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Arcassin B Aug 2014
by Arcassin B

I had you on my mind for a minute,
those lonely lonely nights,
couldn't forget it,
I had you on my mind for a minute,
those lonely lonely nights,
couldn't forget it,

I had you on my mind for a minute,
those lonely lonely nights,
couldn't forget it,
I had you on my mind for a minute,
those lonely lonely nights,
couldn't forget it,

Don't you ever feel,
don't you ever feel,
like you want more,
cause I'm all you need,
im all you need,
cause I'm all you need,
im all you need,
cause I'm all you need,
im all you need,
cause I'm all you need,
im all you need,

I had you on my mind for a minute,
those lonely lonely nights,
couldn't forget it,
I had you on my mind for a minute,
those lonely lonely nights,
couldn't forget it,

I had you on my mind for a minute,
those lonely lonely nights,
couldn't forget it,
I had you on my mind for a minute,
those lonely lonely nights,
couldn't forget it.
Keith Frantz Apr 2019
The big, lonely bed, stationary in all its essence, longed for her return. It resented the man now, biting and clawing at his skin. Although he had done nothing intentional or malicious to the bed, the bed held the man accountable and punished him for it.

The bed was nothing without the man's mistress. She had lain on the bed, dressed it with color and sweetness and light. She adorned the bed with her body, her being.
At times, the mistress and the big, lonely bed seemed to meld, to become one. And this had filled the bed with life. The big, lonely bed was not lonely yet.

The man never offered any of this to the big, lonely bed. He would come home late and drunkenly pass out on the bed. He would eat his meals on the bed and pay all his attention to the TV. His crumbs would find the recesses of the bed's matting and he rarely changed the bedding. Sometimes, he would ******* on the bed without a care.

It wasn't clear if the mistress missed the bed as much as the bed missed her. Or if the mistress even missed the bed at all. The bed never spoke of it, as inanimate objects are forbidden from such things. The big, lonely bed considered greatly her long absence now but couldn't quite fittingly express its pain.

The man began enduring several sleepless nights on the bed. He was too determined to admit why. Denial was his restful tool. But the bed did wake him. The big, lonely bed scratched at his comfort. Scratched at the man's contentment and resolve. The bed kept the man awake with pain and desire and awareness. The bed was not going to let the man just “use” it. There is a price to pay for sleep and the big, lonely bed was determined to extact it.

The man tossed and turned these early, restless nights. Embattled by the bed's desperate curse, the man continues to lose precious, precious sleep. He was too self-absorbed to know he was under siege by the big, lonely bed. He tried applying pharmaceutical methods and concocted psychosomatic cures for his lack of sleep. The man began to consider himself an insomniac and openly complained to his friends about it.

The big, lonely bed's desire for the return of the man's mistress reached new levels of retribution as the bed started to manipulate its springs and padding to muddle its very own comfort and purpose. Now the man could only list one way or the other on the bed. He thought about his lost love. And his lost sleep…

The man was also losing to the big, lonely bed. He longed for the slumber he so desperately needed. Without restful peace, he began to teeter near ledges, dangerous and desolate ledges. There he quietly mumbled her name. The man sobbed as he whispered the horrors he had played victim to by the very mistress the bed adored.

The big, lonely bed listened as the man cried his tears of missed opportunities and sincere attempts with the mistress. She had treated him badly. The man's tears fell upon the bed. And the bed absorbed the man’s agony. The bed had been blinded by its own desire for her, never considering the man's love for her and his subsequent loss.

The man was broken now. Broken in his reckless actions and his desperate thoughts to relive and repair the relationship, to fix it. To fix everything, to fix himself. He was broken without sleep.

The big, lonely bed began to sympathize as the man counted the periodic struggles he weathered when confronted by his mistress's manic episodes. The man had indeed survived her bipolar tirades when she encouraged her fueled rage with doses of antidepressants mixed with long-poured ***** and tall glasses of Pinot Gris. The bed remembered these exhausting nights and recalled the punishment the man endured for simply loving her.

The bed did witness the man's suicidal flirtations and pathetic attempts to blame himself. To blame himself for all of it. If he could only share just one more night with her. One more night on his bed with her… in his bed. Talking and laughing. Loving and planning. He could fix this. With the help of his big, lonely bed, the man could fix it all.

