Becca Saltzman Jun 2014
Whenever I look up
I'm welcomed with your eyes
Those eyes..
A sweet escape from reality
Because yours are the sweetest eyes that I've ever seen
WistfulHope Jan 2015
Goodnight, Bug*                                  
                                   *Sweet dreams, Bee

Have all my love                                  
                                   *And dream for me
Based off of a thing that happened c:
Haunter Jun 2012
The most sweetest
sweet <3
Will turn a little sour uhhh
tart. </3.
When they've just eaten
enough shit.

Here's a little
shot of

I'll soon have to cock-block
out my
lil' pussy like
Usgaga Aug 2014
Lollies are sweet
Lemons are sour
Open your legs and give me one hour
q Nov 2015
Revenge is sweet
Like the taste of a candy
When you first tasted it

Revenge is bitter
As bitter as medicine or
Maybe bitter than that

They said revenge is best served cold
They also said that revenge is as sweet as sugar
Basically revenge is a sugary ice cream

Well for me
A revenge is like sweet honey
Hostile than bitter gourd
A bittersweet revenge
One that hurts and vigorous
At the same time
Brook Lynne May 2014
Time is short but oh so sweet
With you and me together
it is perfect as can be
I love the way you look at me
the smile on you face
a look I rather not replace
I love the way you wink
the skip in your step
yes time is short
but man is it oh so sweet
the last few months
have been precious
and I never want them to end
but you said that you may have to go away
and leave me far behind
So I think I will live in this moment
and not think of the time as short
but remember it as sweet
and smile right along
I know that I will cry
and put up a huge fight
but as for now I know its fine
SO yep, I know time is short, but we will make it sweet
This poem is about my friend who had the perfect relationship, it was all she ever wanted but her boyfriend is moving with his parents and this is how she decided to look at it... :)
Shazz Manji May 2014
a feeling
a beating heart

what more could be said about it

so sudden
so simply sweet

and that’s where we left it

with words
with glances

that could not foretell

the beauty
the sweet surprise

and together

we fell
Paramount Pawn May 2015
The thought of you laughing
is just simply ridiculous
'Cause you won't be laughing
in a sweet moment
The time my revenge
will come out fresh
Shall make me avenge
for the jokes you've played on me
Marolle Oct 2014
------------------------------Smiling                            ­   Smiling-------------------------
                               Smiling  Smiling               Smiling  Smiling
                                      Smiling                   ­          Smiling

                                                        ­    Smiling
       Smiling                                                          ­                              Smiling
           Smiling                                                          ­                      Smiling
               Smiling                                                          ­               Smiling
                        Smiling                          ­                            Smiling
                             ­           Smiling                            Smiling
           ­                                                 Smiling

I can't tell you what it is,
but I know it exists.
It sounds like the winds- feels like a kiss,
smells perfectly sweet- tastes like it too.
And if I could see it,
I bet it would look just like you.
Anthony J. Alexander 2010
O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have

            fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched

,has the naughty thumb
of science prodded

      beauty       .how
often have religions taken
thee upon their scraggy knees
squeezing and

buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive

to the incomparable
couch of death thy

          thou answerest

them only with

schadenfreude May 2014
the smell of cupcake freshly baked,

is you in my arms the morning im awake

-- *sweet
Chloe Jun 2014
I didn't have a sweet sixteen.
I didn't have a sweet anything.
But I didn't complain,
I had no right to.
I was a bad girl,
And besides,
Sixteens not all that sweet anyways.
Being 16 sucked
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