Inhale the smoke,
This isn't no joke

I love this plant
Let's make a chant,
All hail this incredible plant

Marijuana is the best
Fuck all the rest,
I'll take this rest

I'm high
While you lie,
There's no time to disguise

So let's take a toke
Inhale the smoke,
Because this I no joke

Marijuana is the best smoke!!!


EP Mason Mar 2015

when I'm high I can't control my head
when I'm high I go up and up
down the lane
and I taste mermaids tongues
I make the sweet ones cry
when I'm  high
I shiver and smile
when I sense it's over
fuck me when I'm high

In an attempt to combat writers block I got stoned and just wrote whatever came out. This is the result?
PrttyBrd Oct 2016

She glistens in shades of rose wine
Warmth melting inhibitions
Flesh begging to be devoured
A hint of its sweetness
beckons as it lingers on still air
Molten steel
Heat rises
A gentle touch
Electricity liquefies
There, in the light
transformed by a glance
that holds a promise of passion
Aquiescence in liquid candy
She is consumed
He is ravenous
yearning to be sated
Yet, feeding the very hunger
that drives him
straight through her soul

Jessie Taylor H May 2017

Don't be scared, Love;
Show me your scars.
Give me a piece of your soul,
And maybe a glimpse of your mind.

I could show you beauty,
Without a field of flowers.
And an amazing high,
Without the foul aftertaste.

Just let me in,
Let me feel your pain.
I'll touch your soul,
And make you go insane.

Renae Apr 2014

Nothing quite makes sense
Try defining this
Why calculators
are only encouraged
after high school
So "they" can say
In America
we know trigonometry, calculus
Or algebra
all in order to
pump gas
work at Lowe's,
Walmart or a restaurant

Judypatooote Mar 2015


Back in my day, children wore high top shoes.
Girls white, boys brown.
Because they gave you ankle support.

What would mom say now?
High tops are back.
But not for kids
there can't be any ankle support
For they have 7" heels
Some with a zipper up the back
And cut out pointed toes
With silver sparkles
What a difference 70 years makes
Now we should be back into high tops
Girls white, boys brown
Because they give you ankle support...

By judy

I just found a picture of me in high tops as a little girl.  That brought  on a poem....
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