I’m in my prime; at the cusp of my development.
A few more years of growth makes decay a lot more relevant…
Glass Elephant,
Glass Elephant,
Irrelevance, benevolence, compassion, or malevolence;
I’m one of few who sees it sums no difference.
Glass objects.
Or Elephants.

Striving for motion, with motive elusive
Each thing I endeavor is far too exclusive
I need something inclusive, objectively singular
A sinusoidal wave with a mean lacking integers
Peace in zero and equilibrium inclusion
Glass Elephant
Glass Elephant
Delusions, Delusions
their timelines brag "lives"
but a grin I learn to keep
in patterns I don't forget
today is a lot better
than when I tried my own end
I once let failure define me. But my friends told me to let failures teach me.
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
Howbout emptyness.
Howbout sorrow.
Howbout not 'living' to see tomorrow.
Howbout it?

A round of applause for a lost cause.
For All that shit stuck under my shoe!
All the shit I stumble thru!
All the 'its' pronounced post 'Shhh'!

Those are the screams of my inner being.
Clawing it's way out from the depths of hell.
I know. You cant tell.
It's better that noone really knows me.

It's a lot easier.
Trust me.
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