The bed did take pity on him.
The big, lonely bed understood now. And welcomed the man that night, lonely no more.
April 18, 2019
Mitchell Jan 2013
The light
Above me is on
And I'm lonely

Outside a plastic bag
Blows in a hard wind
Like an empty hand waving at me
And I'm lonely

Once there were names
That meant something more
Than their names
And I think of this
And I'm lonely

I see the hallway light flash on
As a passerby walks down the hallway stairs
Wondering where they're going
And I'm lonely

I push the button
It takes me downstairs
I lift the glass
It takes me - for a moment - away from here
And the stars burn out
And I'm lonely

Seven lights hover outside my window in squares
One goes out
Another turns on
And I'm lonely

Poorly painted golden window latches
React to the warm wind outside the same as I
A sense that all will be changing soon
And I'm lonely

Where do the lonely go, when there is truly no one?
Some go mad with work, drink, ******, and drugs
Other's with family, social circles, and religion
I outside the hyena's circle who are devouring the decayed
And I'm lonely

Funds for overseas prose panics me
I see no end for I have experienced no beginning
Allow me to view the rules
Digest them and give me time to recover
Noon strikes a silent chord prickling the hair upon my arm
And I'm lonely

There are four lights on now outside my window
One with the blinds drawn
The other lit only by the grey blue glare of a television set
Meeting midnight brings me none of the old
Feelings of dusty comradery or delinquent joy
And I'm lonely

Three more lights
There is hope
They are gone after only a shutter of a tease
Back to the comfortable four
The death of a Winter spent in discontent
And I'm lonely

On a hillside I rested
Alone with thoughts of her
What I knew then
I know now
Some days are meant for rain
And I'm lonely

Parted by facts dealing with science and faith
Love became an issue immediately
There are only two rules in Love
One does or one does not
And I'm lonely

The night is neither setting nor rising
The moon hovers over me like a noose
Like a scythe
Like an ancient medieval axe
And I'm lonely

Only a single light on now
At the very top almost past my view
The wind is still blowing
The bag still waving
And all I am

Is lonely
Nicole Feb 2016
Lonely, lonely little girl,
left with the last crumbs of her heart,
gave it all way,
in hopes of making them stay.
but they never do.
Lonely, lonely little girl,
hidden away in the corner of the room.
for someone to notice.
but they never do.
Lonely, lonely little girl,
listening to conversations between the friends she could’ve had.
but she messed it up,
and they never stay.
Lonely, lonely little girl,
excitement at the plans she hears
then remembering they aren’t for her.
Lonely, lonely little girl,
she’s slowly fading away from her corner,
and no one notices.
Lonely, lonely little girl,
tears run down her face,
because there’s no love in their hearts for her,
and they took her’s away
so she doesn’t know who she is anymore.
Lonely, lonely little girl,
all alone.
for the unnoticed
so lonely are my nights
lonely are my few short days
lonely as I stand
lonely are them clouds

so lonely that the tears fall
lonely in my dark silence
lonely as the cold steel acts
lonely are my cuts and scars

so lonely in this life
lonely in a crevices of darkness
lonely are my cries of pain
lonely is this cold pit  

lonely oh so lonely
that I beg the homely kiss of death to strike
C G Andrews Mar 2012
You got to find a way to live your life
Happy on your own
Love will only work my friend
When you're happy all alone

When you try to base you life
On a fleeting chance at love
You'll find yourself down in a hole
Unable to rise above

Listen to me my friend
I been down that lonely road
Rollin' down
Rollin' down
Rollin' down that lonely road
Rollin' down
Rollin' down
Rollin' down that lonely road

Then I found a way to stop
Lookin' for that little thing
That will fabricate that fallacy
That reality will never bring

And when I stopped to search for love
Love found me instead
It filled my heart and filled my soul
And it fixed my broken head

So listen to me my friend
I been down that lonely road
Rollin' down
Rollin' down
Rollin' down that lonely road
Rollin' down
Rollin' down
Rollin' down that lonely road

There's just one more thing I need to say
So that you'll truly know
You got to find a way, my friend
To shove your demons down below

