Leo Abramson Apr 2015

In the vapor of our first breath
we learned how to lie

In the vapor of our last breath
we learned how to die

In the vapor of the 'in between

Earth meets Skye

kp Jul 2014

i am the earth and you are the sun,
when you're around i radiate

Dr zik Mar 2015

Flower that grows on earth have limited fragrance
As the gardener is mortal!
Flower of heart and gardener are immortal….

Samara Kae Gibbs Dec 2014

Snowflakes are all different,
Like the different people on the earth;
Falling, and falling,
Wondering what they are worth.

K Balachandran Jan 2015

A blue black cloud, all over me is written JOY
in the script of vapor, dense, moist and meaningful,
I am light, like a feather, the breeze is in love with me for that,
I love his gentle persuasion to waft, move about, explore..
and then--ravaged by wind my love changes direction.

I love freedom more than anything, but forgot limits, hover
now, I am no more attached to the green hills, they are jealous,
far above them am I, untouched by their vainglorious pride,
I am not hard-hearted, parched fields send shivers of lightning
break me in to thousand  smaller pieces, scatter around.

My love for this earth is kindled by the sights unfurling below
all the egrets, cormorants, storks and herons of great magnificence,
those kind hearted friends that fly with me often are in pain
like the farmers, there isn't enough water for anything.

A cloud is a thought, inspired by the love for mother earth
by the ocean I am gifted to the breeze, to tour around,
on many lands fell my shade, found life in all varieties,
now is the time to be kind at heart, melt, fall in torrents.

A cloud when you analyze is a thought full of love for earth,humanbeings
Ukcen Dec 2014

"The smell of earth
The feeling of sand
The gentle touch of the sun
I long for the hum of your warmth
Weep for the thought of our lust
For whom does this world belong
We abuse of it
Smother it
Concealed by its every morning
As dense as the cloud, as weak as your spirit
The mountains still crave your sound
The sky still crave your look

by 9898xx

This was not written by me. It was written by my friend and I thought it was a good piece so I decided to share it with you all here too.
She's not usually into writing, but she's really good at drawing and you can check her work at 9898xx on instagram if you would like to.
Sarah Spang Feb 2016

I worry
For the unmoving mountain
Unable to move an inch
In the midst of an earthquake.
The shaking ground
Does not mean to destroy it
But it cannot be helped
When some things
Are just so obstinate.
They must survive
Or crumble.

The earth is changing beneath us all.
When the dust has settled,
Nothing will ever be the same.
Fall apart or carry on.

Judi Romaine Dec 2014

I belong to the world.
I belong to the beauty,
To the struggle,
To the joy,
To the wrenching grief,
To the heron,
To the sparrow,
The dweller and
The homeless.
The earth and
The wasteland.
The builder and
The loved and
I belong to all of it and
It is mine. For now.

Argentina Rose Oct 2014

You may not have been birthed in the soil,
and granted,
you will not blossom
when spring melts winters wake
but inside of you
grows a thousand gardens
full of exploding stars.
You are of the earth
and your ashes
have been constructed with stardust,
and set free with the wind.
So you may not have a pretty face,
and your body may hold stories
of too many moonless nights alone.
But if you reach inside,
you will find a forest
for a ribcage
and a restless ocean heart.
So don't ever let anyone tell you
you are nothing.
You are a galaxy
holding a million different planets,
and my dear,
that is not nothing.

r Mar 2014

The waning hours
Asleep in time
A dream in rhyme
Desert sublime
So says the moon
So setting soon
Upon the dunes
Cactus flowers

r ~ 19Mar14

if I suffer at this
think how I'd feel
among the lettuce-
pickers of Salinas?
I think of the men
I've known in
with no way to
get out-
choking while living
choking while laughing
at Bob Hope or Lucille
Ball while
2 or 3 children beat
tennis balls against
the wall.
some suicides are never

David Huggett Apr 2013

I woke up this morning and I was tired.

what was I tired of....

I was tired of waste




global warming

ozone depletion













green house gasses



I am so tired of being tired.

I am a planet that is tired,

it is time to rid myself...... of the human race.

I am the earth I am alive,

and the human race is a parasite.

Brandi R Lowry Nov 2015

She weeps not for the shore
As distance creates a shadow
She embraces the current
Becoming the wave
And gently pushes her sea home

She chases not the sun
As the day is put to rest
She is the moonlight
That cradles the stars
Tightly to her breasts

She yearns not
Her pain-streaked tears
That fall below her feet
She is the soil beneath her toes
Her pain now colors the tree

She worries not
The flowers' bloom
Or the leaves that fall like rain
She is the wind
That will kiss the ground
And sweep it all away

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