PS Rowland Jan 2014
The caress of your words against my skin.

The feel of your love as it deepens within.

The passion in your eyes as they bore through my soul.

Our inner connection is what makes me feel whole.

Your wanton desire lay bare before me.

My moans in your ear are my heartfelt plea.

The need for more as our bodies entwine.

Blending into one,  I'm yours and you're mine.
© All Rights Reserved P.S. Rowland
Styles Dec 2015
I want to feel your;
  hands under my skin like a glove.
  kissing me like you want to make love.
  getting lost in your mouth with my tongue.
  rolling me lips with your teeth like they were gum.
  I want to please you like "cum".
  then relieve you when you are done.
  feel your body heat - like you were my sun.
  then take another sip of each other,
  Like we are not done.
River Scott Feb 2015
I hate the cold

Because I am naturally cold
And I never feel safe
Outside of heat
And the best heat

Is in your arms.

This is kinda crappy I dunno.
Vladmir Putin May 2015
Walking down the street
Wanting something to eat
See a homeless man
Sitting in the heat

I get sad for a second
Then the old man beckoned
Do you have any money
I smiled, not feeling threatened

I reach out my hand
Hit him with a bottle
Took his 3.50
And hit up McDonalds
We are just like volcanoes
Ready to erupt anytime
Burning and suffocating each other
Coming time after time
Beautiful yet dangerous
Building in every moment
Till one day we explode   Or
Go dormant
Leaving each other for another
Till the volcanoes wake up again
Snehith Kumbla May 2016
the night is
a coveted kiss,
and yet it hugs
us so, gently
clasping our eyes,
probing and parting,
a river laid bare
and revolves
playfully there...
It's hot!
Ever so boiling!
Too hot to handle!
I can't stand this heat!
I need a drink of water!
Something nice and cool!
Something ice cold!
A drink!
This is a short poem I wrote just before last week's Creative Writing session started.


© Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude
Emma May 2014
The leaves are cracked
They lie like pieces of pottery
Drying, baking in the sun
An orange is suspended in the sky
Round heat floats down
Round heat... Uhm... I don't know don't judge me it seems poetic I don't know what I'm doing.
Emma May 2014
The treasure lies within
Red with heat
Deep beneath
It is buried
But not underground
X marks the spot or whatever!
Jeuden Totanes May 2014

summer heat
pulsing in these veins
searing and revolting
emanating from the keyboard

radiating within
this hopeless romantic
charring the barren heart

but hope will suffice

the summer heat in her eyes..
it's gettin' hot in herr
Ashley Somebody Jul 2014
It's a relief to know
That on my trip north
I missed most of this summer's heat

But I'm still quite hot
And it's really not
Anywhere near the hottest it'll reach.
The Heat, and not the sports team
Has come here for a while
It's enough to set some records
And to kill the farmers smiles

Humidity and high temperatures
Add to make our life like hell
It's drying up our creeks and streams
There's no water in our wells

We do not use our ovens
To cook our meals, not now at least
We just leave meat on the counter
The outside heat will cook the beast

Our lawns are brown and dormant
But the weeds are growing strong
There is chickweed and crabgrass where once
Green grass did once belong

The splash pads are on overtime
To help keep people cool
We've cooling centers everywhere
They're in all of the schools

In order to cool down at home
I have my a/c set to freeze
And if at times this doesn't work
I watch Christmas DVD's

Remember hats and sunscreen
to keep the heat off of your head
In fact it is so god damned hot
I tan while I'm in bed

I remember as a child
Summer never got as hot as this
Compared to recent temperatures
Is like a blow job to a kiss

We pray for heat in winter
And in the summer, the reverse
I know I would like the snow
The heat is much, much, worse

Instead of just complaining
I should just take it, brave the heat
But for now, I'll watch my movies
Sing my carols, cool my feet

I know that come this winter
I'll be crying for the heat
Just remind me of this little poem
And I'll shut up, and take my seat.
We are experiencing record temps here in London right now, with humidex readings of betwen 48 and  50 Celsius today. For those using the Fahrenheit scale, that's between about 118 and 122 degrees in some places.
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