So if you've put to rest my friend
The seeds that you have sewed
You'll finally find a way to leave
That ****** up lonely road

So listen to me my friend
I been down that lonely road
Rollin' down
Rollin' down
Rollin' down that lonely road
Rollin' down
Rollin' down
Rollin' down that lonely road

I been down
Rollin' down
I been down
Rollin' down
Rollin' down that lonely road

Now I'm off that road
Off that road
Off that road
Off that ****** up, low down, *****, lonely road
Sahaj Jun 2016
Am so lonely, always I am used to be
Am so lonely, I am taken away with it
Am so lonely, I can't get over it
How many times, how many tries
But I still find myself being with no one
Am so lonely, the path is so empty
Am so lonely, my eyes are so empty
Am so lonely, no one to fade my pain
My heart is empty, my pains are plenty
Am so lonely, how can I bear them all
Am so lonely, I am going so weak down
Am so lonely, I can't fit in with them
How many lies, how many cries
I am fed up of what I am used to be
Am so lonely, can't **** that feeling in me
Am so lonely, no way to get out of it
Am so lonely, always I am used to be...
Never i thought i would be taken away with this much of loneliness
A bird lived its life lonely,
None came for its help,
It kept hunting for fruit pulp,
Considered relations and family unholy.

When its mother lived on difficulty,
Other relative birds, treated it a person of mediocrity,
Refused to follow generosity without partiality,
To keep them safe, pretended their incapacity.

Elder sister of the lonely bird kept threatening,
About the future inabilities and loneliness,
For a family life, kept telling it undeserving,
Told it would face disappointments without liveliness.

Life kept the lonely bird, lonely,
The bird never cared about it,
It had its mother with it,
Life went lively & happily.

Lonely bird had a fear in its thought,
What happens, in loneliness if I am caught?
It felt severe anguish and fear,
On occasions, its heart fell in tear!

Its elder sister, treated it with disrespect,
In spite of it being, an aspiring intellect,
Life of lonely bird remained downward,
It got itself ready for situations untoward.

The lonely bird kept struggling and thriving,
With its ambition and goals put its life driving,
Going remained really impossible & tough
The path to dream remained very rough.

Its fellow birds, remained happily settled,
For lonely bird, things looked to be tangled,
It was skilled, opportunities remained disabled,
With rejections, life continuously growled.

The lonely bird wanted to turn phenomenal,
Didn’t look out to happiness personal,
It did not have family,
In its wealth remained, being hit poorly.

Life went downward with pause,
It was on long term ambition and cause,
The bird turned itself a hungry beast,
To put it away from loneliness, at least.

If none is there, to take care,
I would die! I would die!
For a worldly mission, if I dare!
Of loneliness, I would never cry!

Elder sister of lonely bird threatened,
You were born a layman
Will die an orphan!
Because you are a madman!

The lonely bird, responded for it in life,
I was born a layman,
Will fight for my mission like a madman,
Will die always fighting world evils as a spearman.

There was ring! There was a ring!
It was named Bhagat Singh!
It told me life is lived on its own,
Others shoulders are used at time of funeral.

There was an alarm! There was an alarm!
The name was Abdul Kalam,
It told me Always be the unique you,
Even if world wants to change you everybody else.

Loneliness sometimes hit it like thorn,
Nothing could make it torn,
Through difficulties it was born,
It lived life to make this world adorn.

Loneliness turns out ubique,
I am not alone! I am not alone!
I am an unshakable stone,
I am unique! I am unique!
Loneliness is quite a pain. When it is turned as inspiration, it can be a great fuel. There is nothing to fear or feel ashamed of it. Being alone, gives us the complete opportunity of being unique. A soldier cares for only ambition. Not for any personal happiness. One who is alone is destined for a phenomenal life. You can face treachery, you can face disappointments, and you can even feel fed-up. One needs to divert this fuel towards their aim. If you are alone, do not leave the world alone. Be an unshakable stone that stands a pillar against all difficulties. You will turn an iron man soon.
Sophie Woods Feb 2014
Lonely are the nights
Lonely are the days
Lonely am I, in so many ways

Lonely are the seasons
Lonely are the years
Lonely am I, that it brings tears.

