Denisse Nov 2014
My dream is like a thousand stars above

So hard to reach but still I'd like to try

And if I follow them into the sky

I'd reach the shooting star of what I love

*d. a. f. p.
TlvGuy Jun 2014
They have their inner beauty
I know what others say
But for your sake only
I ask just this: Lets pray
And when they sudden reach you
Nothing could bring you back
Cause when they sudden reach you
The rope is on your neck
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
You are the moon
And I am the wolf that cries
For the love it cannot reach.
Sipping champagne at 30.000 feet,
Fangs and claws can never reach us.

No longer fearing the beast,
War and famine spills from our hands.

Are we just,
Monkeys with guns and spaceships,
Calling a tiny speck of dust home.

They say,
Get yours before it's too late.

Dining on desire,
We decide.

Astronauts or soldiers.

I did not reach Thee
But my feet slip nearer every day
Three Rivers and a Hill to cross
One Desert and a Sea
I shall not count the journey one
When I am telling thee.

Two deserts, but the Year is cold
So that will help the sand
One desert crossed—
The second one
Will feel as cool as land
Sahara is too little price
To pay for thy Right hand.

The Sea comes last—Step merry, feet,
So short we have to go—
To play together we are prone,
But we must labor now,
The last shall be the lightest load
That we have had to draw.

The Sun goes crooked—
That is Night
Before he makes the bend.
We must have passed the Middle Sea—
Almost we wish the End
Were further off—
Too great it seems
So near the Whole to stand.

We step like Plush,
We stand like snow,
The waters murmur new.
Three rivers and the Hill are passed—
Two deserts and the sea!
Now Death usurps my Premium
And gets the look at Thee.
Ashley Somebody Aug 2014
You’re always just a reach away
For every time I go astray
There’s nowhere I could ever go
That Your love won’t reach, I know.
Potential chorus--should I try writing more of this?
Olga Valerevna Mar 2014
Begin at the beginning
in a time where you and I
Were something like a mirror
for the people in the sky
And even when the rain would fall,
reflections didn't change
The thought of something different
would've simply sounded strange
I wondered if your voice could lose
its harmony or hide
The moment I considered this
I felt myself divide
I couldn't hear another word
you'd ever speak again
No not in its entirety,
the way that it was meant
So how do I explain the things
I hear you say instead
Without the threat of adding on
or tearing off a shred
Put bandages around the wounds
we've given to ourselves
Begin at the beginning
only this time, somewhere else
title taken from Kye Kye's, "Reach"
Kaoru Tomoe Dec 2014
What we want the most
Is now far beyond our grasp
How can we reach it
How can I reach the unreachable..
teach the unteachable who's  comprehension is unbelieveable
But the fact  is unbelief is more than lack of knowledge..
Cause the truth is even Satan knows who God is..
Is it blindness...
truth on deaf ears..
the embracing of silence..
should there be surpises ..
when behind your eyelids enter a random act of violence..
A vision of darkness ..there's no light that why the pupils dilate the use of the iris..
But when use to darkness and the lights hits one close their eyelids..
I.e. Christ the truth the way the light..
Being unsaved is like living in the womb..
Darkness equivalent to that of a tomb..
Flashes of light is like labor contractions..
The unknown conviction hinting..
Considered a distraction..
Pushed out now watch the eyes reaction..
To the light cause from darkness there's a detachment..
If given a chance a adjustment happens..
An embracement of the light..
A rebirth Christ in action.
How can i reach the unreachable..teach the unteachable ..
With a script the director unknown Its more than the shout of action..
Living life like a movie unaware that the villains not acting..
Now could u imagine..
A movie set full of madness..
All the cast dead like really dead from a stabbing..
No equalizer the villain the only one left standing..
You may say excuse me..
Life is not a movie.
But a witness not performing there bystander..
No innocence exist...
No bliss in ignorance...
.Cause we all birth into sin.
So many questions with wrong answers given like the truth don't exist....
How can I reach the unreachable
teach the unteachable
who I tell to this body of Christ they should enlist
But  when a pass is given and the shot is missed..
It negates the assist..
A reason for the lost of the game..
The thought of a lost soul has me pissed..
I'm the point guard I help the scorer sustain..
Chris Paul with rock which is the gospel..
Passing the truth like Paul the apostle ..
Too many people out for a win like Christ didn't settle the score...
Adam severed the relationship but Christ rebuilt the rapport...
I am trying to reach and teach but there's no trust any more...
Pointing u in the direction of excepting the Lord..,
Embrace the word of God that double edge sword..
Them cuts is conviction..
The sword swinging is What it means to be a witness..
Led by the spirit A Christian
Yes we are made in Gods image..
Trying to reach every soul because the wins and losses count..
Life is not a scrimmage..
How can one soul have a  blemish..
Only dirt that can touch the soul is the dirty hands of sinning..
How can I reach the unreachable teach the unteachable..Who mistakes knowledge for ignorance...
And reject truth because arrogance..
dj Mar 2013
a shadow geist
out of the passing of time
reaches in me
grapples my heartstrings
tugs me away like a
like a stranded coastliner
and as it goes, I go,

and as you watch
in the darkness of interstellar space
you dim
to all but a faint sparkle
undifferentiated from other stars
but I won't confuse or lose you
I'll remember you

Even if I don't
I'll make something up in
place of the memory of you

I can't help but feel sorry
where am I now
Crazy Beautiful Nov 2013
I'll reach for your hand in the cold of winter,
I'll reach for your hand in the heat of summer
But if my short life can't reach the dawn of spring,
I promise, in heaven, I'll reach you with my wings.
I know your life can go on without me,
That you can be happy without me,
that you can survive without me,
But even if you turn me away,
I will still choose to stay with you
And be your sweetest stranger forever...
python Sep 2014
Don't leave precious things in the past
You'll never see them

Don't set things too far in the future
Because you'll never reach it

Leave bad memories in the past
Not in the future
They will eventually reach you again
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