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zebra Jul 26
there are women who love demons
you can see it in their eyes
like a sick hunger
silence in a straight jacket
smiling limbs on a pyre
starring entranced
whiskey blind
as if marveling
at a howling blood-spattered dingo in a crater
seduced to wander off half-naked into a bush of thorns
fingering barbed hooks for heroine kisses
women on fire who believe in nothing
except their atavistic compulsions

they are a burning land
beauty in ruin
ready for the slender whip
and black-toothed kisses
who giggle and then plunge into an abyss

i hold her like a jaw holds teeth
The Mystery
A Nature to One's Mind
A Sand which Flows,
And Glows
And sparkles Success
To One.

Before Men,
Before Cities borne out of
Civilisation's Womb
There was,
And was known to many
That it was Land,
The Enigma,
The Unknown to One.

Who lives in the Deep,
The Paradise Underworld
Of Many,
Of Millions,
Of a Thousand Beings in Atlantis.

The Impossible
Is Done
And should be Done
By One.

The Brave,
The Humble,
The Curious Juniour
One Foot,
That touches the Sand
One Breath,
Of Boreas' Air
One look,
Of Demeter's Feet
One Meet,
At Thriver's Friendly.

And Wisdom,
Has been Known,
And Shown,
The Impossible
Has been Done.

It is One's Dream,
The Goal,
The Conquest,
For the Future of Existence.

The Happiness,
To many of One Nation's Grand
Of Praise and Possibilities.
aquis Sep 1
we are like land
and water
can’t stand
without each other
stayed together
through storms
will get through
a thousand more
if we are
side by side
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Little earth is on the radar,
under the starry net.
Take a handful of soil,
only gauging a star’s gait.

Try once more can't do it
without the star above,
keeping a tab on the land,
on every birth and trait.
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Grab that cigarette and take another drag
Listen as the country shouts "Kill the fags"
Ain't that a drag
Well that ain't my bag

Did you see that video that's been circulating?
A cool customer got shot down for debating  
All he did was say
Something everyone's been saying

This place is crazy
And so are we
Freedom dies quickly
In the land of the free

Paranoia's a drug and it's getting contagious
I'd like some logic but that'd be outrageous
Why'd it take so long to say this?
First I had to get famous

So grab your lover and rest your head on their chest
But first you gotta check if they're the same sex
If so, move on to the next
Everyone else knows what's best
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