Kerri Jun 2015
Soft  yellow sunrise
my first morning waking up
looking into your eyes

Lying still in the moment
to soak it all in
a calm beating heart & an unscathed grin

Wrinkled sheets and messy hair
sipping fresh coffee
in a chipped-paint chair

A new beginning & the feeling of home
making sense of the past
and my journey alone

It lead me to your smile, which lead me to your kiss
and being wrapped in your angel wings
in a night of heavenly bliss

This morning I found my purpose
and I hope to see 1000 more
soft yellow sunrises streaming in behind your door
I don't do a lot of rhyming poems, but here it is :)
Isabella OBrien Jan 2013
Whispered body types
replayed melted melodies
Do you feel the jive above your head?
Stick, stick our toes
Where was that porcelain face in that cup, so bitter?
Trick them with polished giggles,
I know you.
Little, Insignificant, give me your
bones to crush and huff.
Forgive me. Not.
Candid rush of paint
retake, retake, retake.
That girl should have been a
reindeer, she's road kill.
We are soft grunge.
Play it by fear.
Hannah W Nov 2014
Buried my face deep
in your hair and mumbled soft
words that make me shy
T'yana Thomas Aug 2014
As the melody sings a tune to your heart
Like a drug it Soothes the pain
Closing your eyes to vision peacefulness
Leaving your troubled day behind you
Your mental lays in another world

Long Soft Relaxing Music
#peaceful #Music #drug #soothing
Frank Ruland Dec 2014
Simply said; I'm soft for you
Out of sight, but in my mind,
For I adore the things you do
T**hinking of what we may find
Feeling soft
Addison René Nov 2014
you're all soft lines
and blurry edges:
like the moments between each
rise and fall of our chests
while your lips entwine mine
with every breath.
not finished
Gladys P May 2014
At nightfall, in the midst of silence,
The sky turned,
Into a sheet of gray,
And droplets of rain,
Pleasantly came sprinkling down,
Making tranquil musical sounds,
Appearing to entertain.

Landing upon an adorned bed of roses,
In hues of reds, yellows,
Pinks and whites,
Lightly spreading their delicate petals,
As crystalline beads,
Gently dripped onto the ground,
In a soft melody.
Akira Chinen Jul 2017
Whisper to me of soft sins
and hard moans
I want to know
who you are in the dark
When you are naked and alone
I want to feel the stain
of your wet kisses
up and down my kneck
Push me onto my back
and carve your name
into my chest
Sink your teeth
into the corner
of the inside of my thigh
There is no pain
when I have the pleasure
of being in the reflection
of the carmel desire in your eyes
Pull me under the secret universe
you hide in the mad love
within the pulse
and rhythm of your stars
Drown my breath in the colors
and pallet of the beauty
of your blood red lips of lust
Leave the scent
and taste of your flower
To haunt the eternal hunger
you have seared
into the marrow of my bones
It is only by the warmth
of your breath
that I can enjoy death
and rise and die again
Mosaic May 2015
I'm still so sensitive
in parts of my body
that have not been rubbed raw
by human touch
Mariah Jul 2014
Why is your skin so soft?
Why is your skin so soft that i cant stand not to carress you, to kiss you, to hold you.
Why is ur skin so soft that every time i place my lips upon you, as i pull away i feel my addiction on the tip of my lips.
Your skin is like velvet, so perfect.
Your such an addiction to me. Oh, how i love to hold you.
To feel your skin rubbing against my face.
What an addiction you are, what an addiction.
Anastasia Webb Apr 2014
Too late
to turn back from the flurry
of painted snowflakes
on a gossamer wind.

In a
whirlwind they spin
up and upwards
to the timeless lands.

specks of crystal;
perfect and unimaginable
melt on my face.

fall and they turn
grey and the painter leaves
his canvas unfinished.

A soft
white sea has emerged
below my feet
and immersed the world in white.

to wade through and yet
impossible to resist
spoiling the untouched.

Then sun
arrives, and he brings warmth
and light, and so
the sky’s daughters melt in all
their sweet virginity
and the ground is rendered wet
once more.
Snehith Kumbla May 2016
how it descends
parachuting an
expansive heart,
soft whose arrows are...

to get drenched
is our choice, not
the sky's victory
or defeat; bliss...

a bridge betwixt
ether, earth, of a
peacock's throat,
dripping song...
The first rain of the season finally arrived in my city past midnight on May 10, 2016.
Zainab Attari May 2014
Colourful and soft
Hearts, stars and polka dot
Pull me on when it turns cold
Entangle me, don’t fold

Woollen, netted or cotton
Worn at the bottom
Warm, cosy and neat
That’s how I keep your feet

I am always in two’s
You can wear me with shoes
Wear me wherever you like to
But take me off when you enter the loo

Please don’t get me wet
Even I stink when I sweat
Don’t misplace my twin
It will break my heart and that’s a sin

I won't  let your feet turn cold
I will be there when you are old
I am comfort, I am the best
Used in north, south, east and west.

I am stretchy, I am a sock
I ease your feet for a run or walk
If I take the back seat
Numb, tanned and torn feet.

So pay my parents well
Don’t let your feet swell
I promise to serve you
I know you need me too.

-Zainab Attari
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