Lonely is this place
Lonely is my life
Lonely am I, that I reach for a knife

Lonely is this bedroom
Lonely is my sentence
Lonely am I that I ask for repentance
Lonely is burning a hole through my heart
Lonely is burning my soul to the core
Lonely hits me hard everynight
When everything around me is silent
When everything around me is dark and menacing
I have no one to hide behind
     I have no choice but to confront my monsters
They watch me with sympathy
Turning around teasing me surrounding me everywhere they are everywhere and I can't breathe but I don't know how to talk and how my body is disconnected from my soul and I try I try to breathe but it's silent my heart my heart my heart doesn't work it doesn't ring in my hear I have no heart I am frozen and they are closing in on my they are everywhere I can see them closing on me so close so close so close so so close they are all coming so close
And I can't take a breath
Lonely is choking me up
Lonely is making me weak
Lonely is winning the war
I have no one to save me
Lonely cannot be defeated
For as long as I am alone
And lonely has written its name
Along my body
Along my heart
With fierce, burning flames
My saving grace lies within the 7 billion people on this planet
But lonely is gaining ground all the way to my eyes
Burning a path down my cheeks
And crashing down with rage and pain
My heart feels the burn and my soul
My soul
My soul doesn't know where to hide
Or who to talk to
The guilt is lapping at her
WIth her burning tongue she
Reminds me that it is up to me to create relationships with other people
And my soul has no one to blame but herself and the shame, the pain…
… is like an open wound that cannot be healed, for it is not a physical wound
But a psychological pain drenched with the salt of my tears
Lonely has made its home in her heart
And tears are the only ones that get to escape the forteress of loneliness
That her body has become
Everynight she prays to a God she doesn't believe in anymore
And everynight her heart is getting stronger
Her mind is weaker
Because lonely has a mind of its own.
And its pushes me down
Drowns me in
Drowns me down
The salt of my tears
Lonely is a monster,
Crawling from under your everyday thoughts,
Slowly turning your mind upside down,
Making you wish for things to end.
For things to stop.
Lonely hasn't got a shape; it forms itself through your fears and weaknesses.

Lonely is a monster,
Destroying you from within,
A designed killer with a wicked power,
Entering your head and spreading dark lies,
Hoping to find some release in your pain.

Lonely is a monster,
Feeding on your insecurities and your failures,
Wishing for more.

Lonely is a monster,
Moving its tentacles around in your head, searching for fears,
Looking for more.

Lonely is a monster,
A lonely monster, created by you, fed by you, controlled by you.
You give it its power to destroy you,
You give it all it needs to live and settle within you.

Lonely is a monster, a representation of all that you feel,
Your concerns,
Your pain,
Your weakness,
The dark side of you.

Lonely is a monster,
Looking for company,
Looking for someone to break the monster,
To change it into a person,
To make you appear.

Lonely is a monster,
A sad monster,
A weak monster,
A scared monster,
A hurt monster,
A monster that wishes to be something else,
Something that can be loved and cherished,
Loved and cherished,
Loved and cherished.
Jayantee Khare Apr 2017
Lonely roads
Going up and down
Running but standstill

Lonely roads
Toll free but taking toll
No bumps but no motion

Lonely roads
Happy but sad too
Wide but narrow

Lonely roads
Enchanting but mesmerizing
Reviving but killing

Lonely roads
Whole but empty
Less traveled but more broken

Lonely roads
Devilish but divine
Made by other but now mine

Lonely roads
Solitary but lonely
Depressing but soulful

Lonely roads
Blooming but gloomy
Sleepy but awakening

Lonely roads
Crossing but passing
Merging but parting

Lonely roads
Screaming but singing
Whispering your name

Oh my lost co-traveler!!
Join and travel with me
At next crossing
DC raw love Mar 2015
Lonely people lonely lives
Lonely people often cry

Lonely people lonely lives
Lonely people lead a lonely life

Lonely people lonely lives
Lonely people die a lonely life
Rachel Orion Mar 2010
Lonely is a girl someone once loved too much.
Lonely lays in bed and thinks of why it was too perfect.
Lonely stays up till 4 and wakes at 6 only to be alone.
Lonely cries and blames herself.
But Lonely forgets…
Lonely ignores the memories of pain.
Lonely doesn’t acknowledge the fights.
Lonely dismisses the abuse as her fault.
But Lonely still lays in bed and thinks of why it was too perfect.
Lonely cries and blames herself…
Original 3-23-2010
Michael Oct 2014
I am lonely, not lonely

the choice up to now
has been mine

I will slip away
(at will)
into the recesses
of small shops
of empty rooms
or quiet spaces

to avoid her touch
or his gaze
or their judgement
our subconscious desires.

But all swallowed up

deep in the belly
of fog, of smoke
a vast, impenetrable

night sky

suddenly the
all-encompassing fear
grips me

washes over
so suddenly

I realize
I have not lived at all

that I am
the only one left.

Down a long, winding road
that trudges on endlessly
into the fading silhouette of trees
and broken sidelines

dim headlights

I am lonely, not lonely.
Josh D Selby Mar 2012
Lonely city
why do u shun me?
Im as lonely as you.
Lonely people
why do you shun me?
Im as lonely as you.
Alone as well and so
very blue.
A different shade maybe,
but not so new.
I ALSO dont know just what to do.
I wonder if you all see
the hate as plainly as I do.
It filters through,
attempting to pervade
all that we try to do.

Lonely city I hear you sobbing.
You sound just like I do.
Lonesome city I can FEEL you
Your as cold as I am, I shiver
WITH you.
The sounds that you make, my
mistress concrete.
Are the same sounds that I make.
As I tread your paths with
blistered and

Sad sobbing suburbs I sob with you.
Im as cracked and scarred as you
are and my mind is too.
Sidewalks that I have walked for years.
Fret not, for someone hears.
I too cry dusty and unkempt tears.
I too have been walked on all over for so many years.
And patched over haphazardly with no care
at all for the fragile workings of my inner gears.
The very sound of you is always ringing in my inner ears.
Sounds like sorrow tinged with happy.

lonely lost me,
lost in inner me,
abandoned in this lonely city
where none will
ever find
#276 / Dec. 11th, 2011
Christina Hale Apr 2018
She meets her at work, she thinks to herself this could work
Even though they have nothing in common
Besides they both are queer
And work here
And they both are lonely inside their lusting hearts
So they go for it
Three months together nothing could tear them apart

This is love and lusting of a lonely lesbian
She doesn't quite know what she's doing
Love and lusting of a lonely lesbian
She doesn't know what she's getting herself into

Six months together
They can't stand to be together
She gets another job in order to save the relationship
But it still is ****
Two more months go by
At night talking on the phone to each other they scream, yell, and cry
Another two months go by and that's it
They split

But now at her new job she's lusting all over again
And from the looks of it, this time she will not be getting any loving
This is love and lusting of a lonely lesbian
She thinks she'll never be in love again
Love and lusting of a lonely lesbian

The only thing she wants most in life is to be loved and to love
But it just seems so hard for her to find
She thinks to herself within time
Within time

This is love and lusting of a lonely lesbian
She doesn’t quite know what’s she’s doing
Love and lusting of a lonely lesbian
She thinks she’ll never be in love again
Love and lusting of a lonely lesbian
alec brennan Dec 2013
Lonely i am..

Lonely are the nights
Lonely are the days
Lonely am I, in so many ways
Lonely are the reasons
Lonely are the years
So lonely am I, that it brings tears.
Lonely is this place
Lonely is my life
Lonely am I, that"s this  life maybe one day deep in my heart i will meet my love and make a fresh start
ab Aug 2014
everyone wants something and everyone doesn't want to be alone. to be lonely. that ***** man with sad eyes sitting on the sidewalk, alone and in the rain. passing, passing, passing. passing time, passing people, passing lives. or maybe you're in your home, 500 floors up. still alone, but in luxury. that isolated woman with lonely eyes and red lips and faux fur and classy cigarettes. parent's never paid much attention. both live alone, wanting a crossing of paths with someone, anyone. different spectrum of societies, suicide to be seen together. it was raining, the young woman being into the alley by men. they wanted her money. greedy, greedy, greedy. she was the youngest of the family, her family living in more extravagant places than she. she'd never be missed until the money ran out. she would die, she knew she would, shivering in the rain as they ripped off her expensive coat, pulling her hair. somehow she felt okay, at least if they killed her she wouldn't be alone. there was only darkness between her and her death, streaks of lightning lighting the terror on her smudged face. the ***** man sitting along the wall could see the woman in the white coat, not even fighting for her life. he didn't understand that, almost angered. she had money, had everything. he had nothing, even less as he got up and splashed his way through the dark to grab one of the men by the throat. he was choking, coughing as he kicked him down and his partner ran off. they hadn't expected to be challenged. the woman was pleading, her coat in a puddle. she was taking off her jewelry, shoving it into the man's hand. he shook his head, seeing the loneliness in the eyes of the woman, her dark hair wet and frizzy. she didn't seem to understand as he merely placed her jewelry in her coat and wrapped it back around her shoulders, despite it being cold and wet. they were both already cold and wet. she was frazzled, perplexed, and finally she hugged the man, sobbing in tune with the rain. they went separate ways, the woman getting to her lonely warm penthouse and stripping out of her wet clothes. they lay all over the floor along and the she laid naked on the rug. she didn't want to move, shakily opening her cigarettes as she rolled on her back. the next afternoon she was back outside, tired and silent as she wandered back into the alley. she felt empty, staring at the place where she could have met her end. she ripped off her rings and her pearls, hitting the muddy puddles along the wall. and then she heard a voice along the wall, telling her it wasn't really wise to throw away expensive things. it was the same man, standing there in the same wet clothing and sad eyes. sad eyes and lonely eyes. she said it didn't matter if you were alone, and he said he was alone and it mattered since he had nothing. the woman with lonely eyes asked the man with sad eyes if he had something: a home, a wife, children, and he answered no each time. she took his hand, walking him to the end of the alley, saying he could choose to have something. he said he did want something, but didn't know what something even looked like. she said it was okay and they walked together into the elevator to the 500th floor where he found her clothes across the floor, glass shattered in the kitchen. it was a start of something, and he didn't care if it was ugly at first and lonely eyes became a little less lonely and sad eyes became a little less sad. the something he was looking for was in her and the life of not being lonely she was looking for was in him.
Mike Jan 2019
Kid has gone off on her own. House is quiet as a mouse.  No more random questions to answer.  

Just a lonely old man.  Sitting in his yard grilling whatever he can.  Just a lonely old man.

Wife’s gone out of town.  Again she loves to shop. Earbuds in her ears.  The beat goes on.  

Just a lonely old man.  Sitting in his yard grilling whatever he can.  Just a lonely old man.

Friends have all disappeared.  Neighbors won’t even come out and talk. Close their doors and their drapes. Pretend they aren’t home.

Just a lonely old man.  Sitting in his yard grilling whatever he can.  Just a lonely old man.

Who would even notice.  He he weren’t there.  Wanted to help others.  Stuck in a dead end job.  Till one day he just gave up.

Just a lonely old man.  Sitting in his yard grilling whatever he can.  Just a lonely old man.

I look out from yard.  Always said hello. He never answered me.  Must have been deaf.  Now he is gone.

Just a lonely old man.  Sitting in his yard grilling whatever he can.  Just a lonely old man.

Blessed be
Montana Dec 2013
It's Saturday
And I feel lonely
I drink some coffee
And I feel lonely
I do the laundry
And I feel lonely
I ride my bike
And I feel lonely
I buy some groceries
And I feel lonely
I watch TV
And I feel lonely
I smoke a pack
And I feel lonely
I down a bottle
And I feel lonely
I think of you
And I feel lonely
I call you up
And I feel lonely
The doorbell rings
And I feel lonely

I see you
You come in
I have you
You leave

And I feel nothing
Windy Darlington Oct 2017
I am lonely here tonight,
Lying under heaven's light.
I can see a million stars,
While I wonder where you are.
I am lonely as I wait,
Just beyond this garden gate,
To peer into the past,
Where we two will always last.
I am lonely as I stand
Where the waters kiss the sand,
As I look beyond the sky
To the days of you and I.
I am lonely in this place
Where I cannot see your face.
I miss you now you've gone
But I know you're moving on.
I am lonely here tonight,
As I lie beneath moonlight.
I am lonely, lonely, lonely,
You were my one; my only.

— The End —