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James LR Jul 12
Spilt upon the breathing tide
The shadows of our former pride
Stained with gilded, rusty gore

Songs upon the breeze still scream
From barren bog and skylit sea
Once were sung but nevermore

Clouds cry crimson in the lake
The moons and stars the sky forsakes
As darkness falls on ****** shores
You were the crisp fresh air I breathed in
Awakening my soul
Clean and bearing no weight
I effortlessly inhaled you
Taking you in
Embracing you and everything about you
Chilled by your presence
Sending goosebumps down my spine
You were the opening of my eyes

But at the same time

You were the foggy air I breathed in
Suppressing my soul
Foul with a hefty weight
Choking as i tried to force you out
Slowly extinguishing me
Avoiding you and everything about you
Sickened by your presence
Forcing me to stop breathing
You are the sludge coating my lungs

Making me want to never breathe again
elaine Sep 15
Short breathes, forced.
I feel as if I can’t breathe.
                                                                ­                                               Inhale.
                                                                ­                                               Exhale.

It shouldn’t be so hard,
Yet it is.
Laboring my breathing has taken up my mind,
waking its once sleeping state.
                                                                ­                                               Inhale.
                                                                ­                                               Exhale.

I open up my lungs only to get hit with regret as soon as they open.
Fighting a battle with myself is hard,
Especially when you are losing.
                                                         ­                                                      Inhale.
                                                         ­                                                      Exhale.

O terrible world, why am i being punished?
inhale and exhale

yet i still am not breathing
Val Vik Nov 10
When I close my eyes,
I'm in my own space.

My breath... is
of ocean weaves.

             & release

of all stress
                         to Peace.

Boi Oct 28
Stay a sea of gray
Stay a tone of blue
Stay a shade of white
Stay a stain of black
Stay you, me
Stay and don’t lose again
Stay you for my sake
Stay alive. Exist.
In honor of the msaadi6
ElEschew Jul 4
The sound of a sigh
From a lovers lips
It echos through the night
It reverberates through every cell
Creating a hum under the epidermis

Breathing gets heavy
The heart only speeds
When sweat forms on their skin
Adorn by salty appetence

This is the sweetest taste
Of lips on a secret place
Teeth clamped in skin
Lovers wrapped in sin
Bodies traversing what it is to couple
They'll lay quiet for quite a while
Bodies humming and hands intwined
Feeling forever  is this instant

Guiltless love
Uncontaminated by fear
They could spend eternity here
The day goes on
So do they
They hold forever
In their hearts and minds
Until after the end times
restless spirits, truest death
i remember all of their names
like they were mine
and the charity of cold
chimes forever
in a sea of blood

kicked down the cemetery gate
and kissed the ground
forgive me now
for the pain i caused
that night, canis minor wept
and all was dust
on the acropolis of troy

i am the one
who fell from dark
into an even greater void
LexiSully Jan 25
His body was warm,
His heart still beating,
But without her, he was brain-dead.
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