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zebra Aug 11
im a self describing a self
a face on a liquid surface
a plasticity
a brain
a three pound infinity
always remodeling itself
and making new copies

a copy
a copy
a copy

a massive  accumulation of copies
each a slight distortion
from it's original eminence
a history of minute alterations
all subtle deceptions

my so-called reality
a memory
a memory
a memory
a repetition pouring the self out
self corrupting the self
until it is somebody else

a fibbing shifty double-dealing soft machine
trying to remain intact
it's signature
a disjunctured awareness

my cells talk **** about each other
i'm more microbes than human
every synaptic light of the divine casting a shadowed past
a devil to the true origin
a mangled remembering
my pillar of reality
spirit from matter
not the other way around

i no longer recognize myself
am i human
or perhaps a robot
an alien
a walk in
that left the original inhabitant
to wander perplexed in a netherworld
lost and crying

or, just a bad copy
a copy
a copy
a co





Jen P Sep 15
Go deep into the ocean

What you want.
What you want.
What you want.

No, not everybody.

Bitter seed,
Burning tongue,
Sharp sided ****** stalk,

You're young.

But where is the world
that waits for you?

Look at how pretty the sky is!

"Some say the world will end
In fire..."

Look at how pretty-

"...Some say in ice."

I wish I was one
Who could float
Liam hopson Sep 6
You say a songs not a song,
Unless it tells a good story,
So here goes my tale,
Its full of misery, and it's gory.

It began in a time, not so long ago
When I was happy, I was normal,
I loved music, I loved the radio

But then on a night out, with my wife and a friend,
A guy attacked me, **** bent,
On bringing my life to an end

Blood poured from my eyes, nose, and my ears,
People staring silently, People to afraid, to interfere

As my mum sat waiting, she takes time to say a prayer,
She begs *** for mercy, she begs him for an end, to this nightmare

He looks so peaceful, sleeping,
He's unaware,
His eyes  shut tightly, His mind must be elsewhere

As time drifted by, His family try to stay optimistic,
But their hopes he'll pull through,
Are starting to look a bit unrealistic

The doctors tried everything,
They tried anything for a reaction,
But as hope faded, His eyes open slowly , he was back in action

His voice crooked weakly, His gaze was distant,
He was confused, he was angry,
He reminded me of when he was an enfant

Seven days later, the police now enter,
Showing me pictures, asking if I remember ?
I was out on a ******, now get out there and find the offender !

Why doesn't anyone listen to a word I have to say ?
You say you do, you say Liam, Its OK, But that's not enough, thats not OK, you're just saying that,

As you can tell,
that's all now history,
The pain, the depression,
the whole Brain Injury,
But why? I'm home,
All on my own,
To me, remains a MYSTERY.
This is how I feel.
Kara Jean May 2016
Parts of thoughts, chopped into slivers
Run, **** and, scream
Be a disappointment
My judgment
Steaming hot bath
A week completed
Still considered a journey
When nothingness is fulfilling
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