Bo Burnham Mar 2015
Alright now, right brain,
you're being insane.
                                                                  No, left brain! I'm just being alive.
                                                               You should try it---you might like it.

I worked hard to give him everything he cared about.
You were worried about the things that he was scared about.
I'm calm and collected when you act wild.
I am the adult, you are the child.

                                                     You think you're the right one every time!
                 You think you know everything, but you don't know anything
                                                                                                                     at all.
                                               Half of his problems were s'posed to be mine!
                                                                              But you wanted everything.
                                            I hope that you're happy--- 'cause he's sure not.
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Sydney May 2014
I'm sick of my brain
Holding me back
From the things
My heart wants
M Dec 2014
my brain shrinks
at the superiority of yours
it struggles to keep up
but yours has already finished the run
Ashley Somebody Sep 2014
I think that my brain
Decided it was too used
And took the day off.
Meg Howell Jan 2015
A brain is a marvelous thing
Thoughts and communication
Stuck in little files
Waiting to be opened and remembered
Lady Bird Oct 2016
depression is such a pain
throwing curve balls of
downfalls in the membrane
my written words has pulled me
from the pits  of the brains pollution
and this I know to be a true fact indeed
"Writing" is the best cleaning  solution
Sarah Sep 2014
Hypothetical lust
Generated electrical impulses,
The very same that stirred your heart.

Pulse – stifled, still,
Cochlear arousal (still)
The same that heard "I love you"

Physically imprisoned,
We tremble from the pain
Yours in your mind, mine in my brain
Let me increase,
Your dopamine,
And make everything you do,
Chiyo Jun 2014
when i'm alone i want company.
when i'm not i want solitude
unless under the influence of
the punch of society
to guzzle away certain
states of the mind i prefer
not to have as my only companion
luna Apr 2015
brain is lonely
wanting to just burst out of its shell
and show the world its potential  

brain is scared
what if world denies brains offer
because brain is so confidential

brain wants peace
inside its world wars never end
and words are as powerful as bombs

brain is now numb
all the explosions dull the physical pain
yet brain has forgotten how to feel calm

brain is a convincing actor
always knowing how to play its part
in every passing situation

brain does not like acting
instead brain wants to be fluffy cotton ball
not moist squishy thought deformation

brain wants sleep
to be able to shut off at appropriate times
and have enough energy to even try

brain is sad
never getting enough of anything
and sometimes brain considers to die
With a potent kiss,

Delve into the depths of my jaded heart and lose yourself in me,

Burrow and latch yourself inside.

Synchronize with the remains of my mortal being.

Surge through a mess of broken veins and arteries,

Interfere with the synapses in my brain and dizzy my fragmented mind.

Send me dancing through a euphoria of vertigo.

Become a part of me, with a potent kiss.
Lauren Leal Jun 2015
"I'm Insane" Is merely the brain trying to name itself.
Random 10W
404 Dec 2016
My mind preaches things I'd never believe

And my brain warps the thought to make me think I do
Fuck you, brain
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