Allie Conklin Nov 2014
Cuts lay upon your thigh
I just wanna fucking die
Take a pill, just fade away
No one cares anyway
But then you realize
You just have to materialize
All of people that care
And will forever be there..
Cynthia A Jul 2014
Have you ever like somebody so much that it hurt?
You want them so badly, but you know you can't have them?
You know they don't want you like that,
Yet you still hope everyday that they'll change their mind
Although you know you can't no matter what you say or do
So you settle
You settle to be whatever they'll let you be
A friend
A best friend
A sibling
Friends with benefits
Whatever you can be
You're so desperate to be close to them
It's sad to see yourself like this
And it hurts when you see them more interested in someone else
And then you wonder
Did you ever mean anything to then at all?
Then you realize
You don't
*And never will
Ashen Complexion May 2015
What are the chances that you are reading my poem right now

What are the chances that reading this could affect your life somehow

I mean I could've changed your life and nor you or anyone else would realize it
Martin Feussner Aug 2014
You sit
You stare
You breathe
You wonder
You blink
You imagine
And then,
You realize...
vikas chauhan May 2015
Sometime,Somewhere when i walk on the road
I realize the things.
Start Counting the time in inverse way.

I realize that My Opportunity never comes for me.
I waited till last ,but they don't .
My Happiness never comes for me ,
I waited till last ,but they don't .

My Inner Strength become fade.
I become a  lesser bright,
I choose the other way ,my demon call me.
provide me the fake happiness ,fake opportunity.

but when the time passes  away my inner demon become weaker,
I become a stronger enough .
Suddenly when My real happiness and Opportunity  opportunity comes to me .
then i become a weaker to accept all this.
fake vs real
If you're not careful you could lose all of her love and attention in a matter of minutes
you'll then have the worst feelings and whising you could take back all the wrongs that settles in your thoughts to leave you cold and lonely
Throughout your body the questions are so fucking heavy
Now you know that you are falling
So dont you feel worthless and alone honey
you know that shes almost gone
Cause you ripped heart open and closed that door,
Now your feeling like a fool
You'll never know today could be the day that she'll leave you the fuck alone and never return
So please realize what you have before you lost it all.
Now don't act like you don't know
Cause I already toad you so
Lunar Mar 2015
and no matter how far apart we are
i'll always find you, my north star
because i know you'll come back to me
every time i call your name
and this makes me realize
what my heart has realized
long before i met you
that we are meant to be
no doubt i'm an anime/manga fan! check out noragami. the ending theme song "heart realize" is one of the nicest ever, and i have based this poem on the anime.
Emma Holt Feb 2015
I love it
This feeling
For time is little
And there is never enough
For us to be happy
But if we lift our eyes
And stop
Look for a second
Look at the blessings
Look at your life
Look at what you have been given
What is close to you
Stop and take a moment to thank everyone who has made an impact in your life.
Nessa dieR Apr 2015
Her feet are cold
Her head is warm
Why wasn't He told?
Why did no one warn?

His love is dying
Deep, drowning pain
And there's no point in trying
The tries would be in vain.

She waited for him
Who she dearly yearned
And when he was finally seen
She got nothing in return.

So she walked away
But his spell, oh so strong
Would make her walk his way
And believe nothing was wrong.

But this time she regrets
Standing under the rain
Protecting him from Bullets,
For this time they pierced her brain.
Amber S Sep 2011
you think you're so high and mighty
with your tight shirt and
backwards cap
you believe you rule

bile rises in my throat while i pass
shivers crawl into my veins
and the words i say are thick
and coated
with something you've
never heard before

i see your eyes
as i speak

they are full of nothing.
black. black.
an emptiness i cannot find
the end to

you lips lift in a twisted swirl
but your eyes tell all

realize. this is more.
realize. that your cowardice will be your own defeat.
realize. that your big words and stupid smile
will do the exact opposite.
realize. that you are nothing to me.
you are the ground beneath my feet
you are the maggots squirming in corpses
you are the bitter frost that creeps
during a winter morning
realize. you are empty.
and your words are empty.
and you look like nothing else
but a fool
Amber Bowen Jan 2015
The realization that you had gone
Hit me harder than ever before
Pulling the air from my lungs
As if I had just taken a vicious blow
Every muscle in my body froze
Nothing had the desire to move
For fear that I'd slip even farther
Tumbling down this dark path
I pressed pause, looking for rewind
But life doesn't operate that way
A desperate cry for help escaped
As violent rivets cycling through
This broken and unwilling soul
Searching endlessly for someone, anyone
It was then that I sadly realized
No one was ever truly there
I hate this feeling.
Alone with your thoughts,
And nobody willing to listen is there.
They're always too late.
Shae May 2014
I realize I’m young
I realize life is unfair
I realize I shouldn’t hurt myself
I realize my life will only have value
if I decide to be valuable
I realize some things are difficult
I realize I don’t have to be perfect
I realize not everyone is nice
I realize things will be forgotten
And that some things never will
I realize I don’t know everything
And I realize death is a promise and life is an option
But when will you realize
That in my dreams
I don’t wake up
You won't
You like it when I stay quiet
Can you forgive me...
I dropped your heart down the drain
I watched it as it tried to crawl back up , hanging on one vein , reaching for my touch* ...

Can you forgive me
I seen you crying ,
but i didn't bother handing you a handkerchief,
or wiping my fingers gently across your cheek to stop the stream
I chose to let them stain your pillow every night...

Can you forgive me
I watched you fall
Further and further away from reality ,
I didn't even bother asking you if you were doing okay

So , I ask for your forgiveness , because I realize now , what it feels like...
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