Ajey Pai K Dec 2015
When eyes talk to eyes
All of world stands still.
Time waits and the nature listens.
They invite the inquisitive while all of existence celebrates eternally.

-The Silent Poet
Expression of love without words is the most strongest love there is.
rained-on parade Oct 2014
Why can't we have meaningless talk
the way people have meaningless sex-
you would crash over me into a
river of un-scathing emptiness
and leave marks on my skin-
stories that this was where
you started to tear at
the seams
like the silkness
of your sorrows on my floor.

You would become a sultry verse
in this anthology of every day
lodged between the rush and
vacancy of broken hearts
and anguished limbs.

You would radiate the heat
of your angry, angry heart onto
the cold deadness of mine,
and we could burn and melt
all at the same time.

Meaninglessly you would leave
me out of breath,
gather your clothes
and go home.
These days I could only wish my heart could ride over this storm. Meaninglessly.

The first "bold" poem.
Styles May 2014
If  You
Like to
Talk with Sex
Then Call
Next Time.
Julie Grenness May 2016
In our world technological,
Here's how to talk to gadgets digital,
"Now, listen up, keyboard and router,
Not to mention dysfunctional mouser...
Are you listening to me carefully?
(I am talking to them, but silently),
I do have replacements for each of thee,
I see a future ahead of you three,
Tossed into the gaping jaws of a bin,
off to the council tip, repository of sin,
Did you hear that? Listening in,
Stop trying to do my head in!"
Now they're behaving dutifully,
Technology responding beautifully,
"I'm warning each one of thee,
No more messing around with me!"
Yes, how to talk to technology!
(But make sure you do it silently!)
A whimsy. Feedback welcome.
MdAsadullah Dec 2014
I want to talk talk talk;
But you give judgement;
And you walk walk walk.
Adam Jan 2015
I hope my pillow is deaf
I hope my pillow doesn't mind
I wanna make a bet
That it doesn't like me screaming all the time
WistfulHope Nov 2014
Don't "talk dirty" to me.

I don't want that,
Not nonchalant naughty nouns,
Or violent verbs,
Or anxious adjectives.

I want to be drippingly adorned and intrigued,
By adjectives that ache and torment,
By verbs that are vibrantly vital and tantalize.

I want to be left longfully lusting after lambent language.
I want phrases
that are fantastically formulated
to keep my attention.
Vyscern Dec 2015
"I'm in trouble aren't I?"
"You have no idea..."

"Wanna know something?"

"Are you going to say the same thing,
Like you do every time?
You know.. if you hadn't done this...
Sort of thing?

"Save your breath mate,
I've heard it all before
Why don't you say something new,
Instead of parroting the same shit every time?"

"Like seriously,
Why are you even talking to me?
You wanna gloat don't you?
"Haha, you've been caught and I win".

"Well fuck you asshole,
I'm not hearing it
Why don't you leave me alone
And go choke on a bucket of shit."
wanna know something? yeah sure, tell me something new. something other than the reestablishment of the fact that I fucked up
Tongues Dec 2014
Talk nerdy to me
It's my thing!
Use words so pedantic
They're obtusely romantic

Let's politick and homilize
(For philosophy use French and Chinese)
We'll ramble until we're halfway wise
Or let's invent a new word, at least

Talk nerdy to me
SNL and X-Men
Then note the plot holes
With a trendy quill pen

If you can't talk nerdy to me,
Just be yourself. That's also gutsy
Ashley Somebody Nov 2014
Energy to speak
And breath to engage with you;
Not enough for *math.
Poetic T Sep 2015
Could of filled a thousand times
Up I went, opened that loose pink hole
Must have felt like air between thighs.
But you were always wanting more in-kind
Up it went did you feel anything inside
Could say I was small I was 9 inches 2 wide
Keep it coming fill you up, my sacks gave too much
Empty shrivelled bags seeds sewn now only dust
T**ill the next time my sexy Cum Bucket love.
Torture myself religiously,
Call me a fucking martyr.
I met up with the devil,
And had no soul to barter.

Life is getting harder,

I don't see no fucking peace.
All I see are people,
Starving in our fucking streets,
Getting beat by the police
Can you stop the violence please?
I just want some silence, geez

I will not go quietly,
You will have to fire me.

Out the chamber,
Down the hall,
Through the house,
And Past the wall,
Out To the street,
And into Paul.
All because,
They made a call

So If you wish
To have it all,
Know if you run,
Then you may fall,
Don't waste no time,
Don't try to stall,
Stay head strong,
Tear down your wall.
Rap Is easy.
Fon Apr 2014
Picking up the phone
To see none notification
Put it back down
Wondering what you might be doing

Don't know exactly what I want
But I am sure I want to talk
To you
About nothing

Would you like
To talk
To me, too
About nothing
Or everything
I don't mind
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