Fon Mar 2014
People eventually leave
Previously, I used to grieve
Wonder how people just
Enter and exist
Like they never cherish
The time we spent

Now I realize
It's the way of life
The moment that comes
and goes
And nothing stays
the same
Everyone leaves like the sun at dusk
Attempting to make them stay
Very prepared for another to leave because-
Everyone leaves
Sarah Michelle Nov 2015
Holding on to the
product of hard work as if
it will ever leave.
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
Leave me alone
to wait and to wander
Leave me alone
to wish my life away
Leave me to go
where I dared not before you
Leave me to grow
in a way you never could.
MonkeyZazu Dec 2015
Naked branches
now scratch
cold wind

Leaves fell
and with them
his coping

with him
thoughts stay
no longer swaying
daisies May 2014
I'm sorry.
I'm just worried.
What's going on?
I can't go on.
How do we met?
Don't you get mad?
With all the miserable things that I've said?
I want to apologize.
Let's get these questions maximized.
We didn't meet each other by accident,
*but we are meant to go on the same path.
I'm leaving my school so soon. And my friends are travelling back to their countries. This question strikes my mind; "how do we meet?"
A Mar 2015
So he said to me one night
Submissive is not what's right
He said to me one day
You've to command and make your way
You cannot be quiet
You cant be a riot
You have to be you
And not let destroy'it

He calls me his friend
Say, when will this end?
He says he don't care
It goes beyond repair

He says I mean nothing
Without the slightest grieve
"You are my closest"
Oh, I wouldn't like to believe

But I've known better
And not made up a pile
Fed it to the skies
Never failed to smile

I've grown as a human
I've grown as a friend
He's been a pillar
The crave will never end

He's helped me in ways
Helped find my forte
He's helped me mature
Never enough to sway

But now that he's changed
I'm hit by numbing rain
Now that all's deranged
Major bouts will reign.
Made me good, and became bad.
blue milk Mar 2015
why why why must you love believe
that this detrimental being deserves any sort of reprieve

please please please there's no need for explanation
just leave thee here to lie in this dirty contemplation
Lunar Jul 2014
love me once,
leave me twice,
the first
i let it go.
school and friends,
you told me
"don't do so."

love me once,
leave me twice,
i knew you,
all too well.
promised words;
a broken heart,
down the hole
i fell.

love me once,
leave me twice,
you left me
all alone.
with lack of warmth
and happiness,
without you
was not home.
i don't really have a broken heart anymore, but let's say i enjoy writing sad poetry because i love to empathize and feel how others feel. in other words, i like to write for those people, especially those who don't know how to express themselves.
Life and Death May 2015
Why have you left me
I can't live without you
You made me want to live
Now all I want to do is hang
Please don't leave me now
Not at the time I need you the most.
Please dont leave
Atul Jun 2015
Take a leave from regular life,
Go have some genuine fun,
Play the enjoyment fife,
Eat with a twist the same old bun.
A conventional 'ab, ab' rhyme scheme.

My HP Poem #884
©Atul Kaushal
Evan Hayes Dec 2014
Leave me hoping
Let's go eloping
You and I need to render
Can't talk to me
Unless I've got my fender

Leave your track marks
On the table
And you said I wasn't stable

Leave for your love of lust
I thought I could trust
You were just another pawn
I stayed up till dawn

Leave the house at daybreak
Daydreams are awake
Try to keep me by the lake
I will surely make
You understand
eliza bonnet Jan 2014
conversations run dry
not wanting it to end
but endings are inevitable

you can only talk about something for so long
before the jokes are no longer funny
and the punch line is over used

forcing it to run on makes it awkward
and causes anxiety

but conversations run dry
not wanting it to end
but endings are inevitable
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