Violet Blue Sep 2015
Give you everything I am,
Let you in
Practically give myself to you
dragged it out for just over a year
and you choose to tell me now
Good fucking job you cunt
Fuck you
Infamous one Sep 2013
Everyday is a struggle to be better
Speaking up against morons
Achieving other accomplishments not keeching off old success
Something new letting go of the old
Found someone new don't want to make the same mistakes
Success with hardwork not expecting a hand out
Change because nothing stays the same
Pursue your dreams never give up on them
Never settle for less or be denied what's yours
I've learned to not rely on anyone or hold your breath
Lost in my work not making time for what I love
Id pursue love but want a sure thing not tryong to hurt or hurt others
Its easy to not care harder to care when you get use to things slilping away
Working hard to get it all back hoping to reclaim all that was lost
svdgrl Apr 2014
He's out of bed
and out of sight.
I lay with my back turned
to the night.
The sheets still warm,
I hold the loss.
It isn't sleep
if his feet don't toss.
When your sleep partner has restless legs, it becomes a lullaby almost.
I'll love you
From silky smooth
To wrinkled,
From sane
To senile,
I'll love you
From sandy blonde or brunette
To ashen grey or balding white,
From twenty/twenty
To glaucoma,
I'll love you
From hushed whispers
To hearing aids,
From skips and hops
To rascal scooters,
I'll love you
From fast food and coke
To ensure and depends,
From broken fingernails
To fractured hips,
I'll love you
From baby boy
To great grandchildren,
From skydives
To rocking chairs,
I'll love you
From glitter
To pill reminders,
From off the lot
Until rusted into the ground,
I'll love you
From now
To forever,
From hello
To the grave...
APAD13 - 058 © okpoet
M Clement Dec 2012
Normally, I have something to write
But today is poorly lacking

Too many arguments in just as many days
Comebacks are the things I'm saving

Did I mention virginity?
Want to see my V-card?

Let's call this high school baby,
I can be your point-guard

Sexuality and innuendos
Silence, is what I need.
Let's play horse, baby
I'll be your steed
Sydney Ann May 2015
Do it quickly,
God forgive me
Her eyes drifted dreamily
His teeth worked against her neck

Lord of the flies, favor me now
... had already pooled in it, something viscid and alive
I am the resurrection of death
He's undead, Ben
We must go through bitter to taste the sweet

Now your end.
and the blood that pulsed from his chest turned black

Look out!
You killed the master!
I'll be back
They were in the streets, the walking dead
They go crazy on the inside.
I lay on my back
Grass blades impaling my thoughts.
Captivated by the night.
Belittled by the lot.
Of stars and starlight
A stellar sight
As I lay on my back.
In complete solitude tonight.
I write a lot about the night sky
st64 Jul 2013
Perhaps I want everything:
the darkness that comes with every infinite fall
and the shimmering blaze of every step up.

So many live on and want nothing,
and are raised to the rank of prince
by the slippery ease of their light judgments.

But what you love to see are faces
that do work and feel thirst.

You love most of all those who need you
as they need a crowbar or a hoe.

You have not grown old, and it is not too late
to dive into your increasing depths
where life calmly gives out its own secret.

Rainer Maria Rilke / The Book of the Hours
(translated by Robert Bly: German)

S T, 20 July 2013
love this poem touching :)

sub: 'your eyes'

my child, my child

crying beside long stalks of sugarcane
flat on the mudfloor
next to worn baskets in the corner
heart rent
never will I see your eyes
open again

your little brother watches me:
he sees his father on knees
and arms to the sky
raging in snot-rivulets and loud tears

while your mother tends to all else
she cannot afford to spill now
the other babies need to be fed and changed

she carries her pain inside
as she always does
later she will scrub it out in the laundry
        and pound it in the corn
        and wring it from the wet clothes
        and sweep
fling it to the sky

*my child, my child
what did they do?
what have they given you?*

I sent you off on your journey
not ever thinking that
I never would see your eyes

now I tear my hair
and gouge my eyes
I bare my soul
and ask...why??

dried tears leave ashen lines
as a warm flood spills
hot lament on cheeks
I touch your young face
so serene ...eternally serene  

I would knee-walk eternal
on rusty nails and toxic cans
if I could see your eyes once more

but the time has come:
your mother comes to wash you
one last time

*never will I see your eyes

your beautiful
life-giving eyes
BR Dec 2013
I woke up
the sun softly breaking through
resting on the wall,
i left my radio on
playing songs and songs
that i love
my hair is glued to my forehead
i feel it scratching against my skin
i look around piles of clothes
laying on the corner of my bed
empty bowls of  cheerio cereal
my guitars laying up against a wall
one that is laying on the floor
two burnt matches on the floor
a poorly painted zebra mask
and a yellow leaf that fell from its place
a lot of dried pieces fell off the dead leaf,
old VHS tapes against the wall
dirty dancing,breakfest club,ferris bueller , blues brothers
so much more
books piled in each other
dorian grey,to kill a mockingbird, a farewell to arms
i'm missing two books
i lent them to my friend
red ink from a pen on the floor
i had to keep the guitar cord at a certain bend to it would amplify
it gave in and exploded
a green paint mark on my wall
and a cut out mustache
an old keyboard of the 80's
sometimes it turns on sometimes it doesn't
notebooks of poems
and boxes of drawing i did when i was younger
a big jar with two dead roses
pencils and pens cross in and out
a little emptied out honey jar
filled with all my train tickets
my bracelets laying on the floor
except for the blue one my wrist
it never comes off
my camera lays beside the camera beg
drawings on the wall
and my hats on top of each other
and my sweaters all over the place
vinyl album covers
of the Beatles and Pink Floyd

My mom calls it a mess
i call it
"je t'aime a lot"
was a line from a movie i saw
i french movie
quite sad

After fall,winter
Zak Krug Dec 2013
Sitting in an abandoned lot,
listening to the screeches of
seagulls and freight trains.
I am staring at a condemned building.
Condemned to have more windows broken and
be marked with unoriginal graffiti.
Bricks crumbling onto broken glass.
I guess you really do only live once.

Construction tape blows in the wind and
it is strangely terrifying.
This forgotten lot where
there is "absolutely no tailgaiting."
An owners car will be towed
A police car drives by and just stares.

I'm just doing my part.
Forgetting about this lot and all the events that took place here.
The asphalt hums with the highway traffic.
Click Clack goes trashcan
rustling around the fenced-in area in the back forty.
Progression marches on and
the picture fades away to dirty signage and power lines.

If there is beauty in this lot.
I have forgotten.
Haydn Swan Oct 2014
We are the ones who paint with words
thoughts and feelings soaring like birds,
horrors, dreams and things of the night
indelibly scribed for your delight

furrowed brows are forced to think
in pastel shades and jet black ink
scrawled in haste in an hour of need
raw nerves scraped until they bleed,

there is no cure or magic pill
we lost our freedom to the quill  
slicing our souls down to the bone
to leave a legacy carved in stone.
M Eastman Mar 2015
Rainbow parking lot oil stains
After the rain
staring at the washed asphalt
and my fingers go numb
wondering how the hell
and why so sad
another long drag
so much for
trying not to be bitter
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