Wide Eyes Jun 2014

Come spring, she leaped across the grassy dune,
Beaming with sheer joy as she hummed a halcyon tune.
Her beauteous almond eyes- the biggest, the brightest.
A bonnie spotted doe in her warm, homely forest

Come summer, by her gushing little lake she played.
When upon a solitary, pensive buck her eyes she laid.
Eyes met across the smiling lake; too soon gazes parted.
While his eyes curiously lingered, hers wandered on ahead.

Come monsoon, he adored her eyes, her gilded coat, her bushy tail.
The passionate warmth in her eyes with affection made him frail.
Yet, she went on with her blissful life- devoid of any care.
Oblivious of the buck who always stopped to stare.

Come winter, by his side chattering happily she grazed.
Soon, his feelings faded; by almond eyes no longer crazed.
Like currents in the water, apart they drifted and drifted.
New lake. Nonchalant silence. No words were said.

Come fall, she found that he still leaped through her mind.
The emotion she once scoffed in her heart now enshrined.
Eyes met across the smiling lake; too soon gazes parted.
While her dull eyes wistfully lingered, his wandered on ahead.

Thoughtskeeper Mar 2015

Imagine your eyes speaking.
Are you one of those blind followers?
One of those who just let their eyes see good to feel good? Avoiding injustice, poverty, sadness, racism. Imagine what your eyes would tell you.

Drake Taylor May 2014

Sometimes a miraculous thing happens.

The body ages,
And the skin crinkles like an old plastic bag.
And even though the body fades, the soul still fights on.
And the soul comes through the eyes.
And the most crinkled, faded old people will have the deepest eyes. Sometimes deeper than any others. Their soul comes through their eyes and draws everything in.
They glow with a brilliance earned over many years,
And even though the body withers, the eyes stay bright.

Luna Jul 2014

I’ve seen eyes that capture all that I am and pull it to the front so I see it all, good and bad.
Eyes that looked so deep I imagine I could fall into them and get lost.
Eyes that have seen until the end of the world and so much more.
Eyes that hold captive the beasts that dwell where we dare not go and put them to a deep sleep.
Eyes that have power and strength and ideas good enough to topple the world,
The same eyes that need nothing more than a warm mug of tea
And another pair of eyes to share the world with.

MdAsadullah Nov 2014

I swim in their wide oceans.
I fly around in their skies.
I pierce very deep into them;
When I look in their eyes.

Everything appears so clear;
When my eyes walks inside.
Their every secret lay so bare.
Desperately they try to hide.

But my aren't safe either;
Secrets which I want to disguise.
Others can look deep too;
And I too have vulnerable eyes.

Anyelo Montero Jun 2014

I like to see your eyes closed and imagine that they are open, because your beautiful eyes are as enigmatic as the universe itself.

Luna Craft Mar 2015

I use my eyes to see
As anyone else would
I see the colors all around me and the faces of those I love
I love my eyes for they let me see things some can't
Like the expression on your face when you make a mistake
Or the rare smile that you hide
But now my eyes are tired
Dark circles surround them
And my vision is slowly getting duller
The world seems to be turning into a monochrome mess
I couldn't even tell when the red under your eyes
Had turned to the same black as mine

Ajey Pai K Dec 2015

When eyes talk to eyes
All of world stands still.
Time waits and the nature listens.
They invite the inquisitive while all of existence celebrates eternally.

-The Silent Poet

Expression of love without words is the most strongest love there is.

I just can’t breath anymore.
The suffocation of stress hangs too heavy on me.
I try so hard to lift this negative aura,
This space of fear.
But alas I can not touch it.
Just feel the agonizing weight on my mind.
All I can do is just keep trying.
Pushing as far as I’ll go.
But when is enough going to be enough.
Why can I never reach my potential?

I’m always forced to persevere on.
No cry will escape my clenched teeth.
No matter what I do,
I’m never good enough for those eyes in the mirror.
They always taunt me with their endless stare.
As if to say, “keep going! You know you can do better!”  
“Your so close to perfection, just a little more!”
Even though I know in my heart,
Perfection is only a reality for the shallow.

Blissful harmony I cannot even achieve in my dreams.
I just toss and turn,
Those eyes just see into my soul.
Though we are given the same sights,
It still sees something that I can not.

Only a few times have I been able to taste the sweetness of pride.
Savoring the quick flavor is all but impossible.
Soon my mouth is filled again with the sourness of sorrow.
Just keep going,
That’s all I say.

To keep on living should be to keep on improving.
But if perfection is impossible,
Then what is it that this improvement will lead to?
There is no end.
This cycle just drives me crazy.
I can’t take it.

Shut me up in a dark room,
Let me sleep for all eternity.
Give me some piece of mind.
But even then I know that a light will still shine through that darkness.

It is the eyes…
The goddamn eyes.
The fucking eyes.
No matter what I do,
I’m never good enough for those eyes in the mirror.

ZinaLisha Nov 2014

watch her eyes
because they're watching you
her eyes are spies
secrets they know to be true

watch her eyes
creep into her head
watch her closely
before she's dead

rachel Aug 2014

Eyes are the windows to the soul
You can see where someone has been
How much they have seen
How many times they've been hurt
What they long for

WistfulHope Nov 2014

Dark eyes make me melt

Light eyes pull me in

Brown eyes are my weakness

Blue eyes are my sin

I am kinda obsessed with eyes, and this little blurb popped into my head the other day.
Hamad Dec 2014

I gazed at her so much,
As much as one could be gazed at.
But still, with two eyes,
How much can one gaze after all ?

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