Andy Cave Jun 2012
This love we share is pure and true
it will not falter as others do.
We have found the half that makes us complete
oh what a momentous feet.
I am so very much in love with you
our love is endless, pure, and true.
Eilis Ni Eidhin Mar 2015
Buds burst forthwith outward
Leaving the private world of
Growth to be anew
The foal steps lightly
First on air then grass

Smoke rushes in hunlike
Ostentatiously in combat
Purity is its own demise
Osmosis and entropy reign
Deepening Wells Sep 2015
             In it's
Beauty is the same.

They're my favorite flowers.
Atul May 2014
What's pure & divine?
An early morning sunrise,
Sun peeking through the trees,
Darkness giving way to the bright,
Observing the sky turn yellow from gray,
Birds singing welcome to the new day,
Listening what these early hours say.
A poem that came to my mind at 4 AM.
My HP Poem #626
©Atul Kaushal
me lungs aint pure wit out ganga
me mind aint pure wit out rasta
who be in my basement?
da rasta mon who stole me bank statement.
why he steal me bank statement
only jah will know.
me tird leg ain pure wit out soap
me arm peets aint pure wit out soap
soap is da purest
jah supply us wit soap
tank u jah
we like da soap u supply
we do not deny
here id de reggae household
Violet Aug 2014
You are addicted to your own sadness,
only speaking upon your hardships so you can feel something again.

you latch onto the pure ones in hope of being found,
but once you've been corrupted there's no turning around,

So be gentle with the innocent ones left,
for they can remind you of what life was before you wept.
tstaller Nov 2014
Wide eyes plead, tell me you love me,
Little hands held out,
Can you show me the way?
Before the serpent whispers,
Before hands and words can distort,
Fully dependent, an unbroken dreamer, A heart wide open.
Little heart full of love,
Little mind,unashamed.
I wish you could stay, little one.
To never know life's sting,
Never know how much it hurts.

Will you find the Sun, in this dark, cold place?
Atul Jun 2014
Darling, there are few facts that you
must know as a student of science,
And there are many more that you
must know as a cute human being.

There are three bearing mango trees
& one guava tree outside our home,
The guava tree is infested with the
parasitic growth of a sacred fig tree.

After many years' from today
the "Bargad" tree will grow out,
Ousting the guava tree it will finally
be free but it won't forget guava tree.

It will always feel having been parented by the guava tree, and so it might actually become a hybrid of both the trees and so a love child hybrid tree would ultimately give shade and fruits to people in the future generation.

So should be the ideal love of a human being be inspired towards everyone including the ones who they love and fellow human beings - selfless and pure.
A bargad tree is called sacred fig in English

My HP Poem #640
©Atul Kaushal
Poetry Mar 2015
Falling from the sky,
Are droplets of pure water
Running down my face.
Enjoy! :)
can you hear the rain drops
falling from the sky
being very thankful but i wonder why

rain is so soft yet it can kill
it is so pure and gentle
it sometimes keeps me mental

as i watch the rain fall from above
Peter Watkins Jul 2014
Pure as angers instinctive temptations.
Pure as loves clouded admirations.
As much as emotion can possibly blind
consuming the energy it aims to find.

Pure love, pure friendship.
Pure trust, pure hardship.
Pure sorrow, pure pain.
Pure rage, pure disdain.
Whatever's pure; true purity.
Is always overwhelming eventually.

Purity isn't good for anyone.
It may be what you want done.
However, it's only sweet in minority.
Like the sweetest of honey;
Too much makes the sweet taste bitter.
Pure golden sweetness reduced to litter.

I deplore you all; demand less and not more.
Multi-layered pleasures and hobbies for;
if only one thing is done, your only fun.
will quickly become turgid, boring and done.
Purity is overwhelming in its strength.
Pure love becomes stalking to fill loves quench.
Just another one for the wonderful people of Hello Poetry - Peter
...and she wears black-belt of solid
endurance, around her soul.
Because, she was born in pain city;
She's never perturbed by their
pettiness and rumor mongering attitude